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P.E.W (A BDArmory Addon)Reactivated Development


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Well boys its been awhile. I'd like to have some grand story to justify my absence but i don't. Truth be told I've just had a very rough few months of school and other life related issues have gotten in the way of KSP modding. Heck i stopped playing KSP for quite awhile. However some new adventures in game design with some friends at school has convinced me to return. And lets just say i have some grand plans. However before i unveil them i do have some sad news.

P.E.W is dead. I am allowing the continued version to remain up until Version 1 of its successor arrives. Please do not ask for an ETA just yet but Trust me it is coming. (insert George R.R. Martin joke here)

Most of the Weapons currently in P.E.W will return in the new mod however i intend to update the textures and models to my standards before this.

I will need to converse with the other major players in this little community of ours first so if you guys see this post send me a PM i need to get up to speed on the changes and have a few proposals of my own to make.


A new thread for the coming mod will be posted once i have settled on a name.

Speaking of which cast a vote if you feel like it



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Once class is over I will set up a new thread later today. Finals are right around the corner so the first few weeks of my return are slow but I have most of the planning completed and will be working to flesh out my older parts in the coming weeks to try and get a release ready for you guys soon

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Oh, such a mess in your speadsheet... I see, A LOT of Russian weaponry in wrong categories.  

I'll try to make some research by myself, just to help you. Feel free to ask anything. 
(Russian sources often are more precise) 

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For P.E.W 2.0 Could you think of adding Vietnam Era Weapons?

1.AGM-12 Bullpup

2.AGM-62 Walleye

3.AGM-45 Shrike

4.AGM-78 Standard ARM

5.AIM-4 Falcon

6.K-13 (NATO reporting name AA-2 Atoll)

7.Kaliningrad K-5 (NATO reporting name AA-1 Alkali) Yes it's actually a missile

8.RIM-2 Terrier 

9.The S-75 Dvina (NATO reporting name SA-2 Guideline) 

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I found a solution for recharging micro missilles in flight.

This is called the polling method :

1- Reserve a area inside the cannon to stack some ammo

2- Scale down your missiles to 1:1000

3- Stack desired amount of ammo in the reserved area

4- When Fired : move Ammo_Id_X(+1) to Barrel_Transform_XYZ and scale it to 1:1

5- Fire Ammo like normal.

6- When exploded; rescale to 1:1000 and return back to Ammo_Id_X_original_XYZ


That way you can reload in flight.



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good to see you back I needed Russian missiles and bombs for my planes just on question do you plan to add aircraft guns to pew 2like a Russian 30x165 gsh 30.

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On 6/18/2017 at 9:56 PM, colfighter said:

I must be blind because I don't see a download link


On 6/19/2017 at 1:39 AM, acerarity said:

there isn't one, but you can go to SpaceDock and download it


16 minutes ago, Krux said:

Download link (SpaceDock) -> https://spacedock.info/mod/1200/PEW continued

Just to be clear, the above download is for the version of PEW that @SpannerMonkey(smce) was maintaining. He has since ceased maintenance and further development and handed it back to @LORDPrometheus since he has returned from his hiatus and is planning to redo the entire mod, or start a new one and leave PEW to get lost in the weeds. There is no new version of PEW currently available to my knowledge, though the last version @SpannerMonkey(smce) released will certainly work with 1.3 as long as you have the appropriate BDAc version for it to complement.

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@LORDPrometheus Dude! fantastic to hear you're back! can't wait to see what you've got in store. Best wishes for you, just make sure not to overexert yourself :)

I'm starting an 3d modelling and animation course september so your development videos are going to be really interesting for me!.


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Eyya so hi my dude, its good to see someone is making that huge expansion, I d like to come up with some suggestions as dufferent stuff

SOM-J:Turkish Cruise missile developed for internal bays of F35A, its a very small cruise missile with 180km range(just scale down to kerbal level range k)

4N06M:Russian super long range hypersonic SAM with 600km range irl, developed for S500

3M22 Zircon:Russian Hypersonic ASM, travels at stratosphere until descending to target

B611M:Chinese SRBM with terminal random manuevering to evade defenses

And giving capablity to SM6 target ships as it can with radar


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