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[1.4.1] Glass Panes and Enclosures (GPE) v1.9.1

What next?  

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  1. 1. What should I do next?

    • More tube sizes!
    • Damage system!
    • Refurbish all config files and models!
    • Nothing; just keep fixing bugs, this mod is feature complete now!

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Disclaimer: 70% of the modeling work and texturing and config writing was done by Nazari1382. All I did was change/add some parts and configs. Any possible additions in the future would still follow Nazari1382's style and use his textures.

I'm personally using this mod everyday for various purposes and goals. It provides a very good part collection for extraordinary contraptions, sci-fi 60's style space stations, and ground bases. One can even use for underwater bases on Eve or Laythe or even Kerbin! All in all, it is a perfect part selection for most crazy purposes.

Changes to the original part-pack:

removed Aurora thruster

added 1x1 glass panel

removed mk1 orbital enclosure

added 4x4 panel

added a lot of glass domes

added better tri-panel

fixed mod directory

added flags

proper balancing

techtree integration

glass tube now has fuel crossfeed capabilities

replaced glass tube with fresh model

compatibility with KSP 1.3.1

TweakScale integration

Change log from 1.8 (and 1.9):

fully compatible with KSP 1.3.1

new dome model

4 total dome sizes (10m, 3.75m, 2.5m, 1.25m)





Imgur (old, will update with 2.0 release)


Creative Commons (CC) 3.0

Original partpack: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/26641-Glass-Box-Enclosure-and-Glass-panels-mod

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Fixed 1x1 panel geometry!

It was a little bit too thin :P

- - - Updated - - -

Migrated all parts to the Structural tab. No more confusion! :D

- - - Updated - - -

Any opinions? I need feedback xD

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Cool, but glass breaking would be an awesome feature, or even cracking. And it should be kinda heavy and have a low crash tolerance (I haven't downloaded it yet, I'm on my phone).

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You'll be happy to see that it matches your requirements. And yes, glass cracking would indeed be a nice feature. (if i knew how to do it :P )

Probably a impact-triggered animation would do for the cracking, like the rover wheels get damaged.

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I have a very inappropriate brain that leads me to politically-incorrect places...

Anyone else see his sample pix of rectangular glass constructs and think their spaceport needs a Kerbin World Trade Center as a spaceplane target?


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Update 1.1.1 is released!

Update fixes 1x1 Panel bug where the 1x1 panel would become 2x2 panel on launch/undo action.

Update adds 4x4 Panel with fuel crossfeed capabilities.

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