KSP slang and fun terminology

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11 minutes ago, GearsNSuch said:

(For the protection of the fellow above me, "necroposting" is perfectly fine when the topic is still relevant)

MRLV - Mostly Re-usable Launch Vehicle - A booster that mostly successfully avoids entirely exploding upon landing; parts of it can be recovered / re-used.

RED - Reversed Explosive Decoupler - A decoupler that faces the wrong way. You will neither go to space nor stay there today.

PLTR - Payload Larger Than Rocket - Newton's laws say it shouldn't have gotten to space, but it did. Somehow.

Thanks, MRLV: has one standard passanger shuttle who uses an solid first stage, also an rare mineral lander who always has explosions on landing, important not to hit runway with it as it land pretty hard. 

PLTR: many of them then launching mostly empty LV-N tugs using lots of SRB the fairing might be larger than the rocket. Mostly empty tanks and I do the last 5-800 m/s with the payload. 

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PLTR: I usually call them Panzerfausts because the payload is encased in a huge fairing that makes the rocket look sorta like the eponymous German recoilless grenade launcher.

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On 3/21/2015 at 6:07 AM, jarmund said:

"My computer is too potato"

Not sure if that's of KSP origin or not, but I never heard it before i came here.

This one is much older has early mentions from YouTube. When videos were recorded I'm really low quality, they were said to be recorded with a potato. I personally believe the origin is even earlier than that, cause I know we've been making fun of people's out of date computers since the dawn of gaming, so it seems unlikely that it first originated in the 2000s.

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