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Found 1 result

  1. Coming Soon to A Kerbin Near You... Now Here! The Skyranger from XCOM: Enemy Unknown is the first installment of the XKOM Ships Pack, a pack to bring XCOM into KSP. COMING SOON: The Firestorm Interceptor and Weapons! SCREENSHOTS (From Early Closed Beta and Interceptors Update Beta) Mods Featured: XKOM (Us), LackLusterLabs (Airlock), BD Armory FPS (Guns) Interceptors Update screenshots: THE XKOM TEAM CENTRAL OFFICER Njmksr (Lead Programmer/Modeler/Texturer) CHIEF ENGINEER SpannerMonkey(smce) TEST PILOT Dafni TEST PILOT Neutrinovore TEST PILOT Deimos Rast TEST PILOT Spartan_MiniMe SPECIAL THANKS TO: The development teams at Firaxis & 2K Games, and to Julian Gollop, the creator of XCOM. A NOTE ABOUT TEST PILOTS: Since space is limited*, submissions for test pilots are now closed. Thanks for your enthusiasm, and I may need more recruits for XKOM down the line.