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Found 23 results

  1. I find it frustrating that I can not de-board tourists form my holiday trip shuttle, let them be recovered, refuel and restock the shuttle, board new tourists and fly again. Several threads suggest similar things: So I've made a tiny mod that temporarily promotes tourists to crew members and imposes several restrictions on when they can go EVA. Like level 0 tourists can do it only when landed on Kerbin and craft does not move, level 1 can do munwalks and so on. After they are recovered, they become tourists again. The restrictions are configured in settings.xml GameData/KourageousTourists/Kourage.cfg file. Tourists can not perform any experiments, but probably should be denied from other things like boarding a control seat. I'd like to discuss the most reasonable set of restrictions. Source code on GitHub: Update - tourists now can take selfies. Update - first pre-release with one working contract: Kourageous Tourists 0.1 Added one more contract and rebuilt for both KSP 1.2 and 1.3 Get it here --> Kourageous Tourists 0.2 Changelog:
  2. DeltaDizzy's Planets n' Moons An In-Development Planet Pack. It currently contains Iontopia, a minmus like object orbiting Kerbin at 35 Mm. It is very rich in a strange new substance called Zenon, which can be relatively easily refined into Gaseous Xenon, provided your ISRU software is up-to-date. It is VERY flat, which combined with the Zenon Reserves, makes it a Great target for Ion-related activities.(Hence the name) You must download Kopernicus and it's dependencies for this to work. It can be found here: If you are using KSP 1.2.2, use Kopernicus 1.2.2-9, instead of 1.3.0-4. Special Thanks: @Gameslinx for texture help and biome map assistance. @Galileo for the final piece of the texture puzzle. Download: If you want to contribute to development, just help with the checklist below:
  3. The Internet Problem I looked at the weekly challenge and said, "This will be easy!". I was wrong. At first, I took what I like to call the direct approach. I decided to modify a Stratolauncher to carry the groundstation. I quickly dismissed this idea due to aerodynamics. I then thought to build a cargo plane. Then I realized the Stearwing A300 existed. I used it instead. Whenever I tried to eject it out the back, the antenna struck the tail and exploded, since a part of the tail sticks down into the cargo bay. I moved it into the BOMB BAY. It fell back into the cargo bay upon deployment. With its parachutes, it descended safely into the ocean with no damage from a height of 3km. Then I realized it had to land within 200m. *sigh* I downloaded Bon Voyage. Will it work now? Can I drive it into Position? Find out next time! Oh yeah, I have to make a truck!
  4. Turn your Kerbal society into a Type 1 Civilization by adding civilian exploration! Your agency, as research goes on, gains the ability to have civilians take part on your exploration. Once build, your ships, orbital or ground station will welcome civilian that will pay a rent to your agency, breed, grow their kids, get aged and die. You will also be able to train and recruit civilian to become regular kerbonauts. As this mod is still under development, all the functionnalities are not available yet. Download : Github : Credits This mod is a fork from "Newbier Newb's Revamp of Civilian Population" mod. It exists thanks to the collective work of : @trafalgar that can be found here. @michaelhester07 that can be found here. @rabidninjawombat that can be found here. @GGumby that can be found here. Licenced under CC BY-NC 4.0. This mod requires Community Resource Pack. Any kind of help is more than welcome, pick a `TODO` above, do it, and I will be glad to accept your pull request. If you need help to understand how to build the mod, just ask ! Pictures Electrical parts - Netherdyne Reactor Unit DX-110 - Netherdyne Reactor Unit MX-99 Convert Enriched Uranium into Depleted Uranium, Xenon Gas and Electricity ! TODO : - Rebalance cost. - Rebalance conversion speed. - Big reactor animation won't stop. - Turn the lights off when the reactors are off. [WRN 00:08:25.564] [ShipConstruct for CivPopReactor]: part cost (15000.0) is less than the cost of its resources (432500.0) [WRN 00:08:25.598] [ShipConstruct for SmallCivPopReactor]: part cost (8000.0) is less than the cost of its resources (173000.0) Science parts - Netherdyne University. A command and research module. TODO : - Fix EVA problems when there is not ladder. - Implements training module that will allow to turn civilian into regular kerbonauts. Utility parts : Apartments - Civilian Large House mk2 - Civilian Small Apartment Complex - Civilian Large Apartment Complex - Civilian Contractor Dock Mk1 - Civilian Small House Living quarters for civilians. TODO : - Add behaviour to the Contractor Dock to have civilian pop grow from it (Modules CivilianDockGrowth & KerbalRecruitment). - Cannot go back in Small House. - Add ladder to Small House. [LOG 08:21:59.524] Load(Model): CivilianPopulation/Models/Utility/surfaceAttachHouseSmall [ERR 08:21:59.599] Triggers on concave MeshColliders are not supported [ERR 08:21:59.600] Triggers on concave MeshColliders are not supported Utility parts : Farms - Hydroponic Garden Biosphere - Small Hydroponic Garden Biosphere - Netherdyne Farm Biodome Mk2 - Small Hydroponic Garden Module Use plants to grow food, purify water and air. TODO : - Remove biodome top attach point. - Animation on "Small Hydroponic Garden Module" does not work. Utility parts : Tanks - Small Fertilizer Tank - Small Waste Water Tank - Small Sustenance Tank TODO : - Calibrate those to a capacity of 1 day / kerbal. Utility parts : Drill - Netherdyne XL-9000 Mega Laser Drill - Netherdyne Laser Drill Laser drilling for surface exploitation. Ground parts - Cruiser Landing Gear - Cruiser Landing Gear Mk2 TODO ; - Fix legs deployments @see @see KerbalPlanetaryBaseSystems - GameData/PlanetaryBaseInc/BaseSystem/Parts/Wheels/LandingLeg.cfg Structural Parts - truss18x18NoCore - truss6x18 - truss6x6Core - truss6x6CoreL - truss6x6CoreT - truss6x6CoreX - truss6x6NoCore - bioSphereBaseNoWalls All seems ok. - bioSphereWindows - bioSphereWindowsLarge - bioSphereWindowsWide TODO : Cannot go inside, should improve attach points. - bioDomeBase - bioDomeBaseLarge - bioSphereBase - bioSphereBaseWallRing - parkbioDomeBase - parkbioDomeBaseRock - parkbioDomeBaseMetal TODO : Attachment point in the air, cannot go "into" the structure. Agency TODO : Add Netherdyne as an agency. @see KerbalPlanetaryBaseSystems - GameData/PlanetaryBaseInc/BaseSystem/Agencies @see KerbalPlanetaryBaseSystems - Sources/PlanetarySurfaceStructures/SurfaceStructuresCategoryFilter.cs Configuration for third party addons ------------------------------------ TODO : Kerbalism - Configure farms. Civilian behaviour DONE : Rent of civilian : 200 funds per civilian per day (6 hours). Civilian contractor growth TODO : Civilian recruitment process Civilian breeding growth Civilian aging and death
  5. Hi it is me cratercracker! I will start of a letter, that you must read before writing any evil comments: This is not supposed to be political, or offensive to the people of the countries whos fiction flag i have drawn, if you find those a disgrace to the actual flags, i am deeply sorry,please stay off politics and discuss only the art. These are made for your playthough, if you are trying to have your own alt-universe or something else. Russia Canada America (one star because "America is a song, that must be sung together" or just because because) China (i am sorry for this, if this offends you) France (hey, originality, where did you go?!) Germany (i am sorry for this one too) Italy (no, this one went pretty not bad) Japan (i am so sorry!) Very very WIP Great Britain (it will soon be done, but i am currently very sorry) ESA (cuz why not) Give me your opinions and other flags you have! And again SORRY.
  6. Yea, long title but pretty explanatory. This is a concept folding wing airplane based off of WWII US fighter planes, the Corsair and the Hellcat and this plane is able to fold it's wings vertically so it is able to be stored compact. This is a prototype and concept so the design of the hinge and it's efficiency deploying and folding them individually is sub-par. Also the visual appeal of the hinges are horrible so if anyone can design a hinge and a plane better than this please feel free to show. 128 parts, stock, SPH: Actiongroup 1: decouple wings to fold up.
  7. Noticing the Huge lack of 4 kerbal pods and 3.75m command pods in the game I decided to start work on a mod. Its called the onion mpcv because it was 1am when I started this and that was the best thing i could think of that sounded kinda like Orion don't judge me. This is Orion: Ultimate goal is to make all the parts for the orion mpcv, possibly the SLS and eventually more 3.75m command pods and cool stuff. So far I've been able to get the command module into the game. Here's the OnionCM next to the 1.25 and 2.5 pods for comparison. Going for stock-alike when it comes to textures though those windows are really pretty bad i'll have to work on my texturing. Holds 4 kerbs so you can bring Val along Top is made to fit your standard docking port and stock heat shield fits pretty snug. I'm considering integrating parachutes into the pod similarly to the way the actual Orion pod functions. I've also managed to create a LES shroud for the command pod which manages to fit the docking port on top and I have confirmed that the stock LES can lift the onion far from disaster if needed. I'm currently lost as to how to make my models appear smooth other than increasing tri count which is obviously not the way to do things, If anyone can point me in the right direction It would be very much appreciated. (the command pod looks smooth because its somewhere in the range of 3000 tris and has a dark texture. I hope to bring that number down to the 2000 range if possible so I have more wiggle room to actually recess the windows like on the real pod.) Last thing that's worth showing off at the moment is this un-textured model for a 3.75m nuclear engine. (I've seen many mods that include 2.5m variants but not 3.75m) I have many other models that I've whipped up but ill show those off once they have textures and are a bit more interesting to look at. Any advice is welcome, since this is my first attempt at developing a mod.
  8. I've been working on/continuing Civilian Population Revamp, based on @michaelhester07, @rabidninjawombat, and @GGumby's collective work (found here, here, and here, respectively). I'm excited that it's gotten to a state where I think it can be shared (but still not released officially). Key Differences between mine and the above: Civilians are now full-fledged Kerbals, instead of being abstracted as resources There are now two methods of growth Linear growth by Civilians being ferried to your base -> A new arrival will arrive roughly every 85 days within Kerbin/Mun/Minmus SoI (contractor docks) Logistic growth by Civilians spawning within the craft -> Based on the number of Civilians present; first positive then negative exponential growth (apartment complexes) Civilian Growth is tracked by a new resource called "Civilian Growth Rate". It can be found on the upper-right hand corner of the screen with the other resources. It can be taken as a percent complete (0-1.00) until another Civilian arrives. Most of the time, it should read 0.00 because Kerbals take a long time to arrive. The mod is now life-support agnostic (due to Civilians now being Kerbals). Tac and USI Life Support are both supported in Module Manager config files Planned Future Work: Parts: Finish implementing the old Civilian Population parts that are missing Sort the assets into the appropriate folders for ease of use Plugin: Implement a method to transfer Kerbals using the GUI (without having to search the whole craft for them) Implement @jamespicone's Background Processing because it can take a while to grow a Civilian Note: Right now, this is still WIP and I am sure bugs will have to be squashed. Also, for simplicity, you can recruit Kerbals from the docking port. I will remove that before release. Known Issues/Workarounds: All modules with crew do not have internal spaces for the crews (and thus no portraits). If you need to EVA, use the GUI or right-click menu. For transfers, it's only the right-click menu at the moment. But for all parts, the first couple of seats should have an IVA. I highly suggest using Ship Manifest which has the above functionality. When a Civilian is added to the crew, the portrait does not automatically appear, even with a part with an internal space. Still trying to find the root-cause of that. Restart the vessel (go to another one and come back) and this should be resolved. Working on this after I get unfocused vessels working Civilians only spawn/come to your bases when they are the active vessel. Currently working on it. If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve it, feedback is more than welcome! This mod redistributes Community Resource Pack and Module Manager. Download (Version 0.0.5): SpaceDock: [ Population Revamp ] GitHub: [ ] License: [ CC-BY-SA 4.0 ]
  9. In response to this challenge, I am designing a spacecraft with one engine but infinite range; without ISRU. Hence: The Hold My Beer... mk1 Mk2 Images!
  10. I will introduce the Black Hole Tanks Mod. (As soon as i have a picture of its modal i will upload it) The Black hole tanks mod allows one to use the Two tanks (One LFO and the other Ore) to hold large volumes of material (such as Ore and LFO) in a Smaller package than would normally be required. Make by Daquan Kerman the two tanks Dry mass is 20 tons (in order to discourage intrepid SSTO Users from adding 15 Mamoths to it) but holds an amazing 12000 LF and 14666.67 Oxidizer. the Ore tanks wet mass has yet to be determined. The tanks do retain their full wet mass, as in order to also discourage its use as a main stage fuel tank for it is meant for Satellites and ground stations Im trying to build some support and would happily accept anyone willing to help me test the tanks. I am also accepting anyones help in modeling, New ideas, or even just Balancing. All suggestions for parts would be happily accepted. Benjamin Kermen (My cocreator), Linuxgurugamer (Helping us with the .dll) and I are working together on this mod. It is my first so i have no clue what i'm doing, and am happy for all of the help they're providing
  11. As superb as KSP is in its stock state, I sometimes feel the need for more of a challenge, so I put forward the mod: Vaguely Realistic With this mod I hope to add some challenges to how we play KSP in the stock universe, by applying some of the limitations that our real-life engineers and pilots face, for example: Huge reaction wheel nerf Command Modules will have their reaction wheels removed. This means an RCS system is just about essential for control, unless Jeb fancies using his jetpack Probes cores will retain their reaction wheels, in varying strengths, but their power will be massively reduced. They'll be fine for getting your craft orientated a few minutes before a burn, but for quicker movement, e.g. for a lander, you'll want to bring RCS Engine ignition limits - DONE! Some engines will have a limit on the maximum number of ignitions First stage engines (e.g. Mainsail) will have a single ignition Service module engines (e.g. LV-909) will have many, but limited, ignitions e.g. 50 (this figure was taken from the rated restarts of the Apollo Service Module engine) Monopropellant and what would be hypergolic engines (e.g. LV-1R) will have unlimited ignitions, as they don't actually need igniters! Currently supports: Stock/Squad Engines Ven's Stock Revamp Engines Solid rocket booster thrust curves SRBs will have a thrust curve so thrust tails off as propellant is depleted Any feedback is greatly appreciated, this will be my first major mod (outside of ModuleManager-only patches). Check back soon for updates! I've broken out my Engine Ignition functionality in to a separate mod. Its thread is here:
  12. I've decided to start making mods for KSP. Having great interest in Chinese launch vehicles "Long March" series I've decided to start from there. Note since I'm literally learning from scratch so help and suggestion (even criticism) are welcome! Starting with the YF-77 Engine, China's first cryogenic rocket engine developed for booster applications. As you can see, no detail on the model, I've yet to make textures and I'm also having a bit of an issue with UV mapping However I'm seriously enjoying the fun it gives me. Since I have exams imminent, the development will slow down until the end of May. Again, please feel free to criticize my work
  13. Hello everyone! This is an upcoming addon that I plan to release ~April 2017! You lucky lads and lasses might get it earlier if I can work hard enough. Right now, we only have space engine alpha screenshots. I'm looking for Devs to help me (For free, it's voluntarily, as all coding is) as I am stuck. I can do stars at the current moment. Gas Giant Hedsa. Orbits star Kernius. Largest moon of Hedsa, named Flairion. Smallest moon of Hedsa, dubbed Encharged, as it contains a huge amount of Thorium. It was formed from a Mars / Duna sized rock that hit the planet that was primarily made from Thorium, Plutonium and Urainium, so as it decayed over thousands of years, it heated the planet so it was warm, resulting in a mini star. This is the remains of this. A mini gas planet, which was knocked off from Hedsa and clumped together, resulting this gas ball that looks like it is moving. Unnamed moon 1 That all so far! Hope you enjoy!
  14. [WIP] Science Hard Drives v.0.2-alpha KSP 1.1 completely broke this (and I also thought of better ways of doing things), so I'm having to rewrite it almost from scratch. Please be patient as I work on this. I've been going through some difficult times in my personal life and am spending all the little time I have working on this mod. THIS VERSION IS INCOMPLETE AND STILL IN DEVELOPMENT, AS IS NOT INTENDED TO BE USED IN AN ACTIVE GAME!!! THE CURRENT PRE-RELEASES ARE ONLY TO SEE HOW THIS IS COMING ALONG!!! This mod revisits my older ScienceContainers mod for KSP and adds functionality that I originally wanted to add to them. ScienceData is now stored in hard drives that have a limited capacity, require ElectricCharge and time to transfer ScienceData to them. Along with the new PartModule, the mod includes a manager KSPAddon that simplifies the transfer of ScienceData. In its current form, this adds a single science part that has a limited capacity of 500 Mits just for testing purposes for now. Always delete the entire folder for this mod when you go to update! (When updates start coming in that is) Usage: When a vessel that contains a Science Hard Drive becomes the active vessel, the Hard Drive Manager window opens up and allows Science Data to be transferred from a part that contains a module using the IScienceContainer interface (including other Science Hard Drives). Change Log: v0.1-alpha: Initial preview release. v0.2-alpha This alpha release has my GUI re-write. Once again, it's not 100% complete, but this update does incorporate most of what I wanted in the GUI. There are some place holder GUI elements in it (blank spot that will later be filled with drive/experiment/general setting depending on what is selected, and the dialog menus used for selecting a drive) that will be later replaced. Features/Updates Required For v1.0 Release: Rewrite of all GUI elements to use Unity5's new UI. Actually show how much lab data a ScienceData is worth. Colour-code buttons or add icons to buttons based on if the item is a ScienceHardDrive, ScienceData, or IScienceContainer Fix padding on some buttons A transfer queue manager so you can better see the progress of data being transferred (along with being able to cancel transfers) A better way of selecting which drive to transfer data to General/Experiment/Drive setting (will fill the currently blank area that is there when no ScienceData is selected) Replace science containers with hard drives in command modules (capsule, probe cores, science labs, etc.) A few extra hard drive parts so that a command modules aren't the only things with hard drives. Increase max capacity of hard drives based on tech tree progression AppLauncher compatibility Better optimization of code and caching of variables Persistent settings Other Planned Features/Updates After v1.0: Part highlighting Naming of Parts with IScienceContainer modules (for use with priority managers) Auto transfer of collected ScienceData based on hard drive priorities with manager page to do so Auto running of science experiments Ability to prioritize which experiments are auto ran first and under special conditions with manager page to do so Blizzy78's Toolbar compatibility DMagic's Orbital Science compatibility (if needed, may work with no issues right off the bat) Other Science Experiment pack (as other people or I need them) compatibility Auto transmit science data with a 100% transmit value (or above a user specified threshold) as it is transferred to a hard drive Auto dump science data worth 0 science (or below a user specified threshold) as it is transferred to a hard drive Auto reset of experiments with science data worth 0 science (or below a user threshold) More parts SpaceDock & CKAN KSP-AVC ... Probably more I've forgotten about at this moment Give me ideas! Github: Download Current Version: KSP 1.0.5 Science Hard Drives v0.2-alpha Download Past Versions: KSP 1.0.5 Science Hard Drives v0.1-alpha Installation: (Updating from older version) Recover any vessels that are using any of these parts Delete the SirDargon folder in GameData Merge GameData from the download with GameData in your Kerbal Space Program Directory Update any saved vessel in the VAB or SPH that used these parts (New user) Merge GameData from the download with GameData in your Kerbal Space Program Directory License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)
  15. Greetings! I am KspNerd, and this mod promises to [eventually] add the Cloud 1 rocket, which will be manufactured by Cloud Aerospace, a company founded by forum user tristonwilson12. I will start by adding flags with the Cloud Aerospace logo, graciously provided by triston himself. I expect to have the first iteration of the mod up by the weekend. I have models and textures for the rocket. (also provided by Triston) However, I have no clue how to add them into the game. If you can help, or know someone who can, please PM me. Thanks! Ad Stellas! (To The Stars, the Cloud Aerospace motto.) -KspNerd
  16. SM CHUTE Eva Parachutes for Kerbals NEEDS Kerbal Inventory System UPDATE v0.2.3 RealChute Compatible NOT FAR compatible Adds two styles of EVA parachute, a traditional circular canopy and a more modern wing style canopy Notes these [parachutes are fitted using the magic that is the KIS plugin. as such there are some differences between the function of these parachutes and those fitted to craft and or supplied by other mods. The parachute has to be manually fitted at present, selected from your Kerbals KIS inventory and equipped using the button. The parachutes currently attach to the jet pack position MOST IMPORTANT The parachutes will not auto deploy, (I've no idea why ) So in use you must deploy the chute yourself, once triggered it will go through the semi and fully deployed states just like a normal chute Notes on FAR and RealChute and why these are not compatible As some of you have have taken the time to delve into KSP modding EVA is a tricky thing to play with, KIS does it very well but still has it's limitations. I'm going to have to relate this awkwardly to KIS as it's the only plugin currently that allows manipulation of EVA equipment and functions. While testing and working on BD FPS we'd already come across some issues, if only half the things we dreamed up were possible, but we did try, ah well ne'er mind. Anyway, back to the real issue, why these chutes will not work in FAR when every other mod chute does? Well i tried everything imaginable, every test, every tweak, anything however vague i could think of, and on the way learned some interesting stuff, and then it dawned that I'd missed a 1 vitally important test, that test being, DO these damnable things work if attached to a craft and not a kerbal? With a good deal of ambivalence I have to say that they do! and very well at that. After all I've tried and messed up in process this leaves me only able to draw one conclusion, that being that while these chutes will server very well as probe chutes they will never in their current form be suitable for use by Kerbals Known issues. Parachutes do not self deploy to initial state Parachute boxes can be tricky to select, I have fitted them with a large collider, but the issue remains. I believe it is related to how KIS activates colliders . Happy floating Get it from SpaceDock Or should SpaceDock be suffering a gremlin attack It'sHere I placed this mod here but I really don't know how I could develop it more, it's so simple, and so easy to diy, I don't know why it wasn't done before, forgive me if it was of course. Anyway I'll leave it here for now and see how it goes. HOW TO USE YOUR EVA PARACHUTE FOR BEST RESULTS Hi all yes the button is new, i don't ever expect anyone to bother, you are certainly not obliged in any way, I was asked by several people this week, if there was a donation button in order to show their appreciation, the wife saw the requests, and after a some discussion i have given in and added a donation facility and of course as always it's an ARR license
  17. NOTE BEFORE I START: If anyone looks on my profile, they will see 2 failed modding attempts. The overwhelming reason for this is not that i lack commitment, that I have no clue how to use Unity, or other such things. I am simply, absolutely terrible at texturing. I am a decent 3-D modeler, but i can never make any textures that look stockalike. I have tried a hundred and one times and it is just terrible. So, i am reaching out to texture artists and other modders who might cooperate with me, for instance @Well who made the Kraken Science mod with only texturing, no modeling. Thanks to anybody who read this. Celestian Launchers My goal is to make stockalike upper and lower-stage parts that go together but can be used separately. For instance, the engine/skirt/mount on the lower stage could be used on another 2.5 meter-wide launcher, and the fuel-tank (It has 3-d fuel pipes on the outside, inspired by Atlas V. Too non-stockalike?) can also be used on other launchers because the stock tanks do not have any detail, and to be honest i don't know many mods that add tanks like that. My first goal is to make parts for payload launchers at 2.5, 3.75, and 1.25 scale. I am doing 2.5 meters first because that is what i use most. 2.5 First Stage: 2.5 Upper Stage: (Note: The upper-stage is meant to go in a fairing. The stacking would be like this: First Stage, Fairing Base, Upper-stage, Payload. 3.75 Lower Stage: 3.75 Upper Stage: (Note: The rounding thing on the top is the heatshield. The upper-stage is meant to be recovered. The lower stage also has the ability to land like the Falcon 9. I added landing gear and in the R.O/RSS configs the engines will have more than one ignition.) 1.25 Lower Stage: 1.25 Upper Stage: This is my progress so far! Roadmap! Stage One: Light Payload Launchers, Modeling 100% done, Texturing 0% done, Unity/configs 0% done. Stage Two: Manned Launchers. Stage Three: Service Modules and capsules Stage Four: Space Station parts Stage Five: landers. Goodbye and thanks for reading!
  18. This mod, when complete, will add radially attached segments that turn a 1.25m core into a 2.5m module, or a 2.5m core into a 3.75m module, or a 2.5m or 3.75m into a 5m module. This allows creation of Apollo service modules, heavy landers or pods, and custom space station parts. Likely segments include: Crew cabin Fuel tank Battery Fuel cell Monoprop tank RTG Mission support (Monoprop and battery) RCS thrusters and monoprop tank Engines Science experiments Probe core Plan: v0.1: 1.25-2.5 segments v0.2: 2.5-3.75 segments v0.3: 0.625-1.25 segments (fairly few of these) v0.4: improved textures v0.5: 3.75-5.0 segments v0.6: 2.5-5.0 segments v1.0: improved textures, full release.
  19. Please don't be too harsh. I've decided to learn to model yesterday. ( June 21th , 2016 ) Never touched Photoshop, Unity nor 3DS Max before. It'll be a learning process I'll document. There's a long story involving a work accident, this is not the place to discuss it . But I'll be stuck in this very chair for the next 6 months. I love learning things ,got plenty of time on my hands and I got a pretty good PC ( FX-8350 +GTX 780 ) (32 inches 1440P Panel + 27 inches 1080P panel ). [CURRENT/ON HOLD] :So I begun this model to grasp the basics ( Soyuz Launcher ) ( One evening of work ) : [OUTDATED] : Ho , I've made some progress by observing @RoverDude on his streams ( Texturing wise ) So I began working on a Soyuz Capsule ( 3 days of work for the first version ( See spoiler-seption for latest version )). [OUTDATED] : 28/06/2016 : Happy with it so far ! First true re-edit of the post . Working on the OBM ( Orbital Module ( The round thing on the top of the capsule XD ) ). Moving to mod version 0.3 ( Progress is progress XD ) Stay tuned ! [OUTDATED] : 29/06/2016 : OBM is finished ! I figured out ( With the help of @Redneck ) ladders and how the hatch works . Config files are A-Ok and crew transfer works like clockwork. Very happy with it ! [CURRENT] : 29/06/16 ( Evening ) : Realized the proportions are jacked. Decided to re-do the whole thing with proper size in mind ( Smaller than Apollo MK 1-2 pod , bigger than Mercury Mk 1 pod ). This means a complete re-model ( For the hatch of the OBM to actually fit a Kerbal helmet ) and be still visually correct ( As much as KSP permits ). Also committed to do a Gemini KSP equivalent , since it's mostly ( I know it ain't exactly ) the same Mk 1.5 Size than Soyuz is. There's no equivalent 2 Kerbals pod in KSP yet , it ain't Soyuz-related, but I want to try making one for learning and practicing my ( Poor ) skills at modding. Stay tuned for this entire re-work ;). [CURRENT] : 30/06/16 ( Morning ) : The resizing for the Soyuz Descent Module is complete ! Ditched all the previous files and started from scratch. Makes for good practice I guess. Textured a tad darker and hopefully more stock-friendly. Will begin work on the OBM's resizing this afternoon. Enjoy ! [CURRENT] : 01/07/2016 : The rework of the OBM is complete ! Like the Descent Module , scale is correct and it' been started from scratch. It uses the " New " Mk 1.5 size for the bottom and the stock Mk 1 size on the top for docking ports and other Mk 1 stock size parts :). Here it is ! : [CURRENT] 02/07/2016: So ! Figured out I was going to need a Heat Shield that fitted the Soyuz Descend Module and the ( To come, WIP ) Gemini capsule. And it's done ! Quite proud of this piece. I'll also need the decoupler that's going to go between the heat shield and the Soyuz Service Module ( To come, WIP ) , that will be fun too.... Working on it right now ! For now , here's the Heat Shield (1.875m) : [CURRENT] : 02/07/2016 : Decouplers are DONE ! I realized I needed 2 custom-sized ones : One between the Orbital Module and the Descent module ( Effectively Mk 0.75 or 0.9375m ) and one between the Heat Shield and the ( To come , WIP ) Service Module. Here they are both ! They function just like the stock ones and I'm really digging this black scheme that matches the new Heat Shield as well ! Stay tuned for the Service Module ! : [CURRENT] : 03/07/2016 : About time I finished doing this pesky little thing XD. The " Skirt " of the Soyuz Service Module is DONE ! I'm debating making the round parachutes for the capsule as well , the stock radial ones are so big and ugly XD. I'm doing the service module itself now ! Stay tuned ! : [CURRENT] : 04/07/2016 : Service Module tanks are DONE ! Cranked these ( Ugly, I'll give you that XD ) puppies in less than an hour ! Fuel tanks are so much easier than all the rest I've made so far XD. So now the Orbiter is COMPLETE ! I'm so happy ! It does need balancing because with a Terrier, this thing has ridiculous Dv XD. Here is the dream made possible by kicking my butt to learn stuff ! Enjoy !
  20. So, now that my forum account is working, I thought it would be a good time to actually complete one of my mods. Proksolar will be a brown dwarf with a huge assortment of planets. I'll make a list here. Proksolar itself Ablatus (very close core of planet) Ikulna (lava world with a thin but high pressure atmosphere and mountains sticking into space Ikulna 2 (name not certain, binary twin with Ikulna, has very deep holes Kaia (ocean world with soaring mountains with rings of snow, not snow all the way up?!) Ada (slighty inclined dense small moon of kaia) TinyAsteroid(near escaping asteroid of kaia) Dres-place (except with big craters and snow at the polar craters.) Ringdancer (a crazy little asteroid that crossed the orbit of YellowGasGiant and Kaia) YellowGasGiant LavaWorld (an atmosphereless moon with huge lava lakes. Orbits inside a small ring around YGG) OxygenCanyons (a moon of YGG with deep canyons and in there a thin oxygen atmosphere. Also leaves a ring) Kearthea (ruddy ice world with craggy mountains and oxygen AGAIN!) Blutonius (a suspicious ball of blue in orbit around Kearthea) PurpleGasGiant GrazingAsteroid (An asteroid that grazes the atmosphere of PGG, but is boosted back up by TitanMoon TitanMoon (Like Ikulna, only with green oceans and lower temperatures and no huge plateus) PlateueyPlace (a grey ball like minimus, only flatter on the plateus FinalPlanet (the farthest planet with huge polar craters filled with ice I am sorry about no pics. A bit of history on the mod: I thought out this mod in mid 2015 and have never really gotten around or known how to do it. I am planning to release alpha 0.1 on spacedock with a fully completed Proksolar with no planets. I'm going to also put it in Addon releases when it hits 0.9 beta, to iron out the bugs and hopefully release a featurefull?! bugfree mod for KSP I'm sorry about the messiness and weirdness of the layout of this thread; I haven't written threads in ages. Hopefully the release thread looks a bit nicer. I'll keep this thread thoroughly updated with pics and questions and maybe even answers. Thanks, JebKeb P.S. I'm working on a banner
  21. My first mod ever!!!! The description on the mod's page shows what it adds so check that out. If you have any issues/suggestions/advice please feel free to PM me. As you can tell by the stock models & lack of textures, I have no experience in making/using either of those, so I am looking for people who are willing to do that. If you can, please tell me in either a reply to this topic or a PM. See Ya In Space!!! The custom flag was created by the glorious user Kuansenhama, he is really just amazing. -KspNerd/CrashAndBurn
  22. My first mod ever!!!! I recently updated it to add 2 parts instead of 1!!! The description on the mod's page shows what it adds so check that out. If you have any issues/suggestions/advice please feel free to PM me. As you can tell by the stock models & lack of textures, I have no experience in making either of those, so I am looking for people who are willing to do that.
  23. Hi there! Have you ever injected from solar orbit into a highly horizontal suborbital trajectory towards a huge lumpy rock, and wondered... ...What is the most delta-V efficient way to bring my vessel to a safe landing? Well, wonder no more! Download Source As you may be aware, the delta-V-optimal way to come to a stop over a non-atmospheric body is using 100% retrograde thrust (relative to surface). However, begin thrusting too early and you will come to a stop with a long way yet to fall - on the other hand, begin thrusting too late and you will find that the surface forcibly assists your deceleration. Finding the perfect balance is a mathematically non-trivial problem. To this end, I have developed a successive approximation numerical landing solver: the Improved Non-Atmospheric Landings (INAL) mod, which allows you to pull of scary-ass landings like this: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How to use it: Other recommendations for use: Current issues: Changelog: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Other than that, please experiment with this mod and test its limits! Bug reports, suggestions, support, and feature requests are welcome in this thread, however this is my first-ever software release of any kind so I'll do my best but no guarantees. Oh, and I'm also accepting better names for the mod. Enjoy!