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King of the Hill

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Here's how it goes. You're supposed to attempt to take the hill by any means possible. Be nice and make your own hill, or slaughter the above poster however you want (don't get too graphic though)

No roleplaying.

Destroying the hill is allowed as is making your own hill.


Poster 1: I take the hill by force. My hill.

Poster 2: I make my own hill and let poster 1 have his hill. Poster 1's hill.

Poster 3: I nuke both hills. My irradiated hills.


My hill.

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I fill in the crater with you in it and have a mountain.

My mountain.

I find you and backstab you.

I also build an impenetrable bunker.


My hill and bunker.

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I steal Mince\'s H-bomb and blow the hill and bunker!

My large crater and indestructible bunker!

I dig under and into your bunker and kill everyone.

My crater and deserted indetructable bunker!

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I use a radio to call for a bombing raid to free me. The ensuing destruction frees me from the obsidian and traps NIN3 in a cave blocked by the twisted hot metal of the launch tower.

My blocked rubble cave with NIN3 in it.

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(jeez, we should probably let some one else play lol)

I walk up to megatron, and hand him a caculation to make, which just so happens to be a devide by zero problem. He explods in a ball of fire, killing you.

My hill composed of dead robots.

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I slowly make my way up the hill in a cardboard box, then jump out and shoot you with a tranquilizer gun, and throw you into the dungin I make out of the robot parts. For some reason it calls itself Glados. Idunno why.

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I convince Glados to let me out on the condition that I let it free. I lied, and blow up Glados, and the shrapnel kills NIN3 in the process.

My hill of broken robot parts, decimated dungeons, and dead numbers.

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