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Found 3 results

  1. Can someone tell me why KSP has supported fullscreen window mode via console command since its inception yet it is still not an option in an menu somewhere? Seriously guys, that's just lazy. User experience is as important as the feature set. This should not be a technical challenge to add a new button to the menu.
  2. so I was just wondering if there is a mod or a way to unlock the ksp window ( so that the window options unlock full screen( not just minimize maximize and close) its just realy annoying that I need to press my windows key to get out, wait 3 seconds, find what I need, then press the window, and wait 5 seconds for the game to start up. I am not just talking about resizing the window (beacuse i have a mod to do it, but its not what Im trying to do. an example of what I want is, in the minecraft launcher, you can lock or unlock the window (which allows you to see the windows border and the taskbar) and a locked mode, witch is what ksp has ( it makes it so that the window is can not be resized, other than fullscreening it) my question may be confusing, but I have no other way to ask it.