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Found 1 result

  1. This adds a small XenonScoop "Inductocatalyzer" part, and Atmo resource Allows player to extract Xenon from atmospheric worlds. For Kerbal Space Program [1.0.5] Album Link By MrChumley - based on original .cfg file by NovaSilisko uses model and texture by porkjet REQUIRES ModuleManager! D/L Link: Installation: Place the XenonScoop folder inside your KSP/Gamedata folder. Please note: This is essentially just a ModuleManager .cfg. It reuses meshes and textures from the existing radial intake. Includes a new resource (Atmo) to let it use non-oxygenated atmospheres too. Based on original .cfg file by NovaSilisko, uses built-in model and textures by porkjet. Enjoy. License= CC0