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constructive criticism for 1.0

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I'm surprised that no one has started a thread for constructive criticism yet, so here I go.

-heatshields seem to have little to no mass. even with just a heatshield, command pod and parachute at the top, the crafts tend to settle to the side or flipupside down where the heatshields are protecting nothing. Fix action would probably be to add more mass(slowly lessening while its being burnt off).

-another problem with heatshields is that they're supposed to be detachable, but when I click the detach button nothing happens.

-launching a larger, multistage rocket tends to wobble, usually at the point of the fairings( love them, but more on that later). Even decreasing speed and adding many struts don't eliminate the problem. Its very hard to get accurate and/or efficient when your rocket is oscillating between your maneuver node.

-while I love the new fairings in how they break apart into many pieces, how you can see inside them, and how you can make them pretty precise, I have a few words about them. Maybe an option to have it break apart how it does now or break apart into halves/thirds/etc length wise. The ability to add struts to the outside of the fairings themselves and not through them, add a mid stage fairing where you can build on top of them( first example that comes to mind where it'd be used is being able to launch a vehicle, land on a body with an atmosphere and take off while still being able to use a fairing).

-maybe add larger fuel tanks and engines(I was spoiled with the space Y engines in .90)

These are it for now.

I mostly made this so devs can look at one location and see what they can make better, how they can make it better, and additional features they can possibly add. If anyone wishes, they can hijack this thread or start a new one where it gets actively compiled to the first post since I am not as active on this forum as many others are.

Merry launches to all, and to all a good flight

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Other minor niggles:

* Medium landing gear wheels don't animate when moving; they're quite noticeably static. There's also no option to unlock the steering.

* Adjustable brake torque on landing gear is a good idea, but it seems that the default torque is extremely low.

* RAPIER glow effects persist when the engine is throttled off.

* Unshielded solar panels are now non retractable. While this was presumably done to nerf them relative to the shielded panels, it seems like just making them high-drag and vulnerable to wind and heat would do the job. Unshielded solar in a cargo bay used to be a standard design feature.

* There are no control surfaces designed to match the new small swept wings.

* There is no way to tell in advance if a part is going to catastrophically overheat, and which one will blow first. No temperature readouts anywhere. Why not a high temperature warning indicator at least? (edit: there's an option in the debug menus to include temperature in the right-click popup. Still not easily viewable in flight, though).

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- Some more:

- The heat shields has fairing, but there is no way to put ladders on them, and there are no protection over the standard sizes, and for the radially attached parts (landing legs).

- The rovemate is a pod now, but its forward direction on the navball is upwards.

- Do something with the docking crafts: they lose their name as undocked. I've fed up to rename the 100 times a week. And do something that action groups too (few of them, and all works as one in docked together crafts - as I open the solar panels of the station, the refuel craft activates the engines....!!!)

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