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Found 3 results

  1. Q: Why did you do this? - A: I don't know. Feeding a mild OCD maybe. I like the look and simplicity of segment displays and wanted to see if I could make a font in this style. Fortunately in the KSP world I'm not constrained by actual segment limitations, but I did self-impose some rules. -Keep part count low -Make sure it's readable -Keep all angles at 45/90 degrees -Snap all the things -Add a little style Here's what I came up with Each letter has a perch so I can move and adjust a whole character at a time. How do we manage a project? Well, I open the alphabet craft, make a new starting mount beside it. I give each line a start point, and each word a point on the line. Then I copy each character on to a line. So each line, word, and letter has it's own point so I can shift items efficiently and consistantly. Then at the end I delete the alphabet I used for copying, center the whole paragraph on a probe, and save as a new file. Lots of copying and adjusting. Well I needed something to write. How about the Star Wars crawl? I didn't mean to jump on this bandwagon, but I wanted text that was space-related and this is what I thought of. The Star Wars text is now a probe that can orbit! @Castille7 took it to space for me (since my computer was having problems with the part count) to get some gnarly screenshots. I did the 2010 Space Odyssey screen (possible movie spoiler?). Wasn't too bad since the spacing was even. No one double-checked these so I'm hoping for no typos. Anyways, just wanted to show yall.
  2. Yesterday, i launched a scientific unmanned mission to Gilly. The mission was a sucess, and i transmitted to Kerbin science of the space over Gilly and of all of the (only) 3 biomes of that small moon. After the end of the mission, i started to think one thing: I started to think if Gilly was made propositally by the devs to make a perfect contrast with Eve. I started to think that after i see the caracteristics of Eve and Gilly. Eve is really big (is the biggest rocky planet of the game). And Gilly is really small (is the smallest body of the game, with the exception of the asteroids). Eve is the planet with the biggest gravity in the game (1.7 G). And Gilly is the body with the smallest gravity in the game (0.005 G) The SOI of Eve is big (85,109 km), but the SOI of Gilly is very very small (126 km). And the last thing: Eve have a big and thick atmosphere, and Gilly dont have nothing (obviously because of his size). So, Gilly was made to make a contrast with Eve? Let your opinion here.
  3. Hard: Get off the ground with only ion engines Insane: Suborbital, or orbital with only ions Impossible: Kerbin to Eve and back with only ions (Don't even try) You must only use ions for propulsion so that means you can't fly a jet plane up on a mountain and launch it from there, but you can use an ion plane, but at that point... Good luck -Devan -Edit Ions can be the only propulsion, so any other parts will be allowed (No powered wheels) -EDIT 2 only infinite fuel and electricity cheats allowed (Clipping is acceptable).