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Mig 15

A replica aiming to semplicity and style, so it's not a 100% replica like my others crafts but i still love it.


-parts 39

-weight 6.6 tons

-fuel load 300 lt (800 lt max)

-manouverability very similar to a war thunder jet

-speed 1020 km/h at sea level

aesthetics: look the fuselage and how it ends to the intakes and engine, i think it's really beautifull. I used a ram intake to reproduce the rear of the plane.

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Remember to rep and comment if you like my crafts :)

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Cool! the engine design is a nice feature. If you've ever seen a MiG-15 in real life, it's actually tiny. I was at an airshow and they had a ton of planes. An F-4, F-16, F-18, F-14, F9F, A-6, A-7, even a Canberra! And then after the 30 foot F-14 there was this little tiny 15 foot MiG :P It kinda goes both ways though, modern jets are huge when you get up close. You always see the pics and videos of flight deck crew on a carrier barely ducking under the fuselage, but it never really hits you how big they are. The intake on an F-14 is huge, you could fit two adults on top of each other in there. Very cool though Eorin, I love your work!

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Really beautiful replica, + rep!

EDIT: Ahah sei italiano anche tu

sisi ^^ grazie =) ti aggiungo agli amici

- - - Updated - - -

BTW guys i have a 100% replica of a SU-37 in advanced state of WIP, so maybe tonight i might release it.

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Great replica +1 Fantastic work.

Here's my much less serious "Micro Mig" based very loosely on the Mig 17...


Ha! Fur the LOLS!

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