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Found 3 results

  1. Just thought I'd share a bit of spirit with everyone! How's your year been? Did you celebrate much? Or did you stay at home and watch other people have fun on TV like me?
  2. This year system uses the decimal clock, 10 kiloseconds in one day... It also uses Greek and Spanish for the names. Months: Eniember Diember Triember Tetrember Pentember Hexember Heptember Octember Enniember December Endecember Dodecember All of these months have 30 days, and use the following days of the week: Solday Lunaday Miercuday Venuday Terriday Marday Jupiteday Saturday Uranoday Neptoday There is 36 weeks in a year, and there is one extra mont
  3. I've been working on an orrery for the Kerbol system and I've run into a couple of issues with regard to the length of Kerbin's year. Using values from the wiki and extracted from the game (suppposedly) using HyperEdit, I've managed to calculate this year length: Parameter Symbol Value Source Gravitational Constant G 6.67408 ∙ 10-11 m3/(kg ∙ s2) From patch notes Accelerati
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