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The Kerluminnati is taking over!


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Hello, people of Kerbin.

This is a message from the Kerluminatti HQ. We know all, see all and are capable of all. You are our subjects. Accept it or die.

We have come to seize control over KSC so that way we will have control of Kerbalkind's space exploration capabilities. FEAR US! MUAHAHAHA!

We will begin sending diplomatic spacecraft over to Bop, a moon of jool in order to begin our alliance with the Kraken and all it's children. We will locate the ihabitants of the Sol system and work with it, for we have.....counterparts......on its third planet.

We will then proceed with our ultimate plan. Evil will always triumph over good, and we will triumph over the universe.


Now that the intro's done, we'd like to state that for too long has the public veiwed us as only a crummy interior light supplier for the HypeTrain! We wil lrise to power and enslave the entire UNIVERSE!!!!11111111111111111111111111111!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111111111111ONE1111

ALL will tremble before us!

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Fun fact about comic sans: It was designed to be used in one situation, with one format, in a kids program for windows.

It was, for some reason, shipped with a version of windows, as a default, usable font. So if you ever wonder why it looks terrible..

It was only designed for one situation, and it didn't look half-bad there. Other situations weren't in the design spec.

Which is why I absolutely advocate an alternative, if you need to use comic sans, don't use comic sans. Use comic neue. It was optimized FOR these situations in which comic sans isn't suitable, while maintaining the status as "font-like-6-year-old-writing".

And as always, a source to prove i'm not raving stark mad. http://www.connare.com/whycomic EDIT: tl;dr for the source: typographer figured comic sans would be better than Times New Roman for a cartoon talking dog

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