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Found 60 results

  1. Hello everyone, I hope you like my builds, craft files will be up at a later date. Anyone here know how to make a reverse blimp? lemme know. I love U
  2. CHALLENGE Can you give me a challenge Idea? If you want a challenge, land 50 kerbals on the Dres Canyon. Send me a video if you want my challenge.
  3. What are the best recording and editing softwares for making KSP videos?
  4. So I've been thinking of this idea to have my channel (it doesn't have any content yet) be at least mostly of KSP stuff. But, I don't know what certain video type I should start out with.
  5. I recently started to make some Carreer Mode Playthrough/Let's Play Videos. I just wanted to record what I do and my Thoughts about it, even though I know most likely almost nobody is going to watch them. Anyway, I'm interested in Opinions about it; guess I still have to massively improve my speaking as it is highly unusual for me to speak without direct Audience (I am even reluctant to speak onto Phone Mailboxes). Oh yes, and my Accent is ridiculous So here's the Playlist:
  6. I created this poll just for everyone's general opinion. If one isn't in the poll, please say who it is in the comments as polls are restricted to 20 options.
  7. Hello there! Before you contact me for submitting an entry at or go to my Discord DM's (Hojoz#3678) Please keep in mind that if there's enough interest I'm allowing 16 submissions total, and that I'm not trying to compete with other YouTube fighter competitions. You can discuss the competition on my public Discord server: (
  8. This is the idea (I have not found a page like this) : to list the video (and playlist if it exists) gameplay series on youtube made by ksp players all at the same place : Title / Author / KSP ver + major mods / #episodes (avg lenght) / Date / Comments -------------------------------- In progress Series : KSP 1.7 Carrière [FR] / Kerbal Panda / 1.7.2 + USI/NF / 15 (~30m) / 22 May 2019 / No cut Carreer in 1.7.2 (French) RealismOverhaul RP-1 (Official Release) / grayduster / 1.3.1 + RO/RSS/RP-1 1.0 / 07 (~30m) / 5 April 2019 / Second Career Video Serie in Official RP-1 ! =) Glorious Soviet Space Program / NathanKell / 1.3.1 + RO/RSS/RP-1 / 11 (~1h) / 14 March 2019 / Soviet Space Program ! KSP 1.6 with Kerbalism / Raiz Space / 1.6 + Kerbalism / 23 (~35m) / 3 January 2019 / Kerbalism quick adventure KSP 1.3.1 with Realism Overhaul RP-1 / Raiz Space / 1.3.1+ RO/RSS/RP-1 1.0 / 30 (~35m) / 11 December 2018 / First Career Video Serie in Official RP-1 ! =) KSP RP-0 / Cosmonaut Crash / 1.1.3 + RO/RSS/RP-0 / 543 (~25m) / 16 July 2016 / What a huge number of episodes ! (no persistent rotation) -------------------------------- Finished Series : RealismOverhaul RP-1 / grayduster / 1.3.1 + RO/RSS/RP-1 / 20 (~40m) / 12 February 2018 / RP-1 ! =) Rusty RP-1 / NathanKell / 1.3.1 + RO/RSS/RP-1 / 25 (~1h) / 30 January 2018 / Testing RP-1 Let's play KSP RSS / Hardcore Edward / 1.2.2+ RO/RSS/RP-0/MKS-USI/KBPS.... / 176 (~45m) / 27 December 2017 / Alternate history recreations Beyond History / Raiz Space / 1.1.3 + RO/RSS/RP-0 / 48 (~40m) / 28 November 2017 / Continuation of his previous realism overhaul series. R3 / HedgeDog / 1.2.2 + RO/RSS/RP-0 / 9 (~20m) / 7 June 2017 / quick, entertaining episodes showcasing how real the struggle really is. KSP Multiplanetary Species / Justin Bright / 1.2 to 1.3.1 + MKS/USI Collection / 103 (~30m) / 18 October 2016 / Comments RP-0 Tutorial Campain / NathanKell / 1.2.2 + RO/RSS/RP-0 / 80 (~1h30m, no cuts) / 11 June 2016 / Long but cool to learn RO ! RO in 1.1.2 / Raiz Space / 1.1.2 to 1.1.3 + RO/RSS/RP-0 / 80 (~40m) / 18 May 2016 / Realism overhaul series, prequel of Beyond History. Beginners Guide to KSP / NerdySpaceMan / 1.0.4 / 20 (~20m) / 21 September 2015 / Beginners Guide to KSP Serious Business / Scott Manley / 1.0.4 + RO/RSS/RP-0 / 35 (~20m) / 24 August 2015 / Scott Manley live comments and humor Project Alexandria / Bob Fitch / 0.25 to 1.0.4 + RSS / 16 (~35m) / 22 November 2014 / History of spacefligh from 1957 to 1969 -------------------------------- I've done my best to make the presentation clear. Help me to make this catalogue bigger =) Feel free to reply and suggest your series !
  9. Hello, this will be quick. I'm working on a youtube video and I need as many of y'all as possible to take the poll above: whether or not you think that the EM Drive runs is valid. Thanks for taking this poll, really appreciate it. I'll post a link to video once its completed. Disclaimer, it was done on a 0$ budget by three guys without a lot of spare time and so the quality is pretty bad :/. You have been warned, but we do have a debate with valid reasons and statements. Happy Explosions!
  10. Hey folks, If interested, I've just uploaded a new KSP video on YouTube if you guys want to check it out. Would appreciate the feedback and pointers if you guys have em'. I wanted to make this for new players who are joining from playstation side and haven't gotten the chance to play Kerbal Space Program before (like myself!) Just want to say that I think Kerbal Space Program is a great example of an outstanding game. Great message and gameplay combined - I could go on for hours .. but then people think you're nuts. here's a video I made instead... Here's the link:
  11. I make a lot of space video using KSP - mostly real missions, but some other ones too. That latest is...
  12. Introduction I have decided to abandon a previous project and make a new one. I've decided to do something that, no one that I know of has ever done before. A YouTube series and text, all in one. It will be succeeded by my friend @The Minmus Derp's upcoming fanfic, set about 200 (Kerbals live super long, that's like 2 months to you) years after Seeker (which ends in 2200). I personally think that Lucida Sans Unicode is a much smoother font than Arial, so it will be used prominently. At the end of every book, there will be a notice in Comic Sans (see below) This ends Book Sixteen - Test. Next coming soon! In spoilers below are snippets you may like to read. In the post below are sneak peaks of future chapters and authors notes. This is basically a bunch of mission reports ( e.g. K.S.S. Salvation ), an R&D ride (movie sets), and a fun thing. It will be a few "books" long. Thus, without further ado: Book One - Rescue. (note: links are provided for ease of reading) Very important authors notes below. I use 1.4.2, some features shown in Project Seeker may be outdated. PLEASE NOTE VRY IMPORTANT Table of contents: Book One - Rescue Prelouge-here Prolouge-here Chapter I-Holey Moho!- Here Chapter II - The KSS Salvation - Page 1 Chapter IV Hey, don't forget the Salvation!!- 1 Episode 5 - The K.S.S. Firestar - YouTube/Page 1 Chapter VI Enter Stellala. - p1 Chapter VII - Waitwaitwait, we're rescuing who now?? - p1 Chapters 8 and 9: A Ghost's Lamentation - p2 Chapter 10 - The Rescue of Natallian Kerman (or On With The Show!) - p2 Chapter 11 - 'Twas the Night Before The First Day of the Rest of Your Life Book Two - Mystic Prolouge - She Was Alone Supplementary material: Prelouge: In the begining, there was Eden. Eden was a beautiful planet, with lush hills. Creatures called "Darbels" lived there. But eventually, Eden was decimated by TX and Eden's highly toxic moon, Serpent crashed there. Some Darbels fled, some to unknown regions, some to Kerbin, where they shed their purple toxin-resistant skin, some to Duna, where their scales turned blue, to protect from the harsh cold, and the remaining population of Eve sealed themselves in a pocket universe, living in eternal peace. Prolouge: And now, 90,002 years after the decimation of Eden, Kerbin is thriving. There is a ship called the K.S.S. Inspiration on its way to a Jool Aerobrake, and another called the X_X_X_ XXXXXXXX orbiting XXXX. Sadly though, not all Kerbals support Kolinization. The X_X_X_ XXXXXXXX is the XXXXXXXXXXXX of the XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXX. XX, XXX XXX XXXX XXXX, life is good. worm·hole ˈwərmˌhōl/ noun noun: wormhole; plural noun: wormholes a hole made by a burrowing insect larva or worm in wood, fruit, books, or other materials. PHYSICS a hypothetical connection between widely separated regions of space-time. Chapter 1: Holey Moho! Gene Kerman walked into Tracker room 01 of the KSC Tracking Station. The little Mystery Goo inside twisted itself into a shape that, very clearly asked "Hiya, Gene! Whatcha doing here?" It was creepy and uncanny how Goo could say exactly what they wanted without talking. "Hi, Goo," Gene said. "I got bored, so I walked in to check on the mission status." "Well, then, don't let me bother you!" the Goo ... twisted? said? expressed? "I'll flash a warning on-screen if anything happens," the Mechanical Jebidiah unit in the room said. " 'Kay, Jeb. Now, let's see..." "Oh, yes, um, Jeb, zoom out, activate instruments." "On it!" "Deactivate notifications." "Show Relays, Probes, Ships, Stations. Then zoom out, switch to holo-mouse control." "Alrighty!" Hmm, Gene thought. Where's the Tracked Objects list? "Jeb? Where's the Tracked Objects List?" "Huh. Um, main computer, where's the Tracked Objects List?" "Huh," a new voice said, presumably the TSMC. "KSC Central, have you any idea where the Tracked Objects list is?" "Hmm," the voice of the KSCCC said, "I don't know..." The whole room fell into silence. If the KSC Central couldn't figure something out, no-one could. Then Gene spoke up, addressing all the computers in the room, the Goo, and all the workers inside the TS at the time. "Well, --" "GENE, THERE IS A VERY LARGE OBJECT INBOUND TO KSC TRACKING STATION!" "What the Kraken?!!" "RUN!" And Gene ran. I promise, the Seeker Project is very far from over... (I know it made no freaking sense but it will be critical to the later story) Jump to Next Chapter
  13. There is a large lack of kerbal youtube channels that focus primarily on Kerbal Space Program Enhanced edition... So I went and created one.. But without an audience, I cannot grow (Because of how youtube algorithms work) So come support me here: I put out weekly uploads: Monday at 4:00pm central standard time!
  14. Idk if yall have noticed but there is a stunning lack of diversity in kerbal channels, none of them specialize in PLAYSTATION/XBOX kerbal... so i set of to make my own. come check me out, tell me what you think
  15. This is basically my thread for posting my videos on, hoping that someone sees them, views them and likes them (Not like button like but like as in it's good content) My channel on YouTube is HojozVideos, and amongst other stuff I post random KSP videos and Cedara Fighting Competition ones, which is oriented at fighters made using BD Armoury continued. Please excuse me for any mistakes, I'm new to the KSP forums.
  16. Took about two months make, but it has been well worth it. The featured planes will be available on KerbalX soon, the build timelapses will be uploaded on my YouTube channel.
  17. Considering creating a new KSP channel and would like suggestions for a first mission Thanks!
  18. Hey I want to know what camera control mod is used by YouTubers such as Hazard-ish. Thanks!
  19. Hi! I am searching for a content creator who has made a vod series playing KPS using some of the mods I am. Mainly UIS life support, interstellar and remote tech. I have about 80-ish mods installed many to add parts and to create new challenges. Commentary is preferred over music vods. Any recommendations?
  20. I am working in a mod that adds huge parts for youtube videos. I am talking about facades that you cheat somewhere and make a video on that. First plate texture( very high, 4060x4060p, it can take some time to load on the post, if you have a slow internet connection)
  21. The Excursion C deep space exploratory craft is designed with a trip to Duna in mind, but to make sure the design is sound, we sent it around the Mun first. Featured Mods: Stockalike Station Parts Redux by Nertea: (By default the mod matches its greenhouse lighting to the rest of the window lights. To make it purple, follow Nertea's instructions here: Near Future Technologies by Nertea: Music: Unwritten Return Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
  22. This is the most recent video, launching two military ships and a a rescue mission, and some other stuff! I would love to hear your constructive criticisms, stuff you like and stuff you would add! I am also accepting crafts for the series, with these rules -No mods -500 parts or less -state if you would like it to be used on the Communist side or the /K/ommando Co side (or if you dont care what side, let me know) -Media fire/drop box downloads GREATLY appreciated! I will include your forum username, and I am excited to see what you have made! Let me know what you guys think
  23. So, i love kerbal, its my most played game in the last year by miles! and a while back i was launching a rocket and was destroyed while getting to orbit be some debri, i have only launched 8 or 9 ships, so the odds of being smacked by a jettisoned stage was astronomical (pun just a happy accident). just foward a few weeks later, a fresh install, new mods, and AGAIN orbital rocket violation of my spacecraft.... Now i barely believe this happened, and i saw it! So as is the modern rule, if its not on tape it never happened... Bandicam gets bought and installed (if its good enough for Scott Manly) and i start recording, then i get an idea for a series, and thats where this starts.... Now i start at episode 5 because thats where i actually bought a headset instead of using the built in laptop mic. So enjoy! Im not great at anything but i do have a laugh with this.
  24. I'm having some trouble with intakes... Air Race!
  25. Have anyone know mods that Achroma uses ?