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King of the Hill


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But the Pol Police does. Non-natural radiations are now forbidden on Pol.

The rebelling act is not according to Pol Laws. Keep in mind that Pol is a place of pilmgrimage, as Kerbals love Hills above all.

My non-radiative and protected and sacred Hill.


P.S: We could make a whole story with some of the posts in this thread.

The War of Hills — A KSP Story.

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A poll was done on Pol and it was found that no body would touch the Police with a thousand foot pole. As such the Pol police were POLitely removed using a thousand and 1 foot pole and a new free and democratic society was created and I was given the hill to be the new capital.

Capital Hill.

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Using the valley as a mold I freeze the water, turn the world upside down and give it a good tap release my cast and then place my new Ice mountain range down.

My Ice Mountain Hills.

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