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Found 1 result

  1. Threads of the Month July!

    Heya Kerbs, it's that time of the month again where I flood the forum with stickies showcase your threads, after all it's you girls and guys who make this forum what it is Joining me this month in choosing top threads from around the forums are... @Mrsupersonic8, @Speeding Mullet, @UnusualAttitude, @Draconiator, And @Spaceception! First up we're in the Spacecraft Exchange, but not with a ship, instead we have @Columbia's much needed guide to posting craft on the KSP forums! In Challenges we have @icedown and his Heavy SSTO efficiency challenge, bro do you even lift? @inigma joins icedown in Challenges this month with his air superiority challenge! (submitted before but missed out) and comes with an intro video by Draconiator! I have two entries from Fanworks this month, first @Pine amazes us with his artistic skills, redrawing screenshots in a bright, colourful and I'd say Kerbally way. Followed by a Perfect Tomorrow, by @Creature! And a brace of Elcano threads (that means a pair or two, not a couple ) from Mission Reports, starting with @Maverick_aus on Kerbin... And @HoloYolo a little further away on the furthest planet, Eeloo! Daring to enter DYJ's dominion we find @NecroBones with a pachyderm propellant plume propulsion platform plugin! And doubling up one more time this month, here's two Science threads I could not choose between, so check out @FreeThinker's thread on Mun, er I mean Moon. And @ProtoJeb21's thread on searching for exomoons! And finally we have @flyboy67109, asking us what hobbies we have besides KSP That's all for this TOTM, see you next month! Last months TOTM, you'll never be forgotten Felipe.