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Official 1.0 MEGA Hype Thread!


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I am the bone of my hype

Fuel is my body and oxidizer is my blood

I have launched over a thousand rockets

Unknown to Orbit, Nor known to Kerbin

Have withstood G-forces to create many stations

Yet, those fuel tanks will never hold anything

So as I pray,

Unlimited hype works!

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Remember the good ol' days?

I've been playing since 0.14, and KSP has come so far since then! It's almost unbelievable to go back to the old versions and see what was missing.

...Thanks for sticking with this game, SQUAD. Your 325?-page thread means that there's a lot of people who appreciate your efforts.

(oh, and am I the only person here who isn't spam-posting? That's rather a shame...)


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