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(Solved!) Parts are causing the craft to disassemble or explode?

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My Mk1 vtol parts are having an issue where they will tear apart a craft, even if there is not any clipping involved. With parts clipped it's even worse and the craft tends to explode. Has anyone ever run into this before?

Video of it happening:

I tried removing the colliders on the doors, but still produced the effect that you can see in the video. I was using the NODE{} blocks with transforms, and I switched to the old way which is also what is in the video, but changing that didn't seem to have any effect either..

My Mk2 parts also seem to have an issue with clipping, but not nearly to the degree of the Mk1s.

In Unity:



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Maybe this has something to do with the parts being animated? I've noticed that the turbojet part from Ven's stock revamp does the same thing when clipped. I imported it to blender to take a closer look and it uses an animation to expand the nozzle. Idk why an animation would cause this problem but that's the only similarity I've found between parts that cause rapid unplanned disassembly on the runway lol.

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I've only seen this sort of thing one time, it was due to a bug with a mod, it's been fixed now. moving parts can cause colliders from different parts to push the craft apart, but it takes quite a lot of force. minor clipping between parts like your jet doesn't seem like it would cause the problem. colliders on a single part would never do anything like this. Does this happen in a clean install?

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Ah ok, what mod was that? On a clean install it seems to be normal when there is no clipping, but when parts clip into the engines parts start to wiggle a little and apply small amounts of force to the craft still. It's weird xD

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FAR or Kerbal Joint Enforcement, that was back in 0.24.5.

Hmm, yeah I'm not running KJR and have only very recently been using FAR for compatibility testing. It doesn't seem to be linked to moving colliders either because I tried making a Mk2 profile twin turbojet engine with animated nozzles, and it has no moving colliders, yet it doesn't even like to be placed on a craft without causing wonky forces to be applied to it. There isn't any info on this issue in the modding development links thread that I could find, so I'm really stumped as to how to go about fixing it. I would really like to solve it though, as these vtol parts are critical to my mod xD

If anyone would be willing to look over a model or two I can provide any files that you may need!

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