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A newspaper to read about KSC achievements

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Perhaps it has been suggested already, this requires little effort to implement but adds to the career gameplay 'atmosphere' a lot! Basically I wish to read a fresh newspaper 'Kerbal Times' or whatever where the headlines would comment my actions like:

KSC blows another rocket!

KSC sends probe to Jool!

Is upgraded runway waste of money?

13 dead in a week! Our report from the deadliest place on Kerbin...

Do we really need science?


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It can either be shown by clicking a button on the toolbar - or (a nicer approach) is can lay down on the table in the astronaut complex. You click on it and read.

Also it can be shown in the debriefing screen (mission results) or just spin out on the screen following some major events.

Also, the tone of the headlines should reflect the current reputation.

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I think we could have another building, like a museum of sort, that display all our achievements, along with news paper clippings such as this. Or we can simply get them as a part of mission report that we can read every time something returns home or blow up. Or maybe just every week or so in-game time, it pops up.

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well, this is a nice idea but making it working really good would be more complex than the entire game at the moment

a simple one though could be like in xcom


there is a bar in situation room shows the actual news which depend on what happened and how well u've done

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I was thinking of it the way "Game Dev Tycoon" does with their reviews, when you complete something, a little "website" or "Newspaper" shows up (preferably at the KSC overview) where you can read about it, and as said here, add a 'lil library to the KSC :)

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