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Found 3 results

  1. So... yeah. Obviously, it's absolutely unflyable and completely useless. But this is KSP, so who cares ? It's actually an attempted replica-ish of a spacship in a musical webseries (WARNING: contains ponies. WARNING N°2: lyrics are in french (there are english subs tho)) Made with Airplane Plus and TweakScale. 404 parts. Edit: It flies now.
  2. Ok I have been playing Kerbal a LOOOOONG time, and I have just today run into something that makes me feel like a noob. I just started loading the 1.2 career with it's mods. Dropped 6-7 mods on there and suddenly I got the rainbow cat. Now I understand that there is somemeaning to this or was... but as I have never gotten it before, my lazy space faring ass never looked into what was the meaning... Now I have it... and I can't seem to find a single true answer... and some of what I saw scares me a bit.... SOOOO does anyone has the single true answer to what this evil feline means? Alacrity
  3. So back a few weeks ago I put a mining station on an E-Class Asteroid around Dres. Now I returned and wanted to refuel, but nothing happened. The drill animations are there (including the dust clouds), and they "work", but the ore tank isn't filling up and the ISRU says it is missing ore. The asteroid itself is also not losing any of its resources (90t left apparently). What is actually going on over here?! I thought this may be something that is caused by 1.1.3, but after trying it out in 1.1.2 it still showed the same behavior. Is this a bug or am I missing something? Edit: I have tried mining a new asteroid on a completely fresh savegame (same install, same mods). That worked without a hitch.