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[1.4.1] Monkey Business Inc.( classicparts+octolander+retroparts)


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@Virtualgenius While it looks like I might not have the last, latest version of of the Retro Parts, and for anyone who wants ANY of the MBI mods, heres a .zip that includes my whole collection of the MBI mods:
I know its large at ~228MB, but I would rather host one large file, than a bunch of individual files.

I'm not sure how long i will keep this hosted on my GoogleDrive, so if anyone wants it,

Monkey Business Inc.- ALL mods.zip

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4 hours ago, dtoxic said:

@Stone Blue thx for this, i also was searching for it....this should be archived somewhere as to not get lost

Yup... thats *exactly* what I do! Hoard  ,uhh, Collect ... I mean *Archive* every version, of EVERY KSP mod EVER made, that I can get my hands on. :P
I have over 300 GB of mod .zip files (and source files)... I pretty much have not only basically the whole SpaceDock database on my computer, but even way over and above that. :P

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I'm working on a Re Do of the MBI Parts (except the Orion Parts but maybe)

Cfgs are mostly finished but spare time is rare time and need to relearn Modelling and Texturing for refreshed models and textures of the Octo Lander Parts and other


At the Moment the old parts are usable with the Interstellar Fuel Switch. Solar Panels use the Near Future Solar Plugin. I should change that maybe too


Thanks to @Stone Blue for your backup. Found only the octo Parts on my old machine

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