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How to remove SalesMagnet (Adware for Google Chrome)


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For the last few days, I had TONS of ads on every page on Google Chrome. I did figure out what was causing it though. This guide is for Windows 8 only. For some reason, McAfee didn't find it, but you need to go to Control Panel and delete the program it is in (I'm pretty sure it was called You are awesome), as well as any other programs that you have downloaded recently. Then, open Google Chrome (which still had the ads on it for me), and go to the menu (the button with three lines on top of each other). Once you open the menu, click on More Tools, then Extensions. Delete the You are awesome plugin (you may or may not see this, the only data I have is from my computer), which will be enabled for both regular and Incognito mode. Delete any other plugins that you have installed recently. I hope that this helps. Bye!

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Getting stuff like that off your computer can get maddening.

It took me three days to figure out how to get that Bing search engine from hijacking my browser settings and home page.

Some of Bing's distribution methods are just legalized virus programs.

Have you ever tried Spybot Search and Destroy?

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Spybot Search and Destroy

Never tried it but that name makes it sound reeeallly satisfying when dealing with these programs. Someone needs to make an antivirus with built-in laser cannon animations of the virus getting destroyed. Yes please. ALL VIRUSES MUST DIIIIEEEE! DDIIIEEEEE!!!

This user totally has not been driven mad

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I've used a program in the past called AdwCleaner, which can be found here: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/adwcleaner/

It's a really thorough cleaner specifically tooled to take out the stuff that often comes bundled in downloads. I started using it after I got some particularly tenacious adware got onto my system, and this program did a lot of heavy lifting to help out (it was a team effort in conjunction with I think malwarebytes and good old fashioned googling with manual searching).

The program I linked to is also kind of nice in that it doesn't install to your system at all. It's a simple executable.

You will also find that certain programs have other programs that exist specifically to remove them. Off the top of my head, one actually exists for the Norton Antivirus program, which is somewhat infamous for it's absolute refusal to properly uninstall itself. Where these programs exist, they tend to be extremely effective.

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