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King of the Hill


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I destroy every hill on earth, and build a new hill on mars, before filling the earth’s atmosphere with decaying plutonium 238 (well, the kind in rtgs) dust, rendering it a tropical radioactive wasteland. I establish a government on mars with the express purpose of keeping mars’s natural beauty (It’s much prettier than earth, which is a high gravity, thick atmosphere, life-form filled wasteland) by preventing terraforming, other than giving it a thicker, oxygenated atmosphere. I build a hill within our largest military complex. 

My red Martian hill! 
(Yes, I really hate Earth, but just because I was born here, doesn’t mean it isn’t the worst planet (It is my least favorite planet.))

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Mars is superior to earth!
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I annihilate your new hill with a gigantic Mass Driver from orbit, blasting it to atoms.

(Strictly speaking, I didn't touch it...)

Then, I simply invert Earth's heightmap terrain, moutains become oceans, oceans become mountains, and the crater is now a hill.

My inverted crater hill.

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I use some tunnel boring machines to drill into the side of your crater/hill/thing. After enough holes,  it then collapses.

Since most of the material is still physically there, just in the form of piles of loose rock, I compact it back together into a hill.

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