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King of the Hill


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I perform a topological inversion on the world, and there's now a single island with a single hill on it in the middle of an infinite sea with infinite depth (yes I like it :) ).

Then I save the game and edit persistent.sfs so the following parameters can't be changed:







And I delete all the save files other than persistent.sfs, which I burn on the hard disk of the computer. No one can undo this, because I emptied the trash before leaving.

My island-hill, alone on the sea

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A massive asteroid crashes into Kerbin's sea and after the world wide tidal wave has finished, half of it rises out of the sea to form.

MY Asteroid Mountain.

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One of the KSC’s  anti aircraft missile launchers noticed the flying hill and nukes it out of the sky. I go to the crash site and claim a random piece of debris from the previous asteroidm-hill (now no longer floating for no reason whatsoever) as my hill.


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