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[1.12.x] Cryogenic Engines: Liquid Hydrogen and Methane Rockets! (Jan 22, 2022)


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11 hours ago, modus said:

Are you sure your tank configuration is correct? 

Did you check the Dv in atmosphere or in space?

Just in space.

10 hours ago, Rodger said:

It’s basically about trading tank volume for total stage mass. LH2 takes up a lot more volume than LF for the same mass, and isp is based on the mass of the fuel (isp can be thought of as “how long does it take to burn a mass of fuel equal to the engines thrust”, so a higher isp at the same thrust means it will make the fuel last longer). If you have the same *mass* of LH2 as your LF version of the stage, you will get more dV. The other way to take advantage of it is to get a similar total dV compared to LF with a moderately larger tank, but the stage will weigh less, getting more performance out of lower stages.

This post has some good examples https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/122020-1123-bluedog-design-bureau-stockalike-saturn-apollo-and-more-v1103-луна-17june2022/&do=findComment&comment=4151104

Thanks for the info!

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19 hours ago, GusToTheMoon said:

is there a config anywhere that lets me swap the fuel used by the engines (similar to how tank contents are swapped) or am i gonna have to learn how to do that myself?

There is a patch in Extras that switches the fuel types but it isn't dynamic. 

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I've run into an issue that has been mentioned in this thread, and there doesn't seem to have been any mention of how to resolve it besides a "delete the config" file.

I've checked all the engines that are edited in the add on stuff, and only the skiff shows the blue exhaust effect at all time. All the other changed engines from stock or restock/restock+ do not show this effect.

I've updated waterfall, updated this mod, and the effect still persists. Below is my mod list, I'm not sure what to do to revert it to looking normal beyond deleting that one .cfg that converts the skiff into a hydrolox engine, which I would very much prefer not to do.


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