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Master Tao

Comprehensive Mod Compatibility List for KSP 1.0

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Mod Compatibility in 1.0

KSP 1.0 has just been released. Most mods have not yet been updated. Many mods will require updates to function correctly or at all. Unusually, many parts-only mods will require updates as a result of the stack attach node changes. Those that do work could use balancing passes for drag (for hollow parts and lifting surfaces), heating, and lift. Rocket engines now draw constant fuel, but thrust varies with Isp, and jet engine performance varies with velocity and atmospheric pressure. Jet engines will function like rockets until updated.

Quick links:

Known compatible with update

Known compatible without update

Largely Compatible as of listed version

Known incompatible

This thread is for reporting mod compatibilities. Please follow these guidelines when submitting a compatibility report:

  1. Include the mod version and forum link.
  2. If you get a popup warning about incompatibility, please respect that. There's no need to post about it here – the mod author has done this because the mod will likely break in unpredictable ways with new releases of KSP.
  3. Be specific: say what doesn't work about the mod.
  4. Try the mod alone. Some mods may cause incompatibilities with the new version of KSP.

Example Reports:

KW Rocketry 2.6d2 – can't attach parts to bottom stack attach nodes.

Hullcam VDS 0.33 – largely compatible. The cameras and zoom function as expected, but the stack nodes on the telescopes are the wrong direction.

Known Compatible, update required (Return to top)

Action Groups Extended v1.32

AGroupOnStage v2.0

Alcubierre Warp Drive (Stand-alone) 0.2.0

Ambient Light Adjustment v1.4.2.1

AntennaRange v1.8

Auto Actions 1.4

Actions Everywhere 1.4

Burger Mod! 0.3

CapCom version 0.3

Chatterer v.0.9.0

Collision FX working with new update v3.0

Color Coded Canisters 1.1

Community Resource Pack 0.4.0

Contracts Reward Modifier version 2.0

Contracts Window + version 5.0

Control Lock v1.4

CraftHistory - 1.4.1

Crowd Sourced Science v2.0

Deadly Reentry v7.0.1

Distant Object Enhancement v1.5.3

Draft Twitch Viewers v1.0.4.1

DMagic Orbital Science Version 1.0.2

Editor Extensions v2.6

FASA v5.33

Filter Extensions v2.0.5

Firespitter propeller plane and helicopter parts v7.1

ForScience Continued - V0.27.1

Freight Transport Technologies v0.4.0

Fuel Tanks Plus 0.8.2

Horizontal Landing Aid 2.4

HyperEdit v1.4

Image viewer v0.2.2

In game notes / notepad / checklist v0.10.1

In game scientific calculator. Kalculator v0.2.1

Internet Relay Chat Continued v0.9.0.1

Interstellar Flight Inc. v2.5

Joolian Discovery v0.6

K2 Command Pod

Karbonite Plus (K+) - A Karbonite Expansion! 0.4.0

Karbonite v0.6.0

Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.3.0.1

Kerbal Attachment System 0.5.0

Kerbal Engineer Redux V1.0.16.3

Kerbal Historical Institute v3.0

Kerbal Inventory System 1.1.4

Kerbal Joint Reinforcement v3.1.3

Kerbal Konstructs v0.7.2

Kerbal Mechanics v0.6.4.1

KerbalScienceExchange - 1.1.1

Kerbin-Side v0.41

KerboKatz - SmallUtilities - V1.1.1

Kerbol Plus

Kip Engineering

KSP Alternate Resource Panel v2.7.0.0

KSP Alternate Resource Panel v2.7.0.0

KSP-AVC Add-on Version Checker Plugin v1.1.5

KW Rocketry

Landing Height v1.4

Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics v0.21.0

MechJeb 2.5

Mission Controller 2

Moar Eggs! v1.2.0

Modular Rocket Systems v1.6.3

Module Manager v2.6.1

NF Construction 0.5.2

NF Solar 0.5.1

NF Spacecraft 0.4.1

Novapunch 2.09

Outer Planets Mod v1.6.5

Pilot Assistant v1.5.5

Plane Mode v0.4.1

PlanetShine v0.2.2.1

Procedural Fairings v3.12

Protractor Continued - Rendezvous Plugin v2.5.0

QuantumStrutsContinued v1.3

QuickContracts v1.00

QuickGoTo v1.00

QuickIVA 1.02

QuickMute 1.02

QuickScroll v1.21

QuickSearch v1.11

RasterPropMonitor 0.19.1

RealChute Parachute Systems 1.3.2

RecoverAll/DestroyAll - V1.2.1

RemoteTech v1.6.4

RKE On-screen Joystick v1.2.1

Salyut Stations & Soyuz v0.93

SCANsat v12.0

ScienceAlert 1.8.6

Science Funding 1.1

Serious Kerbal Business v1.5

Ship List v0.7

Ship Manifest v4.1.4.4

Simple Orbit Calculator 1.1.1

Skylab v0.80

SmokeScreen 2.6.0

Sounding Rockets 0.2.0

SpaceY Heavy-Lifter Parts Pack v0.12.3

Stockalike Station Parts Expansion 0.3.0

TAC Life Support v0.11.1

Tantares - Stockalike Soyuz and MIR v23

Taurus HCV Command Pod 1.5.0

The Plugin Workshop

Throttle Controlled Avionics 2.2.1

Transfer Window Planner v1.3.0.0

Transfer Window Planner v1.3.0.0

TweakableEverything v1.9

TweakScale v2.0

Universal Storage v1.1.0.0

US & Soviet Solar Panels Pack v1.1

USI Exploration Pack 0.4.0

USI Kolonization Systems (MKS/OKS) (0.30.0)

USI Kolonization Systems (MKS/OKS) v0.30.0

USI Survivability Pack 0.1.3

Vertical Velocity Controller 1.19

Vessel Orbital Informational Display 0.18

Waypoint Manager v2.3.0

Wider Contracts App v1.1.0

Known Compatible (Return to top)

Enhanced Navball 1.3

Exception Detector 1.1

GCMonitor 1.2.3

Hangar Extender 3.2

KSP-AVC Add-on Version Checker Plugin 1.1.5

Kerbal Flight Indicators Release 9

Minimum Ambient Lightning v1.0.1

Navball docking alignment indicator v6

Toolbar 1.7.8

Mostly Compatible (Return to top)

ASET "ALCOR" mod v0.9

Docking Port Alignment Indicator 6.1

Fusebox 1.3

Hullcam VDS 0.33

LazTek SpaceX Launch, Exploration, Colonial Transporter & Historic mods

NF Solar 0.4.0

NovaPunch 2.08

PlanetShine v0.2.2.1

PreciseNode 1.1.2

SCANsat 10.0

Tantares v23 TantaresLV v8

Known Incompatible (Return to top)

AB Launchers 0.2

AIES Aerospace 1.5.1

B9 Aerospace 5.2.8

Better Buoyancy v1.1

Dang It! 0.5.3

DMagic Orbital Science version 1.0.1

Engine Ignitor 3.4.1

HGR Command Pods and 1.875m parts v1.1

KSP Intersteller Extended 1.0.0

KW Rocketry 2.6d2

Mark IV Spaceplane System v1.1.2

NF Electrical 0.3.1

NF Propulsion 0.4.0

Real Fuels 9.1

Realism Overhaul 8.4.1

RemoteTech-2 V1.6.3

RLA Stockalike 12.1

SDHI Service Module System

TD Industries Orion Bits 0.26

Zero-Point Inline Fairings v0.9.1

Stack nodes are directional and can now only be attached to opposite facing nodes. For example, the Modular Girder Segment's bottom stack node now has a negative y-component in the direction vector:

node_stack_top = 0.0, 0.5592728, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 1
node_attach = 0.0, -0.5592728, 0.0, 0.0, -1.0, 0.0
node_stack_bottom = 0.0, -0.5592728, 0.0, 0.0, [COLOR=#ff0000][B]-1.0[/B][/COLOR], 0.0, 1

Edited by Master Tao

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Mostly compatible:

Tantares v23

TantaresLV v8

What doesn't work: most of parachutes, some engine ISP curves don't have third key yet, small non-1.0-related bugs.

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My contracts mods have all been updated and are working with KSP 1.0 in my testing.

[thread=91034]Contracts Window + version 5.0[/thread] - Working and updated

[thread=113277]Contracts Reward Modifier version 2.0[/thread] - Working and updated

[thread=116002]CapCom version 0.3[/thread] - Working and updated

[thread=64972]DMagic Orbital Science version 1.0.1[/thread] - Not Working. I haven't tested it, but based on API changes it will give errors when collecting science and contracts won't work. The tech tree position of parts is also changed.

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AIES Aerospace – Can't attach parts to bottom stack attach nodes.

Mostly compatible:

NavHud - Cosmetic issues, and the camera changes create motion sickness.

Editor Extensions - Icon doesn't appear, but other functionality is present.

Edited by SchildConstruct
NavHud, Editor Extensions report

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Kerbal Joint Reinforcement V 3.1.3

Umbra Space Industries will link to the GibHub repo as its the easiest way to get to the many USI mods

individual links for USI mods < -- Karbonite <--Kolonization <-- Karbonite Plus <-- Freight transport Technologies <-- USI Exploration Pack <-- USI Survivability Pack <-- Alcubierre warp drive <-- Sounding rockets <--direct link to the updated Community Resource Pack the forum page found here : is not updated yet.

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"Ghud" works fine with 1.0 (I'm using a Logitech G15 keyboard)

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Simple Orbit Calculator - Has been updated for 1.0 and works with the stock setup. Verification of compatibility with RSS scales and planet packs will have to wait until those mods are updated.

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PlanetShine v0.2.2.1 <--- Requires update but works in 1.0 just fine.

PreciseNode 1.1.2<--- Requires update but works in 1.0 just fine.

Either they work fine or they require an update. You can't have it both ways. :P

What works, and why do you say they need updates?

[0.24][7-4] Sep-9-2014 EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements

Working in 1.0 with no issues.

I'm going to hold off on this since there are conflicting reports in the thread.

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In case anyone cares; <--- needs updates, all parts too broken to use.

which is basically a part pack for; <--- which appears (I'm not the dev, so I'm not 100% on this) broken in v1.0

I'll update my bits, and maaaaybe have a look at Nyrath's, but I also have to audit the state electoral commission, so it might take a while.

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Dang It! version 0.5.3 is completely incompatible with KSP 1.0 and will need serious fixing.

Science Funding has been updated to version 1.1 for KSP 1.0.

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Seems to be working for me (and several others), but may have compatibility issue with CKAN?

Blizzy's Toolbar:

These seem to be working:

Enhanced NavBall:

GC Monitor:

However, small inconvenience with stock toolbar button not toggling properly after the first time you add it to the bar with the "Display Launcher Icon" item...

Updated and working for 1.0:

KSP Addon Version Checker:

Edited by Stone Blue

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Hi Master Tao, sorry to poke you but you forgot to add Dang It to the list of known incompatible mods :)

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