[1.7.3/1.6.1/1.5.1/1.4.5/1.3.1] Interstellar Fuel Switch (IFS) 3.11.0

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Version 3.11.0  for Kerbal Space Program 1.3.1, 1.4.5, 1.5.1, 1.6.1, 1.7.3

Released on 2019-09-17

  • Added 2 Radial and 1 additional inline supercapacitor
  • Fixed GUI stability auto converter
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Welcome to the forum @MrMxffin,

As potential mod users we must remember that requesting an update (while not against the rules if it is polite and non repetitive) can seem like a demand to some developers and is known as 'poking the bears' on the KSP forum. I have no doubt that IFS will be updated to 1.8 but please remember that our great modding community works hard to bring free content to this game we all love while also having lives to live. As mod users patience is the best virtue when awaiting updates.

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