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Found 1 result

  1. Courtesy of Ars Technica's recent rocket report, I am now aware of the Spacefund Reality Rating (SFR). This appears to be an effort to provide information to potential investors on which companies are real, which companies are still developing and may not work out, which companies are likely investment scams, and which companies have been part of the space-industry bedrock for decades but you haven't heard about until you found them on this website. I'm looking at the Swedish Space Corporation, which is apparently huge, but nobody talks about because they don't operate their own orbital launches, just... like all the less glamorous stuff, apparently. As to the poll: I think this is a positive development for an industry crowded by startups, which have to be distinguished from scams or really bad ideas, but I am perfectly aware that good-sounding initiatives can be useless to actively harmful. EDITS: It's also interesting to note that Relativity Space, despite having just gotten launchpad clearance on the Cape, are a 6. As I understand, plenty of ex-SpaceX engineers on staff as well, so I'd given them a solid chance of making it to orbit... even if it's premature to figure out if they're going to survive the small satellite launch bloodbath... I mean small satellite launch business. Also, as a personal gripe, I'd give Blue Origin an 8, at least when it comes to New Glenn (New Shepard-based services are a 9). Sure, their chances are excellent... but until you have payload in orbit, I consider top-flight reliability rankings premature.