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[1.0.X] parseScience v0.97.3 - Generate XLSX/CSV of All Science in KSP [09.26.15] [PERL] [ANYOS]

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Do you like the science archives?

I don't! They're clunky, don't resize, and don't filter as well as they could. PLUS, when you're trying to pick a landing spot on the Mun, who the hell wants to:

- Jump to the Spaaace Center

- Jump to R&D

- Click around a bit, decide on a biome

- Jump back to your spacecraft

- Figure out if you can easily land in any of those biomes ("Wait, crap, was it East, Farside, or East Farside? Bloody hell, back to R&D!")

With parseScience.pl you can easily generate:

- A full list of all science in the known universe

- Excel and CSV formats

- Sort by biome, what you have left, or have accomplished

- Summary statistics by planet/moon, test, and condition (flyingHigh, etc.)


Perl - Comes bundled with OS X and Linux, Windows users will need Strawberry perl

Excel::Writer::XLSX - Only if you want an Excel file output. Install it via "cpan Excel::Writer::XLSX" in the terminal, or get it from CPAN or GitHub

You can find a full rundown of features at the Readme on Github, but in short, just run the script with a local copy of ScienceDefs.cfg and persistent.sfs and you're good to go. You can easily set the location of your KSP folder and save file, though, so there's no need for local copies. There are plenty of options, including scansat integration, defining a personal config file, extra data, and more.

Project page on GitHub: Amorymeltzer/ksp

Latest release: https://github.com/Amorymeltzer/ksp/releases/latest

Direct download: Version 0.97.3

License: BSD 2-clause


- Perl is a hobby and is by no means my profession so I will do my best to fix any bugs or errors you may find, either here or on GitHub. Pull requests welcome!

- SCANsat is the only non-stock mod I use, but I am willing to add others if people would like.

- I use an old Mac, don't use steam, and my only access to Windows or Linux are VMs of XP and Ubuntu, which is to say the default KSP locations are probably lacking. I have no idea where most people keep their KSP folder, so please tell me and I will update this with those in mind.

- There are a few other scripts in the GitHub repository, feel free to have fun with those.

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Is this working with 1.0.4? When I run the script it spits out a excel file but it says I have not gotten any science from any place.

I am running this on linux mint, copy the win persistent.sfs file over and run the script. So in a temp folder I have: persistent.sfs, parsescience.pl, sciencedefs.cfg. I then run the parsescience.pl script in terminal and it spits out the correct file but it shows I have not found any science.

As far as KSP mods: mechjeb, kerbal engineer, Alarm clock and docking indicator.

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Hey oab2, sorry it's not running right! It should work just fine on 1.0.4 so can you upload your files so I can take a look at what might be happening? At the very least I'd like to check your persistent.sfs and ScienceDefs.cfg, but it wouldn't hurt to have the others as well. Thanks so much.

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Here is a dropbox link to the files in my folder including the xlsx file created:

You're correct that it doesn't need to be in that folder. Your setup is totally fine, it was a lazy regex that didn't account for some windows formatting in your persistent.sfs.

I uploaded a quick bug fix - https://github.com/Amorymeltzer/ksp/archive/v0.97.3.zip - which should work!

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