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How Close are YOU to Your Next Reputation Rank?

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Just got my third green bar :sticktongue: Really happy!

I think I'm like 84 points away from the next one.

EDIT: Woooooooow. Exactly 83 points away. Missed it by THAT much!

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FIVE!! And I've only just started editing stock textures! Expect a color correction pack sometime soon as well as a new heat shield texture if I can edit them easily.

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Interesting how one can get boatloads of rep just by arrogantly stating how close they are to their next rank, but won't usually get any if they post helpful responses, cool screenshots, etc. Baah, who cares. I'm 40 away from my next rank and I'd love to reach it. :)

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Guys, you won't bloody believe it!l

I had a dream last night that I had two light-green rep bars! Then I woke up... ;.;

I can relate.

I also dreamt that Maxmaps and KasperVld repped my posts.. It was sad to wake up. :(

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