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Found 6 results

  1. (MPIO) = Main Planet Idea Only; I only have an idea for system's main planet (SLP) = System Layout in Planning; Currently planning system layout (WIP) = Work in Progress; Working on making system, note that System Layout may change in this stage (AD) = Almost done; Nearly finished with system (FNW) = Finished but Not Written; System is finished, but I'm currently too lazy to write it (FW) = Finished and Written; System is finished and I got off my @$$ and wrote it here ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Hello folks, so I'd like to show my worldbuilding project + a planetary system I'd like to eventually incorporate into it. It takes place in the 27th century and is reasonably hard SF, but not "diamond hard". It's a work in progress and the general technological level is advanced fusion/early antimatter drives, strong but not transsapient AI, extensive human genetic tweaking for different conditions is used etc. I'd like to hear some feedback, ask me questions etc. For the reasons of lenght I present it as Dropbox links, keep in mind you don't need to be a Dropbox user or have it installed at
  3. I have way too many star system ideas. Unless I have somewhere to park them, I'm not gonna get anything done. So I did this. This is all my star system ideas. At one point I might put these into a mod. The systems: T-types M-types K-types This will probably be neverending.
  4. This universe has escaped the bounds originally imagined for it, and it would be silly to continue calling it "the Kerbal Future universe." Thus, I present to you... Kerbae ad Astra Kerbalkind to the Stars Centuries after Jeb's flea hopper, the kerbal species ventures outwards, leaving the sanctuary of Kerbol far behind. Little did they know the glories and horrors which awaited them... Faster-than-Light Travel
  5. I've been constructing a custom solar system lately, and being the math geek I am, I decided to try and create a Dv map for my system. The only problem being that I have no clue what I'm doing. I can't even seem to recreate the numbers I see on Dv maps for the stock game. I know that I should consider the Vis-Viva equation and assume everything's co-planar and perfectly circular but is there something I'm missing? I would also like to discuss about any other formulas, such as which would yield the most effective results. I would really appreciate it if somebody could en
  6. Hello and Welcome to MetaSeed. Here, I will track my progress through the development of MetaSeed. It is a worldbuilding project, integrated into a game design effort. About the world: Earth. 1 million years have passed since the first human civilization collapsed. From the radioactive, polluted and ruined remains of the world, life has sprung again, forming five factions. With it appears magic, a force known differently to each race, yet equally devastating. The Vroz, an ancient and predatorial species, was summoned by the devastating energies of humanity's wars. They draw ever
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