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New Modding Mondays Trend

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Hey everyone,

I tought I'd just start a new tread because I don't see one around, and I don't feel like posting it on the modding mondays post directly, cause it's not just about the last one.

"Three makes a trend" and over the last 3 Weeks (and even a bit before that) there have been Mods in the Modding Mondays (Kerbal Attachment System, RLA Stockalike and TweakScale) that I (!) consider pretty mainstream. Most pepole have heared of them trough some channel or have actually used them, so they do not need the publicity - however they deserve the credit this form of publicity grants them, cause they're great mods.

Those mods that need the publicity are the mods that are new or that are less frequently used or have a specific target audience. They have been the main Focus of MM's but seem to be falling to the sidelines.

I therefore suggest to either do a more balanced 2 new + 1 major mod approach over 3 weeks to give publicity where needed and credit where do or extend Modding mondays to feature 2 Mods each week with one being a more famous mod of the week and the other being a New Frontiers mod (it's the best name I could come up with that sounded better than "Recommended mod" or the potentially inaccurate "Newbie of the week")

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*meant to click in the reply box, opened Skyrim by accident* :confused:

Anyways, I feel like this should be looked at as well. I'd assume most people know about KAS by now. Put some deserving young forum-goer's mod up there, give him or her (or it? You never know) some popularity. Inspiring someone to continue their endeavor is more valuable than highlighting a successful mod, in my opinion.

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Although I would also prefer seeing newer stuff, it's unlikely that anything I see on Modding Monday is new to me - so I'm really not their target audience. Considering that the same Modding Monday post goes up on facebook and twitter, I'd say that the vast majority of the forum goers here simply aren't who they are targeting. And that's okay, since it's just another day to wait for devnotes tuesday. :D

But hey, we can always start our own modding mondays for new mods! I nominate michaelhester07's Civilian Population.

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I don't think the popularity of a mod should influence the feature choice.

I personally see Modding Mondays as a shoutout from the community team, to the community. It is not a "the Devs demand you play this", it is not a "Squad officially sanctions that this exists"; and it is most certainly not a sign of having won some sort of contest, or somehow a redeemable right to receive free advertising.

No, this is KSP's community team saying, in their own way, their "thank you" to us (the community) for participating, for creating content, and for being awesome. And in doing so, they in turn engage us, motivate us and foster the community spirit between us.

I personally cannot see an argument for why one person who has created something should deserve this "thank you" more than another person who has also created something. Both are equal members of the community, both have chosen to sacrifice their free time for the benefit of others. Often the only difference between the popular mainstream modder and the obscure newcomer is how long they've been doing this already - because a mod that lives longer will be discovered by more players. And suggesting that someone is somehow less deserving of a shoutout than someone else just through having the, uh... privilege? ...of having contributed for a much longer time, that is (in my own opinion) not logically sound.

There is a movement in psychology that is suggesting that our society has a bit of an "underdog complex". We are subtly influenced, through the stories we hear, the news production by the media, the social conventions we exist in and even such things as basic human compassion, to always favor the small, less powerful and less famous over the big, the more powerful and more famous. This bias exists completely independent of the actual merits of these parties, and it goes as far as us rejecting the very notion that someone who has achieved a lot might actually deserve recognition for doing so - even if the very act of achieving something took an immense amount of effort and dedication. Sure, we congratulate and respect them, but at the same time... deep down, our hearts are really with that other guy who's just had their first, tentative little success.

This is a subconscious process, and that means we aren't generally aware of it. But I think this discussion here is a very good example of how this subtle bias manifests. At such a point, when we are considering to hold one party more privileged than another, we should carefully examine our reasons for doing so... and whether there actually is a logically sound reason to sideline the lesser privileged party, or whether their work is merely worth less to us just because they aren't small and little-known.

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