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[WIP] CxAerospace: Stations Parts Pack v1.0 - Head Over to Add-On Release

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Be nice if you and this mod could work together sounds close Duna Direct http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/111964-WIP-Duna-Direct

Duna Direct and station parts arent really close. He is also planning on doing stock-like textures which isn't really my preference. I started the modeling for a duna direct part set a year ago, but in order to get the same shape for the hab and ascent vehicles (considering a 6 kerbal crew) while taking into consideration space requirements for life support, habitable pressurized living/working spaces,etc. you'd be looking at 5M-7.5M parts (especially since the hab module has a rover bay at the bottom level).

Nice textures - looking forward to seeing the IVAs :D

Thanks! still need to play around a bit with the external coloring. Used the FusTek base color as a starting point since I like the clean neutral look of it.

Please PMA <3

I'll consider it, though I wouldn't be doing stock-like. And it wouldn't be until after I complete 3 of the small sized station parts and IVAs.

I have the bed prop model mostly finalized and started playing with the base colors. These are based on the space shuttle sleeping bunks. There all have personal lights, fresh air ventilation inlet (modeled similar to the ones on commercial airliners), ventilation outlet at foot of beds, and sliding privacy panels (not animated). Panel at foot of bed is fixed, and there are 2 intermediate sliding panel segments to close off the remaining open space (660mm). I plan on adding more personal effects inside the bunks later on as well.


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hey maybe you and sumghai can worktogether to brin Iva's to The Fustek expansion !:o

His IVAs already have the basic framework taken care of an now he is just populating them with props. I think he already has things planned and under control.

I've updated the list of planned parts to prevent overlap w/ the FusTek station parts pack. Began making IVA handle bars, and will have a few varying lengths. I'm considering having the interior lighting dimmer for the sleeping module, and might just have small accent lighting turned on in each bunk (off in the occupied bunk), by the lockers, and by the hatch.

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New download in first post.


-Fixed stack nodes
-WIP IVA added to 2M Nap Hab
-- (2) crew IVA seats
-- (3) internal camera switches located on viewports and hatch area.
-clickable "Airlock" added for use of stock crew transfer functionality.
-- Module not intended to have airlock EVA functionality. Use crew transfer to move Kerbal to designated module with an airlock hatch for EVA.
-- EVAing from module will violently eject kerbal, with and equal and opposite force to the module and any connected structure.

Added the current IVA so people can get a general feel of the various IVAs I'll be making. Comments/suggestions/requests welcomed. Textures and props not finalized. More props as well planned for this IVA.

Hatch area will be changed to be similar to below. Going to model hatch stowage guide tracks, and have the hatches be props for all the IVAs.

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I'll have a look at this when my son stops playing minecraft (which likely means when he's in bed, lol).

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More progress on the IVA. I'm planning on making props for the drawer and locker handles, but i'm not sure if it would look too out of place. For the drawers at foot level, I'm wondering if it would look alright if I just draw it into the texture, or if it looks better with its own mesh. Just added AO and coloring for the handles, so they might might end up looking ok after I add final touches.

For the lockers I was thinking rounded rectangular handles, with a thumb push button to disengage the latch. otherwise I'll just draw the handles into the texture as some recessed type.

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