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Found 2 results

  1. I have wanted to stream for a while, and I'm starting to set things up! I will be posting here with the title "162- Twitch- (x project) when I have something important to stream, or extremely cool! Today it's my DeLorean replica that I've been working on! Examples:
  2. I am planning to make a large mod and a life support system. the following parts of my plan are listed here: AC propulsion systems: dry ice propelled engines, and containers for dry ice. AC bases: a bunch of habitats and greenhouses and base parts, and some other stuff AC electrics: FUSION!! GEOTHERMAL!!! WIND!!! MOAR BATTERIES!! OTHER STUFF!! AC life support: a life support system with 3 greenhouse types, insect, fruit, and vegetable. kerbals consume safe oxygen, edibles and hydrates, and produce organic waste, used water, and CO2. kerbals also need coffee to go on EVA, and if you have teddy bears than you get more reputation. I need to know how to make a life support system, and I also need some tutorials on 3D modelling, and how to convert the finished model to a .mu file. and if anyone can make a flag for AC space industries, I will accept it. the flag will say AC in dark green, and the rest of it would be some shade of green, and do not have a picture of a kerbal on it.