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Found 57 results

  1. In my Kerbal Space Program game on Xbox, I am having an awesome time! But there is one big issue. After that I had played for a while, and made and saved a lot of ships, I went into the VAB and built a ship. I saved it and then launched it, and it got my payload into orbit. I wanted to make a few changes to the design and do a new mission with the old ship, but when I went to open the ship, it stopped loading the ships. I could not move down or up or press on any ship, so I exited out of the menu. I tried again and it did't work. I frustratingly rebuilt the old ship completely. There is no way I can delete old ships to get it to load faster because I can't do anything in the menu. I was wondering if there is a way to fix this, and if not, I would like to suggest that it would be patched. Also, there should be a way to select multiple quicksaves at a time and delete them all at once. It is quite frustrating to delete one, and it reloads, and delete another one, and it reloads. I love this game and if this was patched it would be even better.
  2. I am new to the forums and have no clue on how to find any new info for the console version, I love the game and would hate to see it just abandoned. Also is there any new info on mods because the pc version seems to be their top priority, the console is great but just seems to be falling into the pit of no return. I'd just hate to see a fantastic game go to waste just because others players are having issues/ loss of interest.
  3. After buying KSP on the Xbox one (when my PC started giving me too many problems), I found the game to be nearly unplayable (compared to the PC version) and was intently waiting for Microsoft to allow developers implementation of mouse and keyboard support on Xbox One. Now that Microsoft has confirmed developers will be able to update their games with this feature on a case by case basis, It seems this would be an expected update to KSP enhanced edition. Do the developers even plan on supporting the XBox One playerbase in this way? Or are we out of luck and just have to deal with the difficult controls? As a long time KSP fan, I really hope they do plan on a mouse and keyboard update, because I'm not likely to return to KSP unless I can play it on Xbox without getting frustrated. Thank you
  4. Can we get a estimate on when consoles will get the making history expansion ?
  5. Any news when the next update will be. Or even if there is any progress whatsoever. Hearing a lot of updates for the pc but nothing for consoles.
  6. I have read that there is a trim function in KSP with Alt + W, S, A, D key combos. I am currently using an Xbox controller in my PC for KSP and I would like to map at least pitch trim somewhere (e.g. in the D-pad), but I cannot find it in the Input settings area. Also, in KSP somehow the D-pad is identified as two axes instead of four buttons, which is a limitation. Can this be changed? Any help would be welcome!
  7. In the new console update, I cannot seem to find any way to deploy the landing gear other than using the curser and clicking manually, which cannot easily be done during the care-needing procedure of takeoff or landing. Does anyone have any solutions, for any control scheme?
  8. So I’ve been playing ksp enhanced edition (Xbox version) and have been using ion engines and nuclear engines and some of the burns are very long and are tedious to sit through. I was wondering if there was a way to enable 4x physical time warp to speed up the process?
  9. Honestly, when i saw 1.4 and the features coming with it i got excited. But when i found out my computers a complete potato for 1000th time i wondered if it is on consoles. Not to my surprise it wasn't. Please bring it to enhanced edition!
  10. SpecialSpock

    Landing Gear Question

    (As a preface, I'm unsure of whether this should be in the Xbox or questions section, so moderators, please adjust my post location if necessary) This is just a simple question. I wish to know how to raise and lower my landing gear on the latest Xbox version of KSP. Any control scheme will work. Thanks in advance.
  11. Alpha Carinae

    Drag Calculation

    Hello guys, I've been trying to calculate my Delta-v and I was able to find formulas on how its done. I tried myself but didn't really work!! I tried launching a basic rocket ( I don't change my heading) and as per the formula I should be able to get to 480 m/s but I don't, I always get 360 m/s.I believe that this due to drag of the atmosphere, I doubt wind is taken in consideration. Can someone tell me if there is a certain angle I should follow or maybe another formula to know how much drag is affecting me and if so, where to find drag coefficient and the related detail in the menu. Please note that I use Xbox to play KSP. Thanks a lot Bader
  12. Tetchy Sketchy

    1.4 coming to Enhanced Edition?

    I've been wanting to know is 1.4 coming to consoles?
  13. In the science mode on Xbox allows me to recover vessels though I’m in a orbit etc,I don’t know if it just my settings or a glitch,please help! (I did fiddle around with settings,if it helps)
  14. Howdidigethere

    Custom flags?

    I have seen many a YouTube video where he/she has there own custom flag. i do not know if this is a copy and paste thing with the pc only. if there is anyone who knows how to get custom flags please tell me.
  15. Okay, So speaking to a few people on the facebook group (Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition (Console)). Some people have experienced very minor bugs on console (no game breaking bugs). We got into discussion, and these people hadn't turned on advanced tweakables. when i asked them to turn them on they both started experiencing game breaking bugs. I'm curious if there is anyone here experiencing major bugs with advanced tweakables turned off? If that is the base cause of most of the major issues it could: a) be an easy work around b) easy to patch possibly i'm going to try it out tonight but i would like other peoples input too...i promised myself i wouldn't go through all this again and start looking for work arounds and causes but here i am again. I'm such a mug
  16. Jollyranger

    Cheat menu confirmation for Xbox

    I have confirmation for anyone who wants to edit the wiki that the “up up down down left right left right” cheat menu doesn’t work in the original Xbox port of the game.
  17. Hi there. A really annoying bug have occurred many times in my KSP. Sometimes while im in orbit i can't save a game or recover vessel or do anything but load another save. I'm able to steer my ship and do what i want with it. This thing happens even sevral times in a row: i saved my game while i was on trajectory to Mun and i couldn't saved anymore when i was on Mun's orbit. I tried to load previous save but it happend again. Please do something about it.
  18. What are the more advanced controls for the new KSP console port, specifically for the VAB and SPH? On the PC and old console port there were buttons to disable surface attachment so your structures only stuck to the green snap points and also when using the "Move" tool you could choose whether the object moved on the worlds xyz axis or the objects itself. Were these functions completely removed from the game, they've never appeared in any of the in game tutorials.
  19. xbox enhanced edition while using the radial control preset. if you use lb + rb to switch to map mode and use cursor to select a different vessel and select switch to. when it switches a blank menu appears and the docking mode also pops up but you cannot select anything or use your craft whatsoever. also i have replicated this after fully restarting the game. it happens every single time you try to switch vessels in this way.
  20. Attempted to start a Career mode game. Gained enough science to unlock a research node, unlocked it, this doesn't "purchase" the parts (correctly), so I try to purchase them. Within the R&D centre: 1. Select a node 2. Press RB to open the Part List 3. "Hold B: More Info" --> This just closes the window 4. Big green "Purchase" button, there is no way to click this button, unable to purchase parts. Note the screen shows "Hold B: More info" and also "B Return to Tree" --> return to tree works, but having two mutually exclusive features on the same button? Especially as "B" seems to otherwise universally (and sensibly) be "Back" Until this is fixed Career mode is unplayable as there is no way to progress beyond the initial default parts. Q: how on whatever planet we are meant to be on did this not get caught during basic testing? I Mean seriously, a button on screen with no way to select it? Guessing "Unit testing" only, not actual play testing, so presumably the button would actually work - if only someone had thought to provide a way to press it. Attempts to correct: 1. Switch to cursor mode: Failed, cursor mode is apparently non-functional within the R&D centre 2. Pressing buttons at random: Failed, nothing appears to select the purchase button, or highlight the "more information" about any part
  21. This is my second session of playing KSP Enhanced Edition on Xbox and when I loaded up a save, there was no Space Center. I was still able to access all the facilities on the side menu and load into them but when I started a new separate career mode save there was no space center. This bug is not stopping me from playing the game but leaves me in a space veiw of nothing when looking at the space center.
  22. With the new UI on Xbox Enhanced, I started a new career. Flew some contracts to get funds and science. Used the science to unlock Basic Rocketry tree. My career settings are to require Buying Into parts. Went to buy Swivel Engine with Tree researched (says it is researched). I click Right Stick to go to Parts in Basic Rocketry. I highlight Swivel Engine with 72K funds (engine cost 3.5K)....I get no UI on how to buy the Swivel Engine or any other part in any tree I've researched. What am I doing wrong? Again, new Xbox UI. Thanks.
  23. I spent some time today writing out all the key bindings from the help menus for Xbox One to print off and keep in front of me Sorry about formatting all over the place as I'm not a programming type so just threw everything into an excel sheet Hope it helps! General Help Pause Tap Menu Time Warp Increase LB/RB + Tap B Time Warp decrease LB/RB + Tap X Toggle UI Tap View Toggle Labels LB/RB + Tap View Modifier Hold LB or RB Toggle Cursor Tap LS Camera Mode LB/RB + Tap RS Camera Next Tap RS Zoon In LB/RB + RS Up Zoom Out LB/RB + RS Down Camera Reset LB/RB + Long Tap RS Camera Rotate RS Horizontal Camera Pitch RS Vertical Toggle Radial Tap Y Space Centre Help Move Speed 0 LB/RB + Tap A Move Speed 1 LB/RB + Tap B Move Speed 2 LB/RB + Tap X Move Speed 3 LB/RB + Tap Y Forward LB/RB + D-Pad Up Backward LB/RB + D-Pad Down Left LB/RB + D-Pad Left Right LB/RB + D-Pad Right Altitude Up LB/RB + LT Altitude Down LB/RB + RT Altitude Reset LB/RB + Tap RS Editor Help Delete Tap B Pitch Part Up D-Pad Up Pitch Part Down D-Pad Down Yaw Part Left D-Pad Left Yaw Part Right D-Pad Right Roll Part Left LT Roll Part Right RT Reset Part Rotation LB/RB + Tap B Copy Part LB/RB + Tap A Placement Mode LB/RB + Long Tap A Offset Mode LB/RB + Long Tap X Rotate Mode LB/RB + Long Tap B Root Mode LB/RB + Long Tap Y Sym around Ves/Part LB/RB + Tap LS Symmetry Method Tap X Symmetry Mode LB/RB + Tap X Angle Snap LB/RB + Tap Y Fine Tweak RB + Hold LB Camera Translate (SPH) LB/RB + Tap RS Undo LB/RB + D-Pad Left Redo LB/RB + D-Pad Right Scroll View Up LB/RB + RS Left Scroll View Down LB/RB + RS Right Flight General Help Toggle Flight Control Mode LB/RB + Tap Y Toggle Status Screen Long Tap Menu SAS Hold Long Tap B SAS Toggle Tap B Advance Stage (Stage Mode) Tap A Toggle Rotation/Line Mode (Docking Mode) Tap A Precision Control LB/RB + Tap LS Toggle Nav Ball LB/RB + Long Tap X Toggle Map LB + Tap RB Toggle RCS LB/RB + Long Tap B Focus Next Vessel LB/RB + D-Pad Left Focus Previous Vessel LB/RB + D-Pad Right Throttle Cut Off LB/RB + D-Pad Down Throttle Full LB/RB + D-Pad Up Throttle Up D-Pad Up Throttle Down D-Pad Down Brakes Tap X Reset Trim LB/RB + Tap A Lock Launch Stages LB/RB + Long Tap A Scroll Icons Up D-Pad Down Scroll Icons Down D-Pad Up Flight Controls Help Trim Pitch Down LB/RT + Hold LS Down Trim Pitch Up LB/RT + Hold LS Up Trim Yaw Left LB/RT + Hold LS Left Trim Yaw Right LB/RT + Hold LS Right Trim Roll Left LB/RB + Hold LT Trim Roll Right LB/RB + Hold RT Pitch LS Vertical Roll LT or RT Yaw LS Horizontal Rover Movement Help Wheel Throttle Down LS Down Wheel Throttle Up LS Up Wheel Steer LS Horizontal Map View Help Cycle through planets/targets LB/RB
  24. I can't seem to purchase part in the r&d center after I spend the research to u lock them...
  25. Olliemcogster

    Xbox One Re-Release

    Does anybody know when Kerbal Space Program will release on the Xbox One? I'm hoping its in time for Christmas as I'm looking to buy it.