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Found 11 results

  1. So, I've made a small space station (skylab) which has an Advanced Reaction Wheel Module on it. When I dock an Apollo sized ship and disconnect the pod reaction wheels everything seems normal. When I switch to IVA, the ship starts to wobble, only to stop if I switch back to external view. Doesn't happen if the pod reaction wheels are working too. The ship is docked with a Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port Jr.
  2. The Joint between the Terrier Engine and the TR-18A Decoupler wobbles when I try to do the Gravity Turn to my rocket. Already Did: Strutsss Placing a stabilizer below the Decoupler. Distributing torques to the first stage and second stage. Not having a second stage at all. (But hey, It worked) Its just annoying when I try to do the Turn and the whole rocket wobbles and oscillates, then the mission fails.
  3. I built this probe to fly into the sun, but upon decoupling the second to last stage, this happened-https://youtu.be/DEPa5NtZqgU Please disregard my video recording skills, I recorded it with my phone. Anyway, if anyone has advice or knows why this is happening, please comment.
  4. Had a question about small craft in orbit. Trying to design a craft to land on Moho so I am trying to keep it considerably small and compact. Using a Mk1 lander can and putting most of the fuel tanks, batteries, etc. inside the can to limit physical size. The problem arises when I try to use RCS thrusters for any type of docking or maneuvering the craft literally goes crazy, and all the RCS thrusters are firing to keep it steady. I've basically done everything in the game unmodded, never had an issue with larger craft and docking, maneuvering etc. but have issues when I go small. Also have iss
  5. I pushed the sliders to the max but it isn't enough to satisfy me.... I want more wobble! Can it be done? How?
  6. This is a problem that has been plagueing me since the beginning of KSP time. Whenever I build a space station is ends up shaking itself apart. This particular time All I did was add a mk3 fuesalage with a docking port at both sides. Only 3 parts and a station that was completely stable then shook itself into oblivion. My space stations have no reaction wheels or stability addons. SAS is not enabled (though it makes no difference if it is).
  7. I'm curious about this. I've tried doing some research and find lots of info about wobble in large builds, but that has to do with the various parts of the ship flexing. This is not related to that, as my craft is only a small handful of parts. So, I've built a small, two-stage, sub-orbital probe using Procedural Parts fuel tanks, with a pair of reaction wheels (one 1.25m on stage one, and one .625m on stage two with the probe core). Stage one is a Swivel engine, stage two is a Terrier. Stage one launches nicely, and it flies quite well. This is actually the first design I've made that I
  8. Hi there, my recent missions are failing cause of the solar panels that seem to become kinda instable. each time i LOAD my craft, the panels start wobbling until everything explodes - kinda phantom force. i did some tests and it just seems to happen, when the panels are NOT attached to the "main"-craft, but if i have some "arms" going out to different sides and attach them there. Its also not happening until i reload my craft or unfold the panels - so i assume it has something to do with suntracking - not sure. tried to detach one of these "arms" while this was happen
  9. I'm playing KSP quite some time now. Since the most recent update I'm having trouble launching my stations. Sometimes in the launchpad, sometimes in space my stations start to wobble slightly, but the wobble gets worse every second and cannot be prevented until the station is just a lump of parts. The only relevant mod installed is Kerbal Joint reinforcement. I have prepared an example Video: https://youtu.be/TVWBvM3oiB0 What is causing this, it really is preventing my Jool missions!
  10. When you're flying a tall, wobbly rocket, the trajectory lines jitter about and it's very hard to plan precise course corrections for distant intercepts and flybys. I initially thought the jittering was just due to rounding errors causing uncertainty, but today I found out it's caused by wobbling of the spacecraft, which really ought to have no effect on its trajectory since the wobble does not affect the center of gravity. Apparently, the projected trajectory lines (orbits) are based on the current speed of the cockpit (or root part) while they ought to be based on the speed of the
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