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King of the Hill


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On 5/31/2018 at 3:01 PM, Fraston said:

I hire 1,000,000,000 minions with excavators to turn them into hills again. 

All the hills in the universe are now mine.

all my hills and migori hill.

I delete your .cfg from the Universe’s file.

My hills.

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The universe still has protogent. There are now two universes. Due to an error, I am now a god. I bridge the gap between them and make more hills with my god powers.

My godly hills.

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My soul Implants suggestions into the heads of foundry workers, after a fitting body for my soul is fabricated, i brainwash them and take the host.

My appearance scares everyone so much that I walk into the hill without opposition.

My hill.

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*akward silence*

 My soul breaks the silence by summoning a god and taking their powers. 

I am a god yet again. It is the least of my powers to claim the hill and everything on it.

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