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Found 2 results

  1. Based off a comment I wrote in this thread: So, the question is, imagine life being a simulation. However, you and only you have discovered how to alter the codes of this simulation. You can only make one change before the simulation detects an intrusion and upgrades it's defense, making any more changes impossible. Basically, if you could change only one thing in this universe, what would it be? It can be anything. Also, you do not have to write in coding language.
  2. Based on this comment in another thread by @The White Guardian Note: if this thread is considered for TotM, please credit it to @The White Guardian . Assuming Life turned out to be an all-encompassing simulation, and somehow we got our hands on the source code (and assuming we understand the programming language of Life): what, if anything, would you change? No need to explain why or in what way, unless you feel chatty or exceptionally enthusiastic about the idea. The first thing I thought of is bug hunting. Quite literally. Can we do without mosquitos? Do we really need them? (then I had a whole string of other ideas, but it was funny to me that that was my first thought).