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Found 4 results

  1. DISCLAIMER: I have been given permission by @RoverDude to release this mod. This mod consists of modified parts and shares Firespitter Bi-Plane textures already made by either @RoverDude or @Snjo and are not originally made by me. In no way am I trying to steal their thunder for their pack. All credits go to them for releasing the original parts. I am in no way part of the Firespitter development team. Thank you in advance for your reading! Ever played around with the WWI Firespitter parts and got frustrated with how hard it is to make a replica with them? They look like the perfect parts at a first glance, but there's just not enough variety to make that one Central powers fighter look different from the rest of your craft apart from the paint job or the arrangement of parts, and you don't really want to resort to stock pieces for your WWI save as they look too modern. Well, look no further! This pack was made for you! The only dependencies are Firespitter for the textures and ModuleManager Note that when I say Firespitter, I mean the actual parts pack, not just the plugin! Grab it here! Downloads: Spacedock Download Github Download Q&A: Q: Why do the parts look like they have no textures on the part list in the SPH/VAB? (They still look normal when you place them on your craft in the hangar though) A: I don't know. This is actually the first time I've made parts using FS texture switch configs, so any help would be appreciated to fix this bug. But don't worry, the parts should work and have colors without any issues! Q: Proof of permission? A: Sadly, I've somehow lost the message I sent to RoverDude. However, if you have any concerns you can ask him. Q: What if I find an issue? A: Open an issue in the GitHub, or post it here. I recommend you go to GitHub though, to prevent forum clutter. Any pictures or logfiles will be greatly useful for me to look at! Q: Are you open to suggestions/criticism? A: I am open to any suggestions! Feel free to criticize the mod in any way, but make sure to tell me what's wrong so I can see what to do to make it better! Q: Where could I post suggestions/critique? A: You can post it on the forum or on GitHub Q: Do/Will you support previous versions of KSP? A: No, unless there is a specific reason to do so. Q: Will you do more extensions for Firespitter parts other than the WWI series? A: Probably not, as this mod is meant to be focused on WWI parts regarding Firespitter, and the WWI textures are the only ones I specifically asked permission for. Q: CKAN support? A: I don't plan on adding support for it. Besides, it isn't really a super large pack and I think you'll still be alive after manual installation
  2. Zeppelin Staaken R.XVI As you might have guessed from the title, the aircraft that im about to show you, is based on the WW1 Zeppelin Staaken bombers. The idea for this monster of a bi-plane began when i got this feeling of wanting to do something from WW1 after playing some bit of Battlefield 1. I also wanted to build something with an actual interior. The interior idea i used first in the "Raven", witch is a specialized cargo-plane that you'll get to see very soon (Knowing me, don't get your hopes up). In this case, i took the interior idea a bit further, and decided to make a full interior with command seats placed in all the crew positions. The Interior works quite well, except for one thing. To enter the aircraft, you'll need to use the ladder to climb in to the gondola located at the belly of the aircraft. The problem with that is, that the gondola is too tight for Kerbals to fit in ...unless they suddenly learn how to crawl. The crew compliment on the R.XVI is quite incredibly big: Pilot, Co-pilot, Radio-operator, Navigator, 6 Gunners (belly x2, tail x2, wing pods x2), 2 Observers (also serve as nose-gunners) and 4 In-flight engineers (1 sitting in each engine pod). 16 crew members in total . I was going to write some piece of history for this craft, but i just couldn't come up with anything good nor sensible. Let's just say that the Kermaininan engineers wanted to create a huge bomber with the nimbleness of a heavy bomber and the massive firepower of a big airship. It was to be inpervious to air attacks because of its defensive weapons. And could also destroy AA positions with it's two heavy machine-guns mounted on the two "gun baskets" on the belly of the aircraft. Basically the perfect tool for bombing the big cities of the Kritish isles. Technical specs: Top speed: 96 m/s. Stall speed: about 45-42 m/s. Armaments: 6 machine-gun turrets, 2 30mm turrets and god knows how many bombs. Length: 39.5m. Wingspan: 62.2m. Height: 16.4m. Mass: 225.7 tons. Parts: 1055. Mods used: Download link: Staaken R_XVI.craft?dl=0 I hope you enjoy this little ye oldie monster of the skies . PS.
  3. GHi all! his is a tale to provide a little bit of context to the Kerbin that my kerbals (at least some of them ) inhabit. Without further ado:
  4. This is like the BAD-T competition, except with WWI planes. So, rules are simple: the required mods are BD Armory and Firespitter. Optional mods are Airplane Plus, Aviator Arsenal and KAX. The deadline for submitting is December 31st. Submit via KerbalX via the W.A.B Hangar. The dogfight will be 4v4. NEW: There is a Bomb the KSC option! Build a bomber and try to bomb some buildings without being hit by flak! Link; Fly safe!