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[1.4.1] Monkey Business Inc.( classicparts+octolander+retroparts)

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Monkey Business Inc. by Blacksky33 with ManuxKerb, MacBooker.


MODS LIST (latest versions):   parts mods should work for 1.2.2 

(delete older version before install new one ... for more safety).

(i recommand to use tweakscale, interstellarfueltankswitcher, tantares , stock revamp, nearfuturtech,community ressource pack).


Black parts v1.1.3  = https://www.dropbox.com/s/843xx7to09mss0t/MBIblackparts1.1.3.zip?dl=0

! you need interstellar fueltank switcher ( otherwise fueltank are empty)  and NFT solar pack ( for 360° solar intake)!


LK 2 parts 1.1.3 =  http://www.dropbox.com/s/5qxja6q7pmvuyez/LKrework1.1.2.zip?dl=0



INEX octo lander v1.1.1 =www.dropbox.com/s/w9jz4mw8gfp8eu4/MBIv1.1.1octo.rar?dl=0

! you need interstellar fueltank switcher ( otherwise fueltank are empty) !

Octogonal landing solution, made with an internal fueltank and an external fueltank. Don't waste  engine weight(+landing legs) and use a single engine for descente and ascension for  landing manoeuvre.



MBI parts v1.1.2 = https://www.dropbox.com/s/knyktmv5colwie4/MBIpartsv1.1.2.zip?dl=0

! you need interstellar fueltank switcher ( otherwise fueltank are empty)!

Some parts i made. first circular(ring int/ext fueltank) landing solution i made. i will rework some of them...



MBI retro parts v1.2.1 = https://www.dropbox.com/s/ctqjl806x5eemki/MBIretro12pre.zip?dl=0

Some parts i made to complete Tantares, Contares , BDB. 

! you need interstellar fueltank switcher ( otherwise fueltank are empty)  and NFT solar pack ( for 360° solar intake)!


MEM v0.1 = https://www.dropbox.com/s/fkk23rp3u6iiwdw/MEMv0.1.rar?dl=0

WIP... A 3 parts mod for duna landing, i'm not happy with this design, i will rework it  somedays. ^^


NUC v0.1 = https://www.dropbox.com/s/hy5oaq04r66jik4/NUC.rar?dl=0

Config change for nuclear engine in RSS, it will add a nuclear reactor (like near future electrical) and engine use electriccharge provide by nuclear reactor to run.

You need to start engine then right-clic to activate reactor, be careful it produce heat.

You will need communityressourcepack, nearfutureelectrical and mods with parts.


kspispeditor v0.1 = https://www.dropbox.com/s/9kn3f9125rhkmva/kspispeditor.rar?dl=0

With KIDS mod not support for ksp 1.0.4, i made this mod with MacBooker.

kspispeditor will edit engines .cfg files to multiply isp values. be careful don't us it twice. (it multiply previous value).

Install it in GameData and doubleclic on .bat file let him work, done.

The .ps1 file is the code you can edit it to change isp multiplier.

>>>Give me feedback if you like my mods.



-1.0.4 compatible.
- some reworks and less parts, lighter parts.
-4cargos releases.
-balance fixes.





-tree tech balance fixes.
-cost balance fixes.

-ringservicemodule release.
-ringfuelmonoext release.
-ringfuelmonoint release.
-balance fixes.

-ringcmdpodmk1 release.

-ringlegs release.
-ringlegsadaptator release.
-[COLOR=#333333]uncompatible with previous save games. 
[/COLOR]-tweakscale compatibility.

-initiale 4 parts release.



v0.12 = https://www.dropbox.com/s/at111eypyfnhajg/MBIv0.12.rar?dl=0

v0.10 = https://www.dropbox.com/s/61te7rp1hxja1k4/MBIv0.10.rar?dl=0


Monkey Business Inc. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0

International License.


TANTARES blueprints:



N1 mission:




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Blacscy, I think you should make some sort of landing leg/engine hybrid for your 2 stage landing magic That way the player doesn't have to add their own landing engine to the 2stage thing for the landing part. Maybe you could also try to invent some kind of science thing? Or what about an inline solar panel/battery contraption that comes in 2.5m, 1.25m, and .635m variations for peoples ships? The .635 one would be perfect for probes, especially if it had a small reserve or Xenon gas or something, that way all they'd need to do is slap on an engine of their choice (because other mods) and use space tape to attach it to a lifter and put it into orbit!

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You can make a nifty little low-grav lander with the nested tanks quite easily.



If you don't mnd me asking, other than the parts from this mod, what mod parts do you have installed? those legs for example .3. their pretty sweet looking!

Aside from question:

I just had a (surprisingly) successful return mission from the Mun using the 2part lander stage. I even got to visit three biomes! I had to tap into a little impactor probe (for Interstellar), draining it, but ended up being able to fling it into the air using a procedural part hybrid rocket (really awesome mod, i'll put link here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/104236-0-90-Hybrid-Rocket-Booster?p=1753982 its not a download, so you'll have to copy the text into a .txt document and rename it as a .cfg for MM) and ended up getting two explosions out of it! in total raking up 300 science from the one impactor. After lining up Kerbin and the probe, I launched, using all five rockets, the lifter attached to the inner tank, the two SRB's used to push it up fast and quick, and the two hybrid SRB's (super high thrust and ISP, and controllable thrust .o. ) putting myself onto a collision course with Kerbin. I'm glad that it worked, having it set up so I could ditch the lifting part of the rocket, including the Hybrid rockets, leaving just the probe core and Sepitrons attached as it gracefully and slowly glided down through the atmosphere and touched the ground ever so gracefully smacked the atmosphere at nearly 4000m/s, breaking off the hybrid rockets, leaving me with the lifter and sepitrons and parashoots, thankefully I was able to slow down to a blistering gentle 800m/s before I ditched the lower stage, slowing me down enough to safely deploy the parashoots and land. All of that was made possible due to another mod called Science Containers (look it up... freeking life savor, literally!), pulling all the science into the probe core, so I could return it with as little as possible :3

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Blacsky, can you give us a changelog? I mean, I'm glad there's an update... but... without downloading how do we know whats in it? If you could give us a short little blurb like:

Added part

fixed bug that did things

made compatable with non-existantmod version null

something like that. Because otherwise I'm going to stick with the current version I have

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