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The Unofficial News About KSP Posted On Other Sites Thread!

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This is the thread where forum users can post news that they saw/heard on other sites about KSP that hasn't been posted on the official forum!

Suggestions for things to post:

  • Tweets from the devs and the official twitter account!
  • Bits of info from reddit!
  • Official Facebook posts!
  • Messages from KSP devs on other forums, websites, and dreadful places on the internet!
  • Please remember to provide a link to any info you post, or embed it!

This thread was created due to the need for a single thread for all news related KSP scattered across the web, and because Squad refuses to standardize info across all channels.

Please give rep to people who post news you find useful.


I want to add, this is not a place for debating whether or not Squad should standardize info, etc. It's a central thread for bringing info about Squad/KSP in to the forum from outside places.


This thread is also not for the discussion of the sources of information...

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Kerbal Sandwich Program confirmed

Aw, noooo...

Don't do a silly animation for this one, guys. I mean, 1.0 is a special update. The cartoony release videos have been great, but 1.0 deserves something more, something like the 0.27 (I think?) update trailer made by Nassault. Silly pieces thrown in are fine but don't go overboard with the whole thing :(

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Max has stated he enjoys it. He even recently said its been pleasant there. It can be a great time but its not for everyone. Its in https://boards.4chan.org/vg/ just search for kspg to find the most recent thread. Its a 'Worksafe' board but the language isnt always.

Here is a post about what happened to the Mk3 Hugo was working on:


Max posts there semi-often so its not a bad idea to check in occasionally.

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Well I learned that KSP hit the 1 million steam sales milestone, and also learned why they made that information not public


But congrats on the milestone! I've always wondered whether there are more KSP store users or steam users, seems the world may never know.

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No, without getting into forbidden territory, regex implied something else. The exchange took place here.

I don't want to stray into said territory (and any further off-topic), but I'm familiar with that exchange and it seemed the same to me, only reversed.

(Plus I suspect the real reason the figures were hidden is that they want to hide the success or failure of the "1.0" hoopla from any competitors. Which um, I don't think there actually are any...)

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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