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How many saves do you guys have?


How many saves do you have?  

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  1. 1. How many saves do you have?

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On my PC, i have like 10 different saves, all with interesting missions going on, but because i use lots of mods and keep installing new ones, meaning new saves. Although I'm now trying to standardize my mods, when i read a lot of posts on here people talk about their one save.

It made me think, how many people have more than one save? And if you have more than 1, what is the reason behind it?

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I have one career game, two sandbox games and one sandbox game in separate installation of KSP with realism overhaul and real solar system mods. I have also some number of backup copies of savefiles etc.

I have also several old versions from 0.18.

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4 saves currently.

Default- main career (I restarted it last night because my civie pop mod rent income had to be nerfed BADLY, also for QA on that mod)

Default FAR- If i ever get around to FAR again


Testbed- These two sandboxes are used for mod testing.

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2 for 0.24.2

Barden Aerospace Technologies - Modestly modded Science, mainly unused now.

Eridan Space Centres - Modestly modded Career, mainly unused now.

3 for 0.25

Namso Space Dynamics - Heavily modded Science, my main save

Test Centre - Heavily modded Sandbox, for testing crafts and ideas

Planet Tests - Basically unmodded Sandbox, no crafts, just there for quick re-loads when testing new planet configs

4 for 0.90

Hark Lauch Association - Lightly modded Career, BTSM based

Dark Multi Player - Very lightly modded Sandbox, DMP based

Stockable - KER only Career, kinda used for testing

Planet Tests - Same as before

9 in Total :cool:

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Right now "3"....

• Test career. Ugh, to grindy for me, but a lot of games are too grindy for my tastes

• "Serious Save". My serious space program save. I try to take care of my guys and equipment and treat reverts as 'simulations' when using new designs. I revert "failed" launches once I run through my abort procedures only if I can land/recover the primary equipment (landers, rovers, etc). Dead kerbals = no revert.

• "Goof Save". Everything goes. Everything is reverted unless if I pull off something epic.

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