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Found 3 results

  1. So I've created a mod or two in my time and after being asked numerous times to fully release my creations, I decided to open up my bag of tricks and start putting something together I have cracked Geo Caching, a rudimentary challenge creator as well as Scuba Diving and Wind (among others ) and now I am in the process of working out some form of a weather simulation to control the wind direction on the fly Looking for input if any care to offer some
  2. Kerbal Wind Implements wind and a continuous-gusts model for Ferram Aerospace Research. Provides GUI with settings for wind direction, speed and turbulence magnitude. The mod was Inspired by KerbalWeatherSystem by silverfox8124 and the addition of a wind speed hook to FAR's API. Dependencies FerramAerospaceResearch is a dependency. You need it or this mod won't even load. Blizzy's Toolbar is an optional dependency. Stock toolbar is also supported now. Which toolbars to use can be set in the configuration file which you have to edit in order to make the change. Download (Source code on GitHub) Installation: Extract the zip file content into the GameData directory. Picz Credits I took an early release of KerbalWeatherSystem as template, gave it the polishing that it deserves, and thus turned it into this fun little stand-alone mod. Proper permissions were given, and now my code is released under the MIT license. Much thanks to Ippo for writing the FAR patch that lets you add wind, and Ferram4 for making FAR and accepting all those patches. License The code is subject to the MIT license (see GitHub page). In addition, the creators of derivative work must give credit to silverfox8124 and DaMichel. The toolbar icon is subject to the WTFPL (
  3. I have made working, stock Wind Turbine and I think this is the first Wind Turbine posted on here! I hope you guys will enjoy this! I made two versions non-moveable and movable. Major credit to @JZ6 For the stock bearing, this would never happen if not for him. It is 213 parts. EDIT! I have now made one of those Old Fashioned Windmills they use on farms and stuff to pump out water. It has the same controls as the other Wind Turbine. Do NOT worry about the vehicle on the Moveable Old Fashioned Windmill as you can just recover the vehicle. Controls 1. press space to undock 2. then press '[' or ']' to cycle to the bearing, 3. Control rotation by pressing the keys 'e' or 'q' to spin the bearing! 4. Press space again to engage the SUPER SPEED ENGINES!!! (Not available on the old fashioned Windmill) Downloads Non-movable craft file here Moveable craft file here Old Fashioned Windmill craft file here Old Fashioned Windmill Moveable craft file here Pictures Video Wind Turbine Old Fashioned Windmill