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I've just got 14 minutes out of the nuclear engines. Stock parts

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This is the spaceship

But I don't think nuclear engines are broken by any means nor that Squad should release a hotfix now or anything else. 14 minute long burns are more than enough for nearly all situations (maybe not circularizing at Moho, though) and if a burn needs even more time, then it's usually a better idea to split it into several burns anyway because of the inaccuracy of such a long burn.

TL;DR It's not a broken game mechanic. It's 1.0 asking as to stop doing things as we used to and expect the same results.

could not have put it better we need to star looking at how we are doing things we have been too mollycoddled in the old .90 ksp

ITS SPACE its meant to be hard to do for crying out aloud :D

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