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UA Industries Spring End-of-Series Sale: capable FAR space planes at Discount Prices

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Everything must go!!!

As I’m sure you are aware, KSP 1.0 is almost upon us and the world is about to change for the FARia and Stock Aeronauts alike. This may be your last chance to try these rides before the laws of physics turn upside down, so don’t miss the chance…



The UA Industries range.

Requires FAR (1.4.6 or 1.4.7):

and Kerbal Joint Reinforcement:

All spaceplanes have action groups for engines, flaps, cargo bay and docking ports, solar panels, etc.

A fuel balancer is recommended. (ex:

So is the excellent Pilot Assistant (

ExAtmos SR/SRC

For all your light cargo delta space plane needs, ExAtmos comes in two variants: the SR extended cargo bay model and the SRC crew cabin version. Both will carry a wide range of satellite and probes to a variety of orbits. Both are equipped for docking and orbital refueling.

-SR mission examples:

Circularize keostationary orbit.

Satellite to Munar polar transfer orbit.

-SRC mission examples:

Crew transfer to Munar orbit.

Land on Mun or Minmus if refuelled from LKO.

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download SR:


ExAtmos LR

The Queen of the Kerbin system and beyond, the LR version, apart from looking drop-dead awesome, can reach almost any orbit in the Kerbin system you care to imagine with a useful probe payload, passenger facilities and docking ability… Not that she will need it; with auxiliary tanks in her spacious cargo bay, ExAtmos LR is capable of an equatorial Mun landing direct, without refueling in LKO, and returning safely to KSC. Minmus is a walk in the park for this ship.

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download LR:

download LR max range:

ExTract Heavy Cargo

For all your heavy lifting requirements, ExTract will lift any payload you can fit inside her vast cargo bay to surprisingly high orbits. Orange tanks, entire station cores, space telescopes, you name it.

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download ExTract:

More to come, blue skies to you all.


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