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Radial goes beyond 8x (nice bug though.)




Linux(Fedora 21)x64

KSP 0.90(I beleive)x64


Phenom II 1100t

560Ti 1g edition(384 cores) Driver: 346.35(This may not be the Nvidia ones but the ones that you can install for auto update via fedora.(akmod) But not the default ones.)

8gb ram(2x4gb)

240gb Mushkin enhanced SSD

GA-970A-D3 V1.0 Mobo

<a  href=%7Boption%7Dhttp://i1262.photobucket.com/albums/ii613/PicsMe101/KSP/Screenshot%20from%202015-03-04%20111219_zpsfgijzsuf.png' alt='Screenshot%20from%202015-03-04%20111219_zpsfgijzsuf.png'>

As you may see, there are way more than 8x XL solar panels. Those were not layed on each other. It was one placement that went to 8x. I then kept hitting x to recycle down to 3x but it kept getting larger! Kind of like the bug though. We should have way to do this as a feature.

If I picked up the item and kept trying to replace it I could keep increasing the number of radial parts endlessly. But after deleting it the phenomenon went away and future XL solar panels acted as normal.

Thought I would post it though in case it helped solve problems later.

Actually, it just happened again. but goes away after replacing the item with a new one.

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I believe this is a known bug, though I can't quite remember how to reproduce it myself... there is a definite set of scenarios that will easily trigger it, though. :)

...I'm going to make a video on how to get this to happen reliably. It relies on a glitch with symmetry around a skinny, radially attached part. Though 0.90 made this more difficult, it hasn't squashed it altogether.

Will update post soon!

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