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Best quotes about KSP

Mr Tiddles

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Ad astra per asparagus

It's a shame I don't know who said it first.

P.S: for those unfamiliar with latin (e.g, me), it's a joke about the latin saying "Ad astra per aspera", "To the stars through difficulties".

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"It's not just about orbiting a space station mere meters from the surface of the Mun. It's about orbiting said station mere meters from the surface of the Mun through a canyon while taking 3 Kerbals on EVA while capturing it all on epic video. It's a lithokissing ballet."

-inigma, explaining the Grinding the Crack KSP Forum Challenge.

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I know it's meant to be funny, but I can't help but sigh and shake my head a little.

I will concur. I am personally not fond of the "moar explosion"/"kerbals can't build things that don't explode" family of memes, since I've always felt the game does better when it presents an easily accessible way to show people the wonder of rocketry and space exploration.

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Since career mode came to include money, it changed my play style significantly in the early game.

Now I always say, "I'm a miser with my launch money."

(When 1.0 comes out, I'll almost certainly go back to my science save so I can relearn how to play this game.)

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KSP: to explore or to explode?

It's not rocket science. More like rocket alchemy.

Failed launch is a successful pyrotechnics show... or carpet bombing...

[any incident with guys in orange on board]

I totally blame Jeb.

[seriously, when he is there there is higher accident rate]

Astronomers proclaimed window to Jool. Amount of interplanetary crafts has doubled.

Expected craft capabilities: Jool-5. Plus-minus Dres and Eeloo.

[it really went according to the best-case estimate]

SSTO shuttle can bring rather much to orbit. Unfortunately, most of that is the shuttle itself.

How much delta v does the spaceplane have if I refuel it in orbit? 2 km/s? Let's land it on the Mun!

[from testing of my latest prototype... it did it!]

Got to Moho. Please, send fuel. Jeb.

[result of not the best Moho intercept]

Who claimed that these things work here???

[sigmund Kerman after attempt at using jets on Eve. He never got back.]

[Actually, some people claimed that on the forums back then...]

Look at the terrain not at the altimeter. You don't crash into an altimeter.

[Looking at map around Kerbin]

I think I have the new name for these satellites. Kessler.

Actually, the launch failure was not so bad. I forgot to add antenna to the payload.

[about a contract]

"Plant flag on Eve"? More like "Strand a Kerbal on Eve"!

They are not stranded, I just haven't launched the return vehicle yet.

Well designed spaceplane is the spaceplane even I can pilot reliably.

[aircraft with insufficient lift]

Cause of crash: It was flying like... the Shuttle

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