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Found 24 results

  1. Long story short: I got an xbox one elite controler I want to use, managed to map all buttons the way I want, but joysticks won't map. How do I map left joystick to pitch/yaw and right joystick to roll? I must be doing something wrong it just seems to me that it doesnt save the mapping
  2. I spent some time today writing out all the key bindings from the help menus for Xbox One to print off and keep in front of me Sorry about formatting all over the place as I'm not a programming type so just threw everything into an excel sheet Hope it helps! General Help Pause Tap Menu Time Warp Increase LB/RB + Tap B Time Warp decrease LB/RB + Tap X Toggle UI Tap View Toggle Labels LB/RB + Tap View Modifier Hold LB or RB Toggle Cursor Tap LS Camera Mode LB/RB + Tap RS Camera Next Tap RS Zoon In LB/RB + RS Up Zoom Out LB/RB + RS Down Camera Reset LB/RB + Long Tap RS Camera Rotate RS Horizontal Camera Pitch RS Vertical Toggle Radial Tap Y Space Centre Help Move Speed 0 LB/RB + Tap A Move Speed 1 LB/RB + Tap B Move Speed 2 LB/RB + Tap X Move Speed 3 LB/RB + Tap Y Forward LB/RB + D-Pad Up Backward LB/RB + D-Pad Down Left LB/RB + D-Pad Left Right LB/RB + D-Pad Right Altitude Up LB/RB + LT Altitude Down LB/RB + RT Altitude Reset LB/RB + Tap RS Editor Help Delete Tap B Pitch Part Up D-Pad Up Pitch Part Down D-Pad Down Yaw Part Left D-Pad Left Yaw Part Right D-Pad Right Roll Part Left LT Roll Part Right RT Reset Part Rotation LB/RB + Tap B Copy Part LB/RB + Tap A Placement Mode LB/RB + Long Tap A Offset Mode LB/RB + Long Tap X Rotate Mode LB/RB + Long Tap B Root Mode LB/RB + Long Tap Y Sym around Ves/Part LB/RB + Tap LS Symmetry Method Tap X Symmetry Mode LB/RB + Tap X Angle Snap LB/RB + Tap Y Fine Tweak RB + Hold LB Camera Translate (SPH) LB/RB + Tap RS Undo LB/RB + D-Pad Left Redo LB/RB + D-Pad Right Scroll View Up LB/RB + RS Left Scroll View Down LB/RB + RS Right Flight General Help Toggle Flight Control Mode LB/RB + Tap Y Toggle Status Screen Long Tap Menu SAS Hold Long Tap B SAS Toggle Tap B Advance Stage (Stage Mode) Tap A Toggle Rotation/Line Mode (Docking Mode) Tap A Precision Control LB/RB + Tap LS Toggle Nav Ball LB/RB + Long Tap X Toggle Map LB + Tap RB Toggle RCS LB/RB + Long Tap B Focus Next Vessel LB/RB + D-Pad Left Focus Previous Vessel LB/RB + D-Pad Right Throttle Cut Off LB/RB + D-Pad Down Throttle Full LB/RB + D-Pad Up Throttle Up D-Pad Up Throttle Down D-Pad Down Brakes Tap X Reset Trim LB/RB + Tap A Lock Launch Stages LB/RB + Long Tap A Scroll Icons Up D-Pad Down Scroll Icons Down D-Pad Up Flight Controls Help Trim Pitch Down LB/RT + Hold LS Down Trim Pitch Up LB/RT + Hold LS Up Trim Yaw Left LB/RT + Hold LS Left Trim Yaw Right LB/RT + Hold LS Right Trim Roll Left LB/RB + Hold LT Trim Roll Right LB/RB + Hold RT Pitch LS Vertical Roll LT or RT Yaw LS Horizontal Rover Movement Help Wheel Throttle Down LS Down Wheel Throttle Up LS Up Wheel Steer LS Horizontal Map View Help Cycle through planets/targets LB/RB
  3. First off, if there is discussion on this please point me to the topic. I've never really gotten into forums and I'm trying my best. Now to it. Do you think KSP on PS4 or Xbox One worth investing in? If so is there any significant differences between the two systems game play? If there is a YouTuber who does an excellent play through on each system, I'd be interested in watching. Thanks, and may your launches be successful and your sandwiches delicious.
  4. I'm bit confused with these two console, both have the same prices and both are good with their own features. So, please suggest me which one is better, and why?
  5. Hello all. I just started playing this game on Xbox 1 (I don't have a computer capable of running the game) and I'm hooked! It makes me want to join the Airforce, Nasa, or SpaceX. Having said that, those 3 goals seem just as arduous as dealing with these bugs. Here's my list: 1. Not able to select parts- sometimes it just takes more clicks than 1. Sometimes nothing is clickable except start menu and flight controls. Often happens when transferring fuel. 2. Saves loaded from quick load do not give right save. I workaround by always loading from space center. (This is not that bad, really). 3. Rovers bounce uncontrollably on warps 2, 3, and 4. This often results in destruction of the vessel. 4. SAS does not hold prograde or retrograde or anything other than stability assist while cursor mode is active. Annoying, not the worst. 5. Vehicles explode on load. In orbit, on the ground, and always previously stable. Also, Vehicles sometimes randomly explode. On a mission to Eve I successfully managed to fall with chutes (maybe not necessary) and during the descent the ship started to shake and rotate, then pull itself apart, resulting in an achievement for escaping eve's orbit... Maybe someone can help me navigate to a reporting page or give me a previously solved post. I hope the devs have fixes for this issue. Enjoy the game still, but don't fault folks for wanting money back. It's terribly frustrating to dedicate an hour or two to unfixable catastrophic failures that aren't a fault of user error.
  6. I am relatively new to Kerbal, but have a very simple rocket with two liquid engines surrounded by solid (thumper) boosters. Trying to establish orbit, but after I have shutdown the liquid motors (once the AP is sufficiently high to coast), when I try to restart the motors at AP to establish initial orbit, the indicators show that the motor is restarted, but the motor doesn't burn (no thrust). The throttle is fully open, the motor just doesn't start. It seems to be somewhat intermittent as the first liquid stage starts right up no problem after the boosters burn out. Am I missing something fundamental that is required to restart the engine? Thanks.
  7. Hey again Kerbonauts. About two days ago, I could not save/load/Go too KSC, but i could do everything in flight as normal, exept when pressing the "Savegame/LoadGame/SpaceStation/Retrive Wessel", i even saw i pressed the button "in", but nothing happend, i was stuck in flight. This was after a landing on the Muun + a retur too Kerbin and landed there. I could save the game, while at the Muun, but somewhere from at Muun - until landing at Kerbin, somthing went wrong With the game. . Since this "mission" had taken sum time, and i didnt know when it last saved. i didnt just didnt wanna restart the game. "Solution" as said after i landed, and couldnt retrive the wessel (or anything as stated above, i could not get too KSC or out of flight), i notised the game autosaving.... I then went into EVA and hanging from the ladder I just pressed Start and "Go to KSC". This time, i got a Warning "If you exit blablablabecouse of eva, you will go back too you last save...." (think it even stated how long ago that save was made) So i did, And it worked.... I got a load in KSC, that was able too retrive the Craft With my science And Crew ^^ Tho, i'm not sure if one can "push" the game to do a Autosave, Landing seems too do it... but maybe sending a radiomessage or sumthing makes it save too...
  8. I have now had three games become corrupt on me. This is truly a terrible user experience. It needs to be patched. Until it can be properly fixed, May I suggest you make a small patch to keep an A and B save? When the game starts, copy the current save, if not corrupt, to a "B" location, and if corrupt, restore from the last time the game was started. That way we only lose ONE session of game play, rather than an entire career. This should be a relatively small change. You can already identify corrupt files, and I am sure the PS4 and Xbox have a simple method to store a file. And while it doesn't solve the corruption issue, it would reduce the pain. Thank you. Skip Huffman
  9. I'm fairly new to the game and play on Xbox. I saw a video where someone set the max thrust of his solid rocket booster so that he had a thrust to weight ratio to his liking. When he left clicked on the booster to lower its thrust, there was a pop up that showed (among other things) his TRW. He was on a PC. Is there a way to view your TRW while you build your project on the Xbox version? Clicking on a booster only displays the Thrust Limiter and amount of solid fuel.
  10. Hi, I'm currently playing on Xbox one so please consider this before suggesting mod that are currently unavailable to consoles. As many of you know, when constructing large vessals in orbit, that manoeuvres can be throw off substantially by the flexing of docking ports so a more secure join would significantly improve many designs. I was thinking along the lines of a one use permanent interlocked port that cannot be separated once connected, also a way of connecting struts and fuel lines whilst in space would also be helpful. I've also noticed the difficulties in refueling, or transferring other resouces from surface bases, and a landing pad module could help with this. This module would be placed on top of a base and when deployed would expand the surface area to twice the diameter (1.5m>3m, 2.5m>5m etc)to allow for landing legs and once landed it would allow for cross feed of resources. Obviously this module would have to be heat resistant to withstand the wash of the rocket engines but perhaps with a limit so that if you take a long time to land you risk damaging the pad
  11. *Keeping this question active!* After updating to the Xbox One patch v x.x.x.1180 patch, I followed the save conversion instructions & deleted the local copies (required by the game), and now my save list is blank. I noticed that even after a complete uninstall and reinstall that the game won't pull (sync) my saves from the Xbox Cloud. Anyone else have anything to add? Thanks, Floby XboxLive: Floby
  12. This post is created so me and other people can be up to date with recent updates and news, for the Xbox and ps4 consoles. Main reason I created it is so I can finally know when cheats come out, if they ever will.
  13. So, the game is a complete mess on Xbox One (haven't played PS4 but I'm guessing it's much the same). I'm not going to use this post to rant about the problems, I'm sure the Devs are well aware, and if not, there's plenty of other posts to reference. I was an early access player on PC and feel like I've helped support the devs, at least in a small way, to make KSP a great PC game. However, the console version is a straight port with no thought or redesign of the control scheme. It is not "fun" anymore. How do I get a refund?
  14. I decided I wanted to build a vessel in space. It was going to be fairly large. I built it with the Large docking ports, but when I turned on the engines after 2 days of assembly and prep..... It started bending and flexing etc. It was so unstable, I had to send undock all the parts, stabilize the command modules, and send a rescue ship to get all 3 kerbals that I was sending. They were quite upset with me. Im on the Xbox, so no mods. Is there a better way to build a vessel in space that is stable?
  15. Another irritation, game keeps forgetting the staging info. E.g. lift off from mun, swap to the map view, swap back and now the engine, parachutes decouplers etc are all now in the same stage. E.g. #2, build a rocket, sort the stage order out, move to the pad, staging order has changed E.g. #3, build a rocket, save it, load it later, different staging order, again. Have also had one where the order looked fine, but staging triggered the bug, combined all stages, then activated them all... Would make sense of s sort if 'reliability' was something you researched to improve, but as it is this is a royal pain
  16. This is NOT listed as a bug as of yet. I absolutely love this game and this bug breaks my heart because of the fact that I absolutely can't play until it's fixed. This is what happens: I spend literally 8 hours straight (I have no life) building, launching and I eventually manage to get 3 Mobile Prossesing Labs producing copious amounts of data (One in Kerbin orbit, One in Muner orbit and one on the surface of Minmus). On my return to the space center the game crashes. I then open KSP again and load the game and it loads the game with around a 8 hour rollback. I've lost all of my vessels, not just the ones already launched but the some of the save files of the actual vessels. I find that I don't even have the parts I used to build them unlocked yet. Obviously I was quite upset, so guess what? I persevered and DID IT ALL again, only this time, I managed to also land a probe on Eve. I go back to the space center and CRASH! I'm thinking "I'm all good, there's no way I just completely wasted all of that time again." I load the game up and was right back where I was before, with a half built ship and without some of the parts unlocked. My friend just reported he had the same issue. (Also on Xbox and we both have been playing on Science Mode.)
  17. Poor old Jeb was orbiting the Mun and went for an EVA to collect the materials bay data. Along the way he lost his grip and I wasn't able to tell him to grab back on in time as I had the bay menu open. I hit LB+ Long B to switch on RCS but nothing is happening. I have mono-propellant in the capsule which is all I thought you needed to turn on RCS, is there some upgrade I'm missing or is this a bug?
  18. I'm not certain, but it juts randomly came into my head that the triggers (left trigger and right trigger) are unused in this game. With all the controls they had to map surely they could have used them for something? Zoom maybe? Also, in the map mode, having target switching on left bumper and right bumper is KILLING ME. The bumper buttons are so heavily utilized that I end up accidentally triggering these at least once per mission.
  19. Ok. If this turns out to be useless I'll delete. I'll be erasing the already fixed bugs from the list (Feel free to add more). Edit: I've only found about about the Bug Reporter now, didn't know I do anything there but to see which bugs have already been addressed. So I'll be reporting these bugs from the list there as well. -Unable to target a survey/observation mission marker from the Map View mode. When I click over the marker a small blank window pops up (also dropping my frames down to somewhat close to 5FPS until I close the window). This same window should have a button called "Activate Navigation" so I could see the survey place from the NavBall -Cannot change Damper and Spring values of landing gears like in the PC version - It doesn't show up when I open the landing gear settings window in the editor (Bug?) -When I build crafts with the landing gears connected to an aerodynamic part or a girder strut and try launching it, as soon as the game loads on the runway the landing gear wheels are kind of stuck into the ground and start jumping in place (the wheel stress bar also keeps jumping as if it was hitting the ground constantly). The same thing happens when these same wheel get in contact with the terrain (I tried dropping the craft from a small height with the Launch Stability Enhancer, but as soon as the wheels touch the ground this glitch happens) -Cannot see the "Gear blocked Yes/No" indicator when opening the context menu on the landing gears. -Sometimes I cannot close a opened context menu nor can open others, forcing me to reload the game. This happened yesterday, I opened the context menu from the air intake from my craft and couldn't close it by pressing B, nor could I open other's parts context menus. -FPS drop with Dynawing Final Approach Scenario and Dynawing Reentry Scenario (Seriously needs a fix on these FPS drops - I've bought KSP on console because my PC wouldn't run it very well. And then I have FPS drops (Noticeable Drops!) on the Xbox as well...). -Tutorial mission popup's always take me off the craft controls. This is a problem in tutorials which involves orbiting maneuvers. As I'm trying to cut throttle to stop a burn the bloody menu pops up, forcing me to have to switch back to ship controls first so I can then cut the burn (it normally makes my burns go past the line, forcing me to burn retrograde (or the opposite) to fix it). -Crafts falling into the ground and exploding when loading a quicksave on the runway -Unable to switch steerable landing gear control to trigger button. I wish you could set the steer axis to the trigger as you can do with Yaw controls when activating Advanced Flight Mode (<Modifier> + <Y>)
  20. Just to be clear, I'm not ranting here, just speaking for me and my fellow console players. First off, congratulations to Squad and Flying Tiger for porting this amazing game to consoles. Of course some bugs were to be expected. My only issue is the lack of response we've gotten as to when we can expect fixes. I'm sure you guys are super busy, especially considering that you're actively hiring at the moment. We would just love to see something along the lines of "Hey guys, we have acknowledged these issues and we're sorting them out asap. You can expect to see a fix in the next few days" or something along those lines. I live and breathe KSP and I personally, am unable to play on the PC, so this is gut wrenching for me. I can handle a few bugs here and there but we have a game breaker on both Xbox one and PS4. We would just like a little peace of mind knowing that we haven't been forgotten and knowing that we won't have to sit here twiddling our thumbs waiting on a fix for our purchase. I feel that the $40 we spent on this game at least merits some response here and there. Don't get me wrong, I'm no naysayer asking for my money back, just a (very) dedicated gamer waiting on my fix.
  21. I replied to a post a little while ago with this and I figured it might help if we all have a discussion to narrow down the root of the game breaking bugs. Please state your console followed by the full details leading up to your crash/loss of data. Here's my experience on Xbox One: Start a game, get multiple vessels in action (as in orbit, landings, and I'm pretty sure the MPLs might be playing a part in this), make sure you've got some debris from spent fuel tanks in orbit (might play a part in this) and then time warp. "Works" for me everytime. The game will crash, you re-open it and you are then reverted to an extremely earlier state. After that, it will continue to crash and it will always revert to the same state. Has anyone experienced this issue WITHOUT deploying any MPLs? This might help narrow it down.
  22. Love the game. First day of playing was just fine (Sunday). Loaded up again yesterday (Monday) and the game loaded fine but from there the menu selection responds very slowly, if at all. I wanted to go into Scenarios and try DynaWing landing. Clicking Scenario has no response or responds anywhere from immediately or minutes after the click. It's the same once I get into scenario selection menu. Actually got into the scenario itself where I was controlling the DynaWing but upon crash of the vehicle, I can bring up the crash summary but no options to do anything (reload, end, etc.). I'm stuck at the crash site. All other menu selection responds similarly = very very slow, if at all. Tried restarting XB1, deleting the save, deleting the 4GB buffer, etc. Everything but re-install. Might do that tonight.
  23. Can you use the debug menu on Xbox one? I like using some of those features in the sandbox.
  24. So, controller mapping seems to be one issue for the console release of Kerbal Space Program. This post will collate control mapping options, please post as you find them and figure things out. I'll update the OP as a master list. Look Inversion - My brain hurts when things are flipped. On Xbox One you might find the Xbox Accessories app useful. You have options to invert the look inversion of either thumbstick Y axis. (note: this will change it in all game modes including the VAB ans SPH) Button Mapping - Careful what you wish for. The same Xbox Accessories app on the One also has the option to remap any button on your controller. Of course, if you think about it just for a few seconds you'll realize this is virtually useless in this case ('cause you can't map buttons based on specific game modes ). Unlisted Controls already Mapped! Editor Controls (VAB/SPH) Duplicate part(s) Highlight part then Hold Right Bumper + Press A That's what I've found so far, please add to it, Cheers!