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Found 2 results

  1. THE K FILES VOLUME 1: WHAT LIES BELOW TOP SECRET UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS OF THIS FILE WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE TERMINATION BY KIA PERSONNEL (KIAUEIU) KERBIN INTELLIGENCE AGENCY UNUSUAL EVENTS INVESTIGATION UNIT REPORT ON MYSTERIOUS SIGNAL ORIGINATING FROM EVE ON 15TH OF SEPTEMBER 2045 KERBIN STANDARD YEAR (KSY) AND MYSTERIOUS STRUCTURES ON EVE INDICATING POSSIBLE EVIDENCE OF PAST HABITATION 3 weeks ago at approximately 15:46 East Jebistani Time (EJT) the East Jebistani Space Center (ESCC) reported a mysterious signal originating from the planet Eve. The signal was unusually powerful and continued for 72 seconds before stopping. Cause of the signal remains unsolved as of the creation of this document. ████████ ██████, a scientist from the Jebistani Space Agency (JSA) was astonished but is advised by KIA personnel to keep such event classified until ██/ ██/ ████. Yesterday at approximately 17:44 West Astanistan Time (WAT) The █████████ Rover at Eve photographed mysterious structures protruding from the surface of Eve. Mission Control was immediately contacted by agency personnel to keep the event classified until ██/ ██/ ████ . Following inspection, the structures are composed of spikes, arches and walls organized in a unusual pattern, and are made of a mysterious purple stone. Possibly tinted by the atmosphere. Closer inspection shows carvings on the structures, composed of strange symbols, stick figures, possible animals, water, and a grassland environment. A possible theory by ███████ ███ , who is a leading scientist at the agency's Science Division, states that Eve was once a lush world like Kerbin, Kerbol then increased it's luminosity as it aged which pushed Eve out of the habitable zone. It's oceans boiled away and life was extinguished. The fate of the sentient beings remains unsolved. Some life could have survived underground in insulated pockets or in underground reservoirs. Interest in finding this insulated pockets has pushed the agency to send a secret expedition to map and access these areas in collaboration with several space agencies. The expedition has since been approved by ██████ ████ , the head of the agency. Hic abire iubes
  2. Anyone here like The X Files? Just wondering. Also, since, I'm a massive fan, I was literally jumping for joy when I saw this: