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44 Class




4410 IN SERVICE - KSC Yard Pilot - Mainline Locomotive for KSC Sector 1

40 class

D4001 (+4408) - SCRAPPED - (SYSTEM CRASH) 165KM


4003 SCRAPPED - DERAILMENT - OPERATOR ERROR - (Memorial 12km from KSC)






4004 Crew -

Largerjorie Kerman (Female) - Engineer

Melya Kerman (Female) - Engineer

113km -
1/4 way to North Pole

- 6773 of 6920


Ive been asked by the challenge originator to start a thread in this sub forum to document my progress of the Elcano Challenge..

For now im driving so I'll just put the launch picture here and update it tonight.. I make a weekly video.. theres 3 more sitting in my outbox waiting to be edited..

I did start a blog but I feel that here is more direct and... Kerbalised

Here's the original 44 Class - Number 4408 - Elcano challenge with her crew before departure..

This was made redundant when I took the loco back into the yard for some essential upgrades which included additional lights, Better fuel tanker wagons..and 2 winches on the locomotive and trailing passenger car -

Ive got a video of her re-launch departing the yard after picking up jeb from another train where he was discovered from last weeks rescue.. I'll upload that shortly.. and the whole story progressively..



A bit of background:

The trains made up of Sam-Hall's Kn-2 cockpit modified slightly.. along with some stock further modified items... a crude working diesel electric transmission made from sam hall's turbines painted black.. Turned into pure alternator/generator sets.. (180 units of electricity) and modified rover wheels that now pump out around 5 horsepower each, weigh close to 1 ton.. and use 14 units of power per wheel

I use my Joystick throttle as the reverser in railway terminology.. put simply.. the rover wheels are in constant gear.. but KSP has a wonderful simulation of voltage/resource.. in that with slight modifications.. speed and torque can be controled by power generation.. or lack there of

The rest of the train as per railway practice is un-powered.. and actually unbraked.. with only 4408 having brakes and dynamic braking capability by reversing the throttle and advancing the engines on steep grades (reverse rover wheels) speed can be controled and adjusted descending a grade in this way safely

shes the product of over 1 year of land-train use. first established to rescue a crew from a downed plane that was impossible to land anything else on..

4408 in her current form represents that end.. and with it.. emotional attachment to the kind of vehicle thats become my end all and be all of KSP for the last few months..

For ease of control where sudden control applications of keyboard presses would be fatal to a landliner train... I use an xbox steering wheel that lets me do the slow sweeping turns with careful planning required to pilot a train.. which in short all means.. if theres one vehicle id love to attempt to circumnavigate kerbin with...

Inspiration for the train comes from 3 things..

"Landliner" australian buses from the 1950s I believe that looked more like a train than a bus.. and actually had 2 engines..


the NSWGR 44 class locomotive..

if you can imagine someone spinning one on a lathe it does kind of look like 4408



RS3 or a NSWGR 40 class as inspiration for 4003

And finally.. the Overland trains LCC-1 and Snotrain


I dearly hope those who wish to follow the adventure enjoy it as I do

(and yes..
I like trains

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Restart 8th August - Launch of 4003
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Retrospective Update 1

After a small stopover back at the yard (KSC) to further refine 4408 for the daunting challenge ahead..

She's been relaunched officially and set on a course to meet up with the wreck of 4404 as a shakedown cruise..

*video below*

Enhancements include a reversion back to the old style landliner tanker wagons that are made up of jet fuel tanks. the lower weight and no useless room for oxidizer are all critical in such a monumental operation thats been undertaken..

as an experienced landliner driver myself.. the change comes not without its dangers.. having each tanker wagon built with multiple sections

vs the earlier tanks means that the wagons themselves tend to flex if corners arnt taken with moderate constant care.. always being mindful of the train rather than just the locomotive

the safe cruising speed is 31ms.. while 4408s top speed is in the mid 40s.. anything over 35 induces a potentially fatal oscillation which starts in the rear most wagon.. slowly building up to effect the whole train.. that can lead to rollovers, explosions and similar effects to why theres 3 wrecks of landliners that litter the route im taking..

while the effect is reduced with using a steering wheel.. its still a very real danger and something that im constantly mindful of.. using dynamic brake applications. careful throttle control.. along with planned routes that avoid large inclines or descents wherever possible

Launch video as follows.. its been edited where required but it does include some driving that I felt that without. it was a movie rather than a log of progress..

Video contents - Launch - Run & Arrival at the wreck of 4404 before shutting down for the night

(video quality being laggy isnt actually whats seen in the game, its just how it seems to record)

Arrival at 4404s wreck is around 11:00 on the video

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Awesome! I've seen very few trains in KSP (besides the almost-train I built and crashed on the Mun) so it's refreshing to see one that's clearly had a lot of love put into it.

I'm curious, though, how you plan to tackle any water crossings?

Good luck!

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Thankyou for the kind words :)

I plan to take on the water challenges by hopefully building a type of barge powered by ion thrusters or electric propellers.. using the winch to load the train.. possibly as seperate locomotive, wagons etc then using the KAS system if it works the way I understand it.. use 4408s generators and fuel reserves to power the actual engines of the boat..

EDIT .. Technicly it breaks rule 3.. but.

if for reasons above I disqualify from the Elcano Challenge.. a quick redesign of the flag png file..

and she becomes 4408 - a dedicated 44 class that i'll still lovingly dedicate my free time too.. with the greatest hope that

she return to the yard after circumnavigating kerbin :)

Another idea I have though without breaking rule 3 is using the kerbtown mod

to place a custom made series of bridges between the smallest possible watercrossings I can find..

That and a dedicated temporary locomotive with a more marine capability with the rest of the train behind it

the route im taking is across the poles respectively and will take alot longer than something simply done in a straight line.. but it leaves alot of exploring vs water crossing on a direct route :)

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Thankyou for the kind words :)

I plan to take on the water challenges by hopefully building a type of barge powered by ion thrusters or electric propellers.. using the winch to load the train.. possibly as seperate locomotive, wagons etc then using the KAS system if it works the way I understand it.. use 4408s generators and fuel reserves to power the actual engines of the boat..

the route im taking is across the poles respectively and will take alot longer than something simply done in a straight line.. but it leaves alot of exploring vs water crossing on a direct route :)

Very cool! Any chance you can provide a list of mods? I'm mostly curious what you're using to make that one light blink, and what camera mod you're using.

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Retrospective Update 2

Todays driving was short, a total of around 7km.. I spent most of the 2 hours undertaking refueling operations..

As daylight broke the scene became somber and surreal

its one thing to approach the wreck of a landliner train in the dark as it phases into view..

but its always something a little more different viewed in daylight -

4408 with her train.. purpose built for circumnavigation of kerbin.. with the hopes and wishes of myself and her crew onboard

stabled in a field of debris from a rescue train that when it was created had similar ideas of exploring kerbin..

the scene would be much worse if I had used the flag mod im using currently. as they'd be a very clear "4404" class marker

on the wreckage..

Alas.. with a slightly heavy heart.. I discovered there was infact 3 fuel tanks remaining from 4404s remains..

one such tank still having the coupling attached as well as the air intakes.. rather than be a tanker that somehow survived,

it dawned on me that im actually intending to drain fuel from the remains of a sister locomotive to 4408..

as if somehow.. 4404s last mission as a rescue train to recover 4403 before her.. was still active and although

wrecked and unable to forfil her mission.. she still had a part in assisting her younger sistertrain 4408 to forfill the mission she never did herself


With 80 units of fuel obtained, Jeb planted a flag to honor 4404..

4408s engines sprang to life and we departed the crash site.. with a heartfelt thankyou to a lost sistertrain


Reply for Slam_Jones

- - - Updated - - -

The lights are in part Aviation lights mod updated for .90 in this thread


I'll compile a list of mods shortly in the next post :) along with crew manifest

The horn is a modified LV class engine on the cab roof, using no thrust and running on air intake

and electricity.. the startup and shutdown sounds are the horn.. hence triggered when I toggle it :D

The camera is called "Cameratools" its not as advanced as others but its easier to work with.. a search on the forum or curse should find it

And thankyou for the goodluck message it was well appreciated :)

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Update 3

55km completed lastnight after work -

Total of 82km so far

Some amazing moments despite being nothing but endless green currently.. the feeling of isolation is like no other ive experienced in KSP..

Zooming out to see the tiny dot surrounded by endless open terrain...


Blasting the horn - despite hearing it 100s of times in the past.. somehow with the distance.. the isolation and the massive wide open spaces

surrounding 4408.. it somehow feels... lonely..

Shut down for the night as the sun sinks over the horizon - shadows making it too risky to proceed


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Update 4 - Pre-Summary

Todays drive was an amazing spectrum of isolation, peaceful tranquil moments... transitioning into a sense of wonder and amazement..

Followed closely by concern.. fear..

And finally.. accomplishment

Firstly i'll post a small video from the first 12km of the run..

its my greatest wish that it somehow conveys in a small way the sense of isolation experienced in this section of the trip.. the blend of music I was listerning too.. the landscape slowly moving by.. 4408s engines operating normally.. and the slow adjustments of the steering wheel never far from my mind...

Secondly.. its just as surprising how the whole mood can change once something interesting pops up on the horizon.. in this case a snow capped mountain.... instantly the sense of isolation disapeared..the endless green.. shattered by the contrasts of the white cap..

it must be how the sailors of the old world felt when they sighted land after months at sea..

with the help of Gundam seed's Nicols Tears piano theme playing gently in the background..

4408s engines no longer needing to be kept at full or adjusted.. she settled nicely into a 3/4 throttle setting gently bobbing

to the changes in terrain.. everything settled into a relaxing tranquility for the next 20km

I find myself constantly surprised at just how... Deep .. this whole endeavor has become.. from what was once a simple accepting of a challenge..

Gone are the days where the 44 class landliner trains are something id endlessly tweak and experiment with.. the longest trip was the ever familiar 30km run to mount kembla station at the foot of the mountains north of KSC..

This is entirely different.. 4408 now 127km from home.. theres no experimenting.. no quick adjustments at SPH of KSC..

44 Class number 08.. for the first time has to stand on her own..

Isolated from comfort and security.. left to her own devices for survival..

as a landliner driver for over a year.. I say wholeheartedly ive never experienced anything like it..

I never use time acceleration for driving.. everythings real time..

the only time I use it is parked, shutdown.. and stabled overnight to advance until morning..

maybe thats one of the reasons for the connection

Mission Report

After finding we're closing in on a snow capped mountain that eventually got rather big...

Things changed in mood and purpose..

In comparison to the bland green landscape of the last few days... whether it was the sense of being so different.. or infact it was beautiful in its own way.. im not quite sure which side to settle on..

it was enough for me to go against my 12 months of driving experience.. where the most accidents ive had are on steep hills leading to the loss of a train and crew... after hours of driving carefully.. taking sweeping route changes to avoid grades and keep on the flattest terrain for 4408s welbeing..

to simply change direction.. and begain the slow deliberate ascent in order to get a closer look at this mountain that id never seen before.. having never been this far out by ground..


Im sure this kind of thing is normal for a great thousand plus people that ply the lands of kerbin regularly or experience interplanetary beauty..

but for me... and the crew of 4408.. it was something special and worth the risk..

I never quite understood while watching star trek voyager why captain janeway, 75,000 lightyears from home kept taking detours to investigate things rather than just go home..

today.. I understand


it was rather beautiful :)

However after the whole experience worn off... it did dawn on me with alarming urgency that 4408 is now on the top of a large hill, the kind thats cost the lives of many kerbals and lost trains in the past.. this very kind of operation is exactly how 4403, 4404 and countless unnumbered landliners before them came to grief..

100+ KM from KSC... having formed an emotional bond with my train and crew... I actually felt an element of fear and reservation at the prospect of descending the hill...

hoping that the tests id undertaken in regards to braking.. and usage to dynamic braking would both prevent a terrible end... and work as I predicted

It was with that hope that I started to slowly turn and then coast down the hill..


The railway-like design of 4408 as a whole means that only the locomotive has brakes.. I do realise that modern trains are fully braked via westinghouse air braking systems.. I wanted a challenge.. a landliner that performed like a train.. needing distance to stop and accelerate vs the car like handling originally experienced with early generations

This means that the use of main brakes on hills has a habit of making the train bunch up dangerously.. that has in the past lead to explosions and failures..

for this reason.. the first realworld test of dynamic braking was undertaken..

Shifting my joystick throttle from full forward to full reverse.. effectively switched the trains electric motors into reverse..

Using 4408s #1 engine/generator.. I was able to successfully control the speed of the descent without any harsh braking and preventing runaways..

too much power as per having both engines active resulted in the train stopping and reversing.. potentially causing damage..

I eventually found the sweetspot that was adjusted according to terrain.. and with the locomotive at an alarming angle on a downgrade filled with bumps and drops.. we successfully negotiated the grade.. only using the traditional locomotive brakes at the very end when dynamic braking was either too sharp or too little.. 4408 coasted.. engines now idling to a smooth stop at the bottom of the grade


I dearly wish I made a video.. but the situation was enough that I simply didnt want to worry about camera angles.. memory issues and just focus on 4408s welfare..

The rest of the trip was uneventful.. I shut down 4408 at around 45km not far from this position.. the terrain ahead looked harsh and unforgiving but theres a smoother route if care is taken..

I gather im getting closer to KSC2 as it keeps changing ever more from the original northerly direction slightly..

Ive never seen KSC2... its also the site ive designated once arrived.. a fuel loaded rocket will be sent to refuel 4408

at this point in time, shes running on 1999 fuel units.

I'm happily confident she'll reach KSC2 with enough to spare..


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As Tomorrow (Sunday) is regretably a start of another work week where this blog/posting collection will be updated when time permits..

Before I turn in for the night.. I felt it might be nice to give a little background on these trains of which 4408 is derived..

Their development is long, over a year... with multiple methods of propulsion and layout.. some looking vastly different to others.. Performance was likewise

different between models..

I just found my original screenshot folder from the mid year of 2014.. it contains a few historic pictures id like to share.. along with some information if I remember correctly..

I'll leave them as a series..

First up is..

Landliner Battery Yard Shunter X2002


Originally before I found out docking ports could be connected in the SPH, or possibly before they could in 0.20 days.. I used to have to launch each wagon and locomotive on its own, then progressively shunt them into a train.. While powered and capable.. wagons didnt have their own cab at the time.. and them on the runway prevented another wagon or loco from being launched...

Accidents happened with simply pushing them off the runway..

So X2002 Was born..

Based off the existing series of locomotives which at the time were a hybrid of jet propulsion and rechargable batteries for slow speed running.. She was entirely battery powered and had limited range..

A very useful engine.. however once exhausted of all charge she needed to be connected to either a solar equipt car.. or a mainline locomotive for quite a long time to recharge batteries.. at times she was left stranded after recovery of runaway wagons in the middle of a field.. this required then top of the line LL1006x to go out.. connect.. and in a ball of smoke and flame.. recharge her batteries either in the yard or where she stopped..

Shes the only landliner train in over 12 months that was retired from service rather than suffering a critical fault.. explosion.. or absolute loss..

She was retired when I started using I-beams and attachment points that would fly away when staged.. so that a complete train could simply reverse and couple up to itself in a matter of minutes from a single launch

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Great update! It's been an enjoyable read and I look forward to the rest of the adventure :)

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UPDATE 5 - 21KM Drive

A Quick update before Bed, Ive driven 21km after arriving home from work..

Im very sad to report 4408 suffered the thermal overload of one of her generator turbines..

it was largely my fault being too inspired by the music I was listening too at the time.. blowing 4408s horn as she passed by in flyby view and generally enjoying myself .. preoccupied with everything... worst still.. driving with the HUD off.. so I couldnt see the engine temperatures..

its difficult to understand the combination required to make it happen.. as 4408 can run with twin engines at 100% for extended periods without incident.. then unexpectedly much like when she was just outside KSC on her first launch.... suddenly a generator detonates after overheating too much

Alas I did promise if it ever happened again.. id simply live with it..

at first there was the slight hope that its simply a horn that exploded.. as essentially these are just engines with no thrust running on air and electricity.. the horn sound is the actual power up/shutdown of the engine toggled.. its been known to happen sometimes...

4408 was immediately shut down, brakes were applied and reverser into neutral.. stopping the train between some quite uneven terrain that shows quite well the emergency situation and quick stop undertaken with more regard for 4408s welfare than looking graceful..

(missing generator was where the gap is between the radiator intakes.. there used to be 2 engines.. not 1)


In some kind of... irony.. Gundam seed's "Sorrow" music track decided to play again on VLC in the background.. one of many music tracks I use to get into the frame of mind to take the circumnavigation seriously and the welfare of my train..

The scene damn nearly brought a tear to my eye.. one of them moments we all hear about where time stands still and you dont know what to do next....

Fortunately the train does infact have an auxiliary generator.. the one ive used previously..

theres an early landliner detriot diesel powered generator ontop of the passenger car.. its usually for keeping the lights lit while stationary..

While technically inferior to any of 4408s engines.. its not that far off since I used 2 of them to power trains for months before this..

its thrust limiter was removed so she could throttle upto 100% inline with 4408s remaining generator..

its not anything pretty... but it works.. giving 4408 near to full power..

Downside is though given that its on the rear of the train... a once expendable passenger car filled with oddly named kerbals that would be the first thing to explode if things got rough.. now has become a critical component to 4408s survival and indeed the whole circumnavigation effort


With this thought.. id like to post the current progress... The lighther capsule are the wrecks of 4404 and 4403.. around 25km from KSC.. the grey one is 4408 - Elcano challenge... in the midst of this setback.. so far the progress made has been a wonderful experience and I do dearly wish that anyone reading arnt disheartened in their own attempts if their either undertaking them at this moment or planning too.. Every moments been great.. even this one and I wouldnt trade it for all of kerbin


The Future?

I could continue with 4408 as she is... wounded.. but still capable.. the added risk of failure though is worrisome for myself given my extensive experience in shorter range drives with these very such trains before her..

The other option I have... is one I find myself leaning towards..

Simply.. sticking to the theme of railway operations.. keeping things authentic..

if a train becomes damaged or fails on the rails.. typicly.. another train is sent to rescue that train by double heading or by having the impaired locomotive trailing the rest of the train with a new locomotive up front..

This does of course mean I have to drive around 150KM or so inorder to reach 4408 with another train (NO HYPEREDIT!!)

Maybe it sounds a tad emotional.. perhaps even silly..

but ive built this train on the development of over a year of progression...

Ive also nursed this train past its fallen sisters and onto the great beyond....

She deserves better... 4408 is no longer just a train styled vehicle im attempting to circumnavigate kerbin with..

Shes my train..

So.. plans?... damn right.. Tomorrow I launch another train.. a KS3 road shunter developed earlier. but capable of being coupled at both ends.. based off a 40 Class .. or more commonly known as a RS-3 locomotive..


Similar to the one seen here in an early screenshot with one of 4408s much older sisters from some months ago. . (NOT the shunting bug!! :sticktongue:)


its my plan to bring 2 fuel tanker wagons.. the KS3.. position the KS3 between 4408 and her now larger train.. in effect giving 4408 back her full power plus reserves. along with an additional 12 wheels of traction power...

Of course I first have to drive there from KSC.. in effect starting again...

in the long run though.. leaving where I left off once 4408 comes into view it'll all be worth it

I again wish those in this challenge who have yet to finish much like myself the best of luck..

and a goodnight

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Secondary Update 1

Its with great happiness and pride that I update the situation above with the commissioning of 40 Class Road Shunter D4001

now undergoing trial runs around KSC..

shes a refinement of the KS3 class road shunter that will eventually retrace 4408s steps.. (all 145K+ of it) as mentioned in the last post..

I'll update more when I can



D4001 has now finished trials.. everything went well.. aside from the fact that she is what she is.. a long hood locomotive.. much like a bird with a beak too big.. she cant quite see infront.. but rather everything is a view of the side..

its manageable.. D4001s design was required to couple upto 4408 without leaving 4408 herself as a defeated engine at the rear of a new locomotive...

as she is infact based loosely off a 40 class RS3 locomotive.. ive used a recording of one as the engine sound..

.. it lacks... the authority and beefiness of 4408s class 66 engine sound.. but is quite prototypical.. akin to someone dropping a bag of tools repeatedly :D..

I can only hope whatever music I choose to play on the long retracing step journey to 4408s position lets me endure hours of the engine sound without impairment of insanity.. nor losing enthusiasm for purpose..

she'll be left in the yard until weekend where she'll resume heading towards 4408.. I shall update accordingly until she reaches her destination and document the shunting operations in all their glory... or lack there of :cool:

sadly.. her launch seems to lack the epic nature full of hope and pride that 4408s launch provided..

. but once part of the main train being a critical component to its success.. perhaps kerbal history wont be so quick to dismiss D4001s contribution in overland train greatness :)

Ready for Launch - D4001 and driver


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Secondary Update 2:

a quick update..

A slight change of plans from the last update -

After successful yard trials and experimentation.. D4001 is now well underway to meet with D4408's train..

the plan differs from what was intitially imagined with the exception that shes not carrying fuel tankers and nor will she be used as a second locomotive on the train but rather ive built a Booster unit..

Essentially similar to the "B" units of railway use. or booster.. every way a locomotive themselves but lacking a cab for crew.. usually controled from the lead unit..


As we departed the yard and opened up the throttle.. crossing the coastline and going onto open land..

for "testing purposes" I unwrapped the plastic off the new booster unit.. where just with D4001 and itself in the train as a 2 car unit..

they performed flawlessly... now with an insane power to weight ratio (for a train) Mountains became something of an entertaining joke... the former safe speed of 31ms was broken .. giving way to a far quicker stable 45m/s

they descended a mountain as if it wasnt there.. cutting half an hour off trip time without failures nor questionable situations that would otherwise lead to the loss of the train..



flying over drops.. suspension absorbing the impact all the while staying upright on their feet as if they were glued to the vertical axis

its both proved D4001 as a capable mainline unit.. a thing of pride... and slight sadness given that once arrived at 4408s location she'll be shut down for days awaiting 4408s complete circumnavigation before being fetched to the yard where she'll spend her days as a yard shunter.. a shadow of her former greatness

Fuel is also running low - I'll address the issue in the next edit :)

almost dropping at 1 unit every 4 seconds.. I didnt include a tanker car because I thought the fuel tanks combined of the booster and D4001 would be enough..

what I didnt factor in is.. I wouldnt be running both engines at the same time like I am..

It might lead to a situation where 4408 herself has to rescue the rescue train with her ample fuel supplies still intact..


we'll wait and see :)

I'll update through the day as I progress..


For anyone wondering about the view of a long hood locomotive.. given that the cab is behind the hood and the generator..

its not too bad.. better than I thought..



For those still paying attention.. I thankyou.. I do realise this has been a very long effort.. in comparison for such little gain to others..

Personally though I think its all worth it.. if only for Kerbal history :)

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Keep up the good work!

As far as people paying attention, I found that while it's nice for others to notice, the main sense of accomplishment came from myself. It's truly epic to make it all the way around and then see the KSC start to appear on the horizon again. :D

Good luck!

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Thanks mate I appreciate it :) your very right when you say the accomplishment is a personal one rather than anything for show.. it'd be quite difficult for others to understand I think the bond and connection that I myself feel towards my train having driven it so long.. I gather that you yourself in your attempts might have developed similar bonds with your craft :)

theres always a reason I believe crafts of all kinds are named.. be they ships. trains.. cars etc.. especially the former 2.. after spending so much time depending on that very machine.. it takes on a personality of its own.. both mechancily speaking and emotionally. the craft that conveys her crew... becomes as much part of the journey as the destination.. I admit ive yet to fully read your log but I look forward too it once I can settle down from my own attempts.. in the hopes that other peoples adventures differ from my own and everyones from eachother.. we all reach the same destination.. the one we left..KSC... but how we go about it.. thats the experience to share :)]

EDIT: @ Slam_Jones Just read your circumnavigation thread and seen all the pics... very very well done mate.. love your machine..

proved to be quite a capable vehicle

as a train driver myself.. ive never seen 3/4 of that terrain and it looks bloody terrifying.. especially them dark tipped mountains in the desert areas you speak of in the screenshots... I actually got no idea how im going to get around that..

mind if I ask if that VTOL jet is more or less stock? I know its got KAS.. I may need something similar :)

- - - Updated - - -


After driving the full 145km or so with D4001 the feeling once the 4408s train came into view was one that im sure many who dock to space stations in orbit are familiar with but none the less..likely never gets old...

a rush of happyness.. relief.. then a slight concern as we all know once ships meet.. or in this case trains.. the next maneuver could potentially destroy both ships... or worse still.. potentially invite the kraken over for tea..

Docking.... (or shunting)


This is where it all came undone.. from a perfectly planned execution of shunting... in pulling out a external command seat from the KAS pod.. Milorf kerman drove the booster onto the train.. and onto that jeb reversed (eventually) coupling 4408 onto her new revitalized train


Alas it was not to be.. the collection of docking ports and shunting invited the attention of the kraken..

See theres some issue with docking multiple vehicles when some of them dont have dedicated capsules/cockpits for some reason to things that do.. it was a problem for me early on in landliner development.. where the camera seemingly originates from the rear most docking port.. while in the cab/cockpit of the lead unit..

with this happening.. the nose of the locomotive and indeed wheels, tanks etc start visibly clipping through the front windows of the cab.. its a difficult thing to explain..but its a well known issue with those docking multi section space stations and constructs as a visit to the forums established..

My error here was the booster unit.. while it had a removable external command seat. it lacked any cockpit.. this is kraken bait of the highest order...

its something that was once common place on train development when I used to manually couple wagons.. never fully predictable but always sure to happen if I shunted one too many things... for this reason alone.. the control trailer was born.. and that i'll detail in the next historic intermission :cool:

Sadly now faced with having driven so long to the rescue of 4408... only to be greeted with impossibility..

several things were considered.. not excluding starting again.. wiping the whole 145km away.. for the honor and integrity of my self and my train.. rather than even consider hyperedit based resolutions...

In a lightbulb moment.. it was seen fit that given D4001 herself had a proper cab.. the kraken could be slayed by surgically reorganizing the train with minimal movement and risks..

discarding the now redundant booster car.. snipping off the passenger car from the rear.. relocating crew and backing D4001 onto the train.. the kraken disappeared.. giving both locomotives forward and aft clear view of the world outside.. with the added advantage of full power generation and all that the booster alone would have provided... all in a neat semi attractive locomotive package rather than a soulless faceless booster unit...

Thankfully I also remembered the passenger car was home to critical refueling components and set about stripping it of everything that came off in daylight hours :cool:


D4001 had now become part of the Elcano Challenge train.. joining her sister locomotive 4408 to form a very capable vehicle.. with the added power of 2 locomotives.. ability to change direction with minimal effort.. losing no crew.. and gaining milorf.. whos name alone should have killed him along the way but somehow got him spared when I ejected the other 2 crew from D4001 on route :P

with the train now powered by 2 locomotives it was found to have really impressive traction.. likely due to D4001 being at the rear rather than the front..

we ascended a mountain to save time rather than go around it.... upto nearly 2000 metres high from sea level..



4408 + D4001 now underway - resuming Elcano Challenge

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Great update! I've (luckily) never encountered that breed of kraken you were running into, but at least you got it sorted out :D

I agree: after driving in a vehicle all the way around Kerbin, you definitely develop a bond with it. My vehicle is currently parked in front of the Admin building on my main save. It's awesome to see it and remember how much I went through with it. Quite a feat :)

As for the scary terrain, well, in the desert it's usually flat, and you can often spot trouble areas well in advance. When I plotted my course, I kept that in mind and tried to dip around the trouble areas, but (as you saw) I did get caught up in that one area. I considered driving back out and around when I realized where I was, but after a few quicksaves, I decided just to plow through at half speed. Even then, I broke more wheels along those couple km than any other part of the trip. >.<

Oh! Before I forget, the VTOL was mostly stock, but the main piece keeping it functional was from Infernal Robotics: A hinge in the middle of the plane, to which the VTOL engine is attached. This allowed me to point it forward or backward without tipping the plane, leading to better control. Here's a (very) poorly illustrated example:

Javascript is disabled. View full album

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:) thanks for the advise slam.. much appreciated. i'll have to look into that part. I was actually wondering how you was able to land the plane stable with the thrusters like they were stock.. I tried that once with the seperator thrusters on the front to slow down a plane on landing.. it always ended baddly

As for the hills.. in the last update I climbed that mountain... that was the easy part.. getting a landliner train down again.. can become something terrible unless you take extreme care..

im dreading having to do this if I discover a cliff..

too much brakes and the train bunches up.. jackknifes or slides..and we start the slow and slippery slope that ends with unable to steer.. followed shortly by a slow terrible roll that usually ends up in multiple explosions and bits falling down the mountain with nothing left but wheels and metal bits

the solution is dynamic brakes.. any electricity generated by the locomotives transmission adds to reverse thrust on the wheels.. thereby controling speed with less conventional brakes....

Thankfully I only had to shut down 4408 once due to heat concerns..with new helper locomotive D4001 always there to assist.. I greatly believe that without the addition of D4001 however accidental in the update not too long ago.. it wouldnt have been long since the train suffered a terrible accident

she earns her keep with honor.. power.. and grace

I finally captured the descent of a grade on video ..Enjoy

(excuse the jet-like sound thats actualy D4001's EMD engine sound playing a little fast.. im yet to tweak it)

Edited by Overland

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UPDATE 7 - TERMINATED TRAIN (Service Resumes on platform L)

Its been a while since updates and im very pleased to see the few comments fired off to my reputation, its actually ment quite alot to see that in the absence since updates.. I seemed to have gained followers and inspiration for the effort.. a great thankyou to you all for that

the reason for the long gap between this update is not so much to do with 4408 and more to do with my computer system of which she resides..

Following a system crash I just gave up with windows XP for the last time..

I took the plunge.. instead of madly searching for my windows XP install disc and go through the "fun".. I felt it was time to dabble in the pengiun..

as such, Im now running KSP on native linux.. currently deciding between linux mint experiments and the stable ubuntu with unity killed off.. the later working nicely for the moment..

oddly despite having only the existing 2gb of ram.. 1gb below the recomended.. I no longer get crashes even with everything installed where as previously I deleted the Mk3 parts in order to successfully boot KSP for windows

The framerate is higher than it was under windows.. im not sure if thats the 1.0 optiminisations.. linux or both.. but everything seems better.. Ive got my xbox wheel functioning and everythings happily lined up for weekend..

Sadly.. thats where the good news ends.. I actually thought I had 4408s craft files backed up on a flash drive.. although it was this very flash drive that became the spur of the moment lifeboat for my PC and its bonding with linux.. I lost it...

where I go from here isnt a difficult question.. Having documented my success and failures in the above logs undertaking the Elcano challenge.. I have with me experience, understanding an neverending drive to complete 4408s legacy..

As such.. on weekend.. I will rebuild 4408.. modify parts in a similar way.. and slap a 4408 II flag on the side of the locomotive..

in the grand tradition that has been to never surrender to the likes of hyperedit..

4408 II will depart KSC on weekend.. effectively restarting the Elcano challenge..

this web log has become part of Kerbin land train history.. the highs and the lows will not fade..

and its my greatest hope that in time.. 4408 II will complete this challenge as her late sistertrain started initially

Thankyou all :)

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Research & Development -

Having spent the day trying to fine tune a new design.. coming up with some wonderfully powerful trains.. ive decided to simply revert back to the old trusted 44 class design used previously..

While the current experimental trains are capable in excess of 60m/s speed with full stability.. they lack the overall "train" spirit I was proud of.. and whats been built up over the space of well over 12 months as the landliners have developed from an idea into a tradition with its own feel and spirit

For interests sake though.. I'll post 2 of the designs I settled on today before reverting back to the true traditional land train

the first is the jet assisted (water capable) snow train..

the second building on that design.. randomly it occured to me that ive got a BSG Viper as a locomotive..

very cool.. but.. very not train :(

Im also sad to see the old intake has been altered to that horrendous black hole of a thing.. having used them as radiator fans/intakes in previous design..

Im trying to dig around the old models to change it back.. im sure its great for aircraft.. its just not what im after :D

Snowtrain x1


Ive got a viper hauling a train.. the wings actually deployed as spoilers... but................. its not a train :(


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Kerbin Land-Trains - Back on track


A little bit of news, Regretably I wasnt able to get underway this weekend.. but I did experiment with the new mining equiptment and ore containers which made me think possibly when all this is over.. I could have a proper freight run to and from a fuel depot and refinery/mine that would function as an independent port of call other than KSC for refueling

using trains for everything from bringing in the ore from the mining rigs situated on a more resource rich spot than "shoreline biome" outside of KSC..

to hauling the fuel from the refinery stations to holding tanks in what would be a depot for a few land trains..

it all sounds wonderful.. the fact that its actually possible more or less stock is ever the more impressive.. such diversity we have in this little space simulator of ours :)

Im back on track as far as trains go.. so far ive just built a small "D" class yard locomotive.. long hood inspired by a BHP D class hauling a self contained refinery train..

ive yet to work on sounds.. tweak the electricity generation and suchlike.. but gone are the viper inspired.. tank like ugly "trains" that I experimented with and we're well on the way to getting back to pure railway inspired goodness..

from there its onward.. heading north for the circumnavigation

Here we have D1 with a mining train.. locomotive generating the power required for the drilling rig (doesnt have any sound?)

alas.. the dirt outside of KSC seems to be very lacking in ore.. not that in surprised.. essentially digging into grass besides an airfield and expecting to find gold

was rather optimistic..

It proved the concept though :)


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An amazing project, Overland! I commend your ingenuity, sticktoitiveness, and style.

I myself used to drive 18-wheelers here in the US and your stories about passing wrecks and the dangers of big hills and mountains, and the isolation and the amazing vistas you see really took me back. I well remember carefully working my way over snowy mountain passes, seeing other trucks upside down in the ditches every few miles, and wondering how I was going to avoid the same fate. I used to think I was a pretty good truckdriver for surviving that, but then I learned about your Aussie land trains. Geez, just 1 trailer was enough for me :).

Anyway, hammer down, brother :).

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Thankyou Geschskoph and everyone - Its been a long hard road both in the previous journey to where 4408 made good progress...

To then taking a detour onto the technical side of things to wrestle with KSP 1.0+ to once again rebuild my train..

having to re-mod everything and battle with configuration files now entirely alien to me.. things not working the way they should.. or changed undesirably in the case of the intakes that while looking ugly originally... strangely make a locomotive seem not complete without them (black caps)

I would have much rather battle terrain, mountains.. explosions.. failures and the ink-like blackness of a kerbin night.. putting everything a risk .. instead of spending the last few weeks trying to patch up the inner workings of KSP in the increasingly distant hope that I can get underway once again

Happily its because of the wonderful comments I recieved on the reputation side of things and direct forum posts such as the one by Geschosskoph that inspired me to keep trying until I succeed..

I've been very busy spending hours trying designs, editing configuration files.. researching on the forum.. even taking apart mods that DO work in 1.0+ and seeing actually why they do.. or still do.. .vs ones that dont..

frustratingly the ones that most failed me were sam hall's micro turbines that were the center of my diesel electric generators, Initially the cab.. that makes up the very heart of the locomotive and indeed the landliner series as a whole over the last 2 years... and finally.. rover brakes seem to have taken a holiday.. of which without a train is doomed to failure

added up.. they made a perfect storm of.. thar be dragons! and threatened progress however much I tried..

a few weeks on.. ive slayed them there dragons.. theres still some bugs.. but im back on the track to progress..

The reason for the long silence is simple.. this is a thread about my mission.. the circumnavigation of kerbin that I set out to do..

its not a train development thread or.. how much I hate 1.0 thread.. that.. no pun intended would have derailed both the spirit.. and intent of this very log

that ive taken pride in .. im quite happy to have spared my growing audience such a degradation

NOW! with all that out of the way.. My next post is a happy one!

- - - Updated - - -

Its with great pride that I present the next step in progress to circumnavigate kerbin.. Overland Train "Landliner" 4409 - The sister train to hard working 4408 before her..

Before I progress a little further id like to take the time to thank Geschosskopf as the post you made inspired me greatly.. it was a wonderful thing to see such a post from an truck driver yourself that experienced similar things in life that I experienced on the surface of kerbin with a land train.. it really connected me to the cause.. and im glad to have likewise taken you back in memories of the past.. your post actually did more than that though..

See I work for a freight forwarding company.. in a port area so I do see plenty of trucks.. my interest is trains though so.. I really do admit to disregarding them as a whole.. but it was your post that made me take notice.. then through that.. wheel configurations.. components and suchlike..

id spent alot of time trying to either replicate 4408s performance .. or improve on her failings.. mostly using railway technology inspirations.. it seems a little unwise considering that shes a land train..

As such, ive copied a little bit of the B doubles and B triple wheel configurations of trucks.. which add alot of suspension. stability and increased speed to the design that using railway designs just didnt deliver..

its still in its testing phases.. but gone are the 2x2 wheel sets of wagons that snake everywhere above 31m/s..

replaced with a truck inspired articulated 2x3x2.. while I admit it takes away slightly from the railway style.. shes still a land train hauled by a locomotive powered by diesel electric transmission :)

at this point i'll simply include pictures.. as im still undergoing some testing and tweaking.. rebuilding the transmission harmony that worked so well before.. and creating good beefy engine sounds that go so well with electric generation to the wheels.. a former pride of 4408s design

I thankyou all for the support.. We'll be underway soon



Edited by Overland
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Last non driving update before departure.

4409s ready for the road having completed trials..im just finishing off the class-flag and some diesel fuel decals for the tanker wagons..

im also pleased to report it seems squad has squashed the brake bug and the locomotive had brakes once again

I found this out initially by applying brakes expecting nothing and having the train and locomotive rip its bogeys off as brakes with astronomically high brake settings took full effect..wheels did indeed stop.. but half of the locomotive kept going :)

the result was a happy moment one can only smile at..

once again with brakes working 4409 can be underway

one quirk my over thinking mind generated though..perhaps with cars movie in mind..

White wall tyres..yay or nay for land-locomotive?

i cant decide..it looks nice and horrible all at the same time..

hopefullt by next update 4409 with be out in open land..throttle notched to a nice mellow cruise..lights burning brightly..

and bill looking terrified..

updates to come..

thankyou all

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Ooh, innovations. I appreciate those. Along with adaptability and change. Neat!

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