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Kerbal Kountdown!!!!

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One day left. I have come up with a simple riddle.

Kerbal Space Program has been assigned a massive contract - you need to land on several objects in a specific order. Sadly, the person who gave you the contract likes riddles.

The fourth object you visit is smaller than Minmus.

The seventh object you visit has an atmosphere.

The first object you visit is larger than Kerbin.

The fifth object you visit is a moon smaller than the Mun but larger than Minmus.

The third and sixth objects you visit are smaller than Vall, but are not moons.

The second object you visit is the only moon in a different SoI than the first object.

Each object is, at some point in their respective orbits, further from the Sun than the previous one.

Which objects are you visiting, in what order?

I think I've constructed this with only one valid solution - but it's possible I've accidentally left more than one way to complete the contract, and I'm curious what people will end up with.

Edit: had to change a couple of items within a few minutes of posting when I realized my list left too many solutions.

Edit 2: making riddles with only one possible solution can be hard. List is final as of now!

  1. Eve
  2. Ike
  3. Dres
  4. Pol
  5. Bop
  6. Eeloo
  7. Jool

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Here's my flight plan:

1 Eve

2 Ike

3 Dres

4 Pol

5 Bop

6 Eeloo

7 Laythe

*edit* Hmm... I picked my #7 because

the contract said to land and I can't land on Jool



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Didn't Apollo 13 start off with a disaster? Is this really the kind of references we need to KSP v 1.0?

Well, at least my first flight in 1.0 will most likely result in a disaster while trying to check how far i can push the new aerodynamics, so it's kinda fitting. Otherwise it's just a great sequence.

Otherwise Apollo 13 is also the proof that you can recover from a disaster in the worst imaginable place. Which is also kind of an KSP thing.

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Yeah sorry, I never came back to here. I totally missed that requirement so had blinders on when double-checking my solution. Had I noticed the requirement I'd have gotten it right away, and if I'd given it some thought I'd have realized it eventually, but sadly I did neither :D

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I don't know. 4/27, if you add the numbers together you get 13!

--- update ---

4 + 2 + 7

You have to think like a conspiracy theorist

and OMG! If you add 4 + 27 and reverse the numbers, you ALSO get 13, you're doubly damned!

In base twelve it spells out "numbers are just numbers, stop panicking"... ;)

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In base twelve it spells out "numbers are just numbers, stop panicking"... ;)

In base 12 it is 11 and if you add it to the sum of the individual numbers you get 11 + 1 + 1 = 13

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